Today's log



Bay Park Community Hospital

Yolanda and Jose Diaz, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Flower Hospital

Joelene Todd, Toledo, boy, Sunday.

St. Anne Mercy Hospital

Aretha Stewart, Toledo, girl, Oct. 11.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Renee Gillespie, Toledo, boy, Sunday.

Sarah and Charles Nearhood, Swanton, boy, Monday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Andrea and Joshua Hamrick, Weston, Ohio, girl, Sunday.

Chanelle Patton, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Toledo Hospital

Ayanna and Kevin Taylor, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Remaney Brown, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Miranda and Thomas Frick, Swanton, boy, Monday.

Celeste and David Richardson, Sylvania, girl, Monday.

Elizabeth and Thomas Clough, Curtice, girl, Monday.

Paula and Brian Woods, Toledo, girl, Monday.

Ericka and Craig Zura, Perrysburg, girl, Monday.

Melinda and Dustin Crouch, Toledo, girl, Monday.

Alicia Willis, Swanton, girl, Monday.

Cinnamon and Todd Brissette, Deerfield, Mich., boy, Monday.

Angela Temple, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Tina and David Mueller, Maumee, boy, Monday.

Jamie Barret, Perrysburg, boy, Monday.

Nicole and Michael Kleinhenz, Holland, boy, Monday.

Jennie and Todd Krell, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Oct. 14, 2005

Antonio Castro, 31, and Sarah Godie, 27, both of Toledo.

John Cervantes II, 31, sales, and Heather Rank, 31, student, both of Toledo.

Brett Farless, 20, construction, of Toledo, and Alicia Willis, 21, of Swanton.

Randolph Mossing, 40, accountant, and Maria Paez-Mendez, 40, photographer, both of Temperance.

DeWitt Lauffer, Jr., 29, forklift driver, and Tabatha Burden, 24, lineworker, both of Toledo.

Sean Bresler, 26, sheet metal worker, and Rachel Rutkowski, 24, manager, both of Toledo.

John Jackson, 18, sales associate, and Joyce Brechtelsbauer, 18, both of Toledo.

Charles Scott, 27, and Jessica Rodriguez, 24, direct care staff, both of Adrian.

John Larde, 50, instructor, of Toledo, and Suzanne Davis, 41, business owner, of Belleville, Mich.

Jason Cousino, 30, line supervisor, and Hillary Kohn, 21, factory worker, both of Sylvania.

Michael Anderson, 38, general services/courier, of Fountain Hill, Ark., and Amy Snyder, 34, ASL instructor, staff support, of Sylvania.

Garrett Morse, 22, mechanic, and Kacey Scott, 21, proof operator, both of Toledo.

Robert Riddle, 35, carpenter, and Christine Etter, 31, waitress, both of Adrian.

Kenneth McGee, 52, manager, and Zenola Sherman, 53, administrative, both of Toledo.

Steven Pietrzak, 34, laborer, and Tonya Hanes, 36, both of Toledo.

Jeffrey Littlejohn, 31, laborer, and Kimilisa Burnion, 37, laborer, both of Toledo.

Leonard Zajac, 33, mechanic, and Cindy Snow, 39, both of Toledo.

Robert Morales, 49, operating engineer, and Melody LaVassaur, 41, laborer, both of Toledo.

Chad Belongea, 32, dentist, of Holland, and Ana Ramirez, 31, fund development, of Toledo.

Keith Neal, 39, and Cheryl Venson, 39, both of Toledo.

Oct. 17, 2005

Ronald Hatchett, Jr., 35, and Patrice Reid, 25, nurse, both of Toledo.

William Cook, 41, security police, and Rachel Clark, 32, nurse, both of Toledo.

Mark Vrooman, 27, of Toledo, and Alana Vrooman, 25, of Bellefontain, Ohio.

L.A. Frost, 71, and Sherry Newton, 57, both of Toledo.

Edwin Kellogg II, 48, process improvement, and Angela Zeno, 28, administrative assistant, both of Toledo.

Terrance Hinton, 39, sorter, and Lorraine Freeman, 39, nurse, both of Toledo.

Adam Reckner, 30, shipping and receiving, of Maumee, and Kari Bialecki, 29, front desk clerk, of Toledo.

Joshua Cowell, 26, landscape, and Heather Hall, 21, both of Toledo.

Lee Repass, 45, receiving quality control clerk, and Kimberly Hanna, 41, nurse practitioner, both of Sylvania.

Matthew Thomas, 28, sales representative, and Stacy Liggett, 25, tax preparer, both of Toledo.

Thomas Pfaff, 43, of Maumee, and Vivian Lazenby, 53, of Waterville.

Crime reports


Justin Hawkins, of Toledo, cash from delivery driver by two men who punched him in the 900 block of Byrneport about 6:15 p.m. Sunday.

Robert Kelly, of Toledo, cartons of cigarettes by a man who knocked him down on Starr at Steadman about 3 p.m. Monday.

Marco s Pizza, Main, cash from drivers by two men with a gun in the 800 block of Buffalo at 8:10 p.m. Monday.