The Weekly Record: Fulton County


Marriage licenses

Terry Topel, 44, Swanton, technical support, and Brenda Demaline, 47, Wauseon, security dispatcher.

Trevor Leininger, 29, Wauseon, laborer, and Jennifer Stiritz, 22, Wauseon, waitress.

Christopher Nisely, 25, Archbold, detail manager, and Emily Grisier, 22, Archbold, customer service.

Virgil Hall, 31, Delta, engineer, and Rebecca Heuerman, 28, Delta, self-employed.

Scott Secory, 25, Wauseon, iron worker, and Sabra Agsten, 22, Wauseon, customer service.

Paul Heaton, 26, Marietta, GA, police officer, and Kami Volkman, 22, Wauseon, student.

Michael Ramos, 34, Fort Wayne, IN, coating operator, and Cynthia Weirauch, 28, Wauseon, wrapper operator.

Kenneth Rolif, 31, Delta, construction, and Kim Robinson, 47, Delta, warehouse supervisor.


Lynette and Thomas Roehrig, Stryker, girl, Oct. 5.

Rebecca and Mark Sanchez, Wauseon, girl, Oct. 5.

Sarah Dauwalter, Wauseon, girl, Oct. 5.

Linda and Chris Richmond, Montpelier, boy, Oct. 7.

Marsha and Duane Dowdy, Archbold, boy, Oct. 7.

Adriane and Brian Baldwin, Wauseon, girl, Oct. 7.

Sara and Shane Seegert, Wauseon, boy, Oct. 7.

Desirae Swick, Wauseon, boy, Oct. 9.

Jody and Josh Johnson, West Unity, girl, Oct. 11.

Amy and Chad Patterson, Wauseon, girl, Oct. 12.


Delphine Jablonski, Oct. 2, 78, Swanton, respiratory arrest.

Ilean Graber, Sept. 23, 77, Wauseon, cancer.

Real estate transfers

Estate of James Brown to Gale and Penny Keller, 105 Browning, Swanton, $118,500.

Wells Fargo Bank, Minnesota, N.A. to John Jr. and Christine Head, 350 E. Main, Metamora, $75,000.

Gale and Penny Keller to John and Janet Lett, 10276 County Road 3, Swanton, $193,500.

Lee and Linda Short, Trust to Steve and Julia Brink, 103 Flory, Archbold, $218,000.

R. Douglas Brown to Douglas Garlin, 300 Wilson, Delta, $95,000.

Anthony and Jessica Hoellrich to John and Eileen Lewandowski, 219 Lilac, Swanton, $205,000.

Chalmers and Joanna Spiess to Kristopher and Valerie Edwards, 6808 County Road FG, Delta, $250,000.

Kristopher and Valerie Edwards to Chalmers and Joanna Spiess, 27 Meadows Lane, Delta, $175,000.

James Grieser and Patricia Miller to James Bernath and Debra Westhoven, 1285 S. Cornell, Wauseon, $179,000.

Frank Psurny, III to Jared Wonderly, 209 Brussell, Archbold, $86,500.

Jack Sheffer to John Smith, 522 Wood, Wauseon, $52,000.

Douglas and Amanda Kutzli to Jodi and George Ely, 133 Marshall, Wauseon, $93,500.

Steven and Julia Brink to Todd Gerig, 14 Jane, Archbold, $130,000.

Donald Sullivan to Nicholas J. Bryan, 325 E. Main, Metamora, $90,500.

Merlin Bumgartner to Luise Garza, 105 DeGroff, Archbold, $82,574.

Ronald Floyd, Trustee to Daniel and Barbara Garvin, 324 Madison, Wauseon, $69,000.

Mary Lou Hartman-Metzger to William Wright, 515-517 E. Chestnut, Wauseon, $123,000.

Jessica Storrs to William Winseman, 2035 Maple, Fayette, $75,000.