Today's log



St. Anne Mercy Hospital

Avonda and Talmadge Thomas, Toledo, girl, Monday.

Amanda and Terry Pace, Temperance, boy, Monday.

Robin and Darik Miller, Toledo, girl, Monday.

Kasey Gartee, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Carolyn Hiskey, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Rebecca and Fritz Griffioen, Perrysburg, twin girls, Tuesday.

Jennifer and Timothy Cook, Temperance, boy, Tuesday.

Brandy Madrid, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Yvonne Middlebrooks, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Remonia Johnson, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Vontrea Vance, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Toledo Hospital

Elizabeth and Andrew Langenderfer, Perrysburg, boy, Friday.

Tasha Holloway, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Man Chan and Chun Li, Swanton, girl, Monday.

Alicia and Matthew Kruk, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Jennifer and Scott Windish, Petersburg, Mich., boy, Monday.

Jennifer and Mike Toth, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Jada Lawry, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Heidi and Christian Folger, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Christine and Shawn Smith, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Tracy and Lonnie Liebherr, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Kristie and Bob Kwiatkowski, Maumee, boy, Tuesday.

Wendy Keller, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Allison and Tred Hurst, Toledo, twin girls, Tuesday.

Stefanie and Stephen Albring, Ida, Mich., girl, Tuesday.

Tasha and Kevin Welsh, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Laura and John Schwab, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.


Lucas County

Aug. 26, 2003

Kevin Connors, 33, sheet metal worker, and Keri Leiter, 30, sales and marketing assistant, both of Toledo.

Philip Zaborski, 33, maintenance, and Robyn Minton, 24, manager, both of Toledo.

Kirk Hallett, 31, electronic technician, of Toledo, and Margaret Brown, 29, file clerk, of Perrysburg.

Rodger Quick, 48, sales support, and Michelle Foster, 44, traffic supervisor, both of Sylvania.

Tyson Langenderfer, 27, mortgage broker, and Trisha Valentine, 24, benefits consultant, both of Sylvania.

James Assenmacher, 33, management, of Perrysburg, and Julie Fink, 28, pension administration, of Toledo.

Anthony Paros, 33, transit mix driver, and Julie Wade, 30, both of Erie, Mich.

Gregory Rayot, 40, state trooper, and Tesa Pasquinelli, 36, deputy clerk, both of Whitehouse.

Theodore Buckholtz III, 29, and Tatum Contreras, 26, administrative services, both of Toledo.

Kevin West, 29, interim assistant vice president of facility relations at the University of Toledo, and Sarah Hong, 25, student, both of Toledo.

John Provo, 40, gutter installer, and Anna MacAllister, 32, deli clerk, both of Toledo.

Geoffrey Wells, 56, mortician, of Waterville, and Michele Stuckey, 56, registered nurse, of Maumee.

Chad Martin, 21, merchandiser, and Dana Rybka, 22, administrative assistant, both of Toledo.

Chad Richard, 23, and Rachael Britt, 24, both of Toledo.

Torin Savidge, 31, inspector, and Jennifer Darr, 24, both of Toledo.

Thor Jones, 30, carpenter, and Amanda Brenner, 24, student, both of Toledo.



National City Bank, South Reynolds, cash from a teller by a man about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Korner Carryout, West Sylvania, cash from a clerk by two men with a gun about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.


Pre-Cell Cellular, Monroe, loss undetermined.

Karla Totty, Floyd, handgun, video game, video cartridges, DVDs, and jewelry.

Betty Howze, Beacon, cash and liquor.

Brandy Thomas, North Erie, TV, boom box, and CDs.

John Phillips, Frampton, generator, air compressor, tools, battery charger, and cables.