Cedar Point to add 2 rides in 2014


SANDUSKY — Cedar Point amusement park announced its 2014 capital improvements plans today, and after adding a $26 million roller coaster for 2013 the park said it will construct two more modest rides next season.

The park plans to add Pipe Scream, a coaster-like ride with spinning disks, and Lake Erie Eagles, a flying scooters ride. Both will be in the park's Gemini Midway section.

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It also is moving its kid-friendly Hopper ride and Gemini, Jr. roller coaster to its Camp Snoopy family area. The rides will be renamed Woodstock’s Airmail and Wilderness Run, respectively.

Cedar Point, which is owned by Sandusky-based Cedar Fair LP, added that its two-year renovation of the Hotel Breakers will begin this winter.