Sylvania's public-art inventory to undergo update


Is a World War II cannon a work of art?

To get an answer, Sister Sheila Shea, the director of the Sylvania Arts Commission, said she will put together a committee to try to determine if it is, and to do an accurate inventory of publicly owned art.

Paperwork she has found since she was appointed director of the commission last year lists the cannon as publicly owned art. Sister Shea noted that the paperwork also includes a fountain on Flower Hospital's grounds, although a spokesman for the hospital said the fountain is owned by the institution.

Sister Sheila noted that early indications are that people want the commission to be more involved in sponsoring performances and in obtaining art.

“One of the first things we need to do is get a good inventory,'' she said.

She acknowledged that the cannon is probably more of an historical artifact than a work of art, but will form a committee to update the list.

She said she was disappointed to receive only about 30 responses to questionnaires that were distributed to city residents by mail.

“I've had a lot of people tell me they never saw it. You know how you get so much mail and often don't look at some of it,” the director said.

She added that she is considering asking the Sylvania Township trustees and the school district to include a questionnaire in their mailings to get a broader indication from the public of what they want.

Sister Sheila was appointed director last year after the arts commission received a $10,000 grant from the Ohio Arts Council. City official Art Landseadel, who was active in forming the original commission about 20 years ago, said it had become less active over the years.

Sister Sheila, a Sylvania Franciscan nun, was instrumental in founding the Franciscan Life Center and has long been active in area arts' communities.