Zoo jumps in to help endangered toads again


The Toledo Zoo has successfully bred and raised the Wyoming toad, a critically endangered species, for the second time.

Next week, the zoo's herpetology department will be shipping hundreds of offspring back to Wyoming for release into their natural habitat.

The toads actually became extinct in the wild in 1992, but through a captive breeding and release program, their population was somewhat revived.

However, no reproduction has taken place among that wild population over the last two years, which means extinction is threatening again, and necessitates the involvement of institutions like the Toledo Zoo.

The zoo first became involved with the Wyoming toad in 1994. It was the most successful out of a group of zoos and breeding centers that received the toads in order to try breeding them for release in the wild in an effort to revitalize their numbers.

Staving off extinction and fortifying the wild toad population is the goal this time around as well.