Suburban Crime Reports

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Bedford Township


Kendra Knight, 10100 block of Secor, jewelry from residence. (not on map)

Harding Township


Kristopher Lyons, 1200 block of Whitehouse Spencer, PlayStation and video games

Jerusalem Township


Russell Lamp, 7900 block of Jerusalem, laptop, rifles, and shotgun.

Lake Township


Pilot Travel Center, 26400 block of West Service, fuel drive off, $41.40.



Sherri Demecs, Chestnut, Swanton, cellular phone and purse with contents from shopping cart while in store in the 500 block of Illinois.

Douglas Glenn, Bennington, wallet and contents from counter at store in the 200 block of Golden Gate.

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, 1700 block of Tollgate, two LCD flat screen TVs from hotel room.

Monclova Township


Kimberly Ames, 7300 block of Longwater, debit card information obtained and used for purchases totaling more than

$1,200. (not on map)



J & J Heating

& Air Conditioning, 300 block of West Andrus, checks from business.

Stephen Kekes, Gessner, Toledo, generator and two vehicle batteries from garage in the 1900 block of Drouillard.

Kevin and Sharon Koliba, 2400 block of Jamestown, air compressor, miter saw, other saws, tools, and generator from garage.


Edward Olinger, Venice, sunglasses and medication from vehicle in the 1700 block of South Wheeling.



Edward Patrilla, 500 block of Robindale, victim's bank card information obtained and used for purchases.

Ottawa Hills


Ronnie England, 3400 block of Edgevale, two delivery packages containing fruit and toys from side door of residence.

Steve Jindal, 2500 block of Olde Brookside, victim's identity used to open a bank account.

Pat Stichter, 3800 block of Hillandale, two sets of sterling silverware.



Kurt Beach, 600 block of Oak Knoll, cash and CDs from two vehicles in garage.

Julie Ford, unit block of Boston Bay, items from garage.


Douglas Kinder, 300 block of Walnut, victim's credit card information obtained and used for purchases in another state.

Richard Kwiatkowski, 1300 block of Sutton, tool from vehicle.

Betty Roberts, 300 block of East Boundary, $100 gift card from residence.

Perrysburg Township


David Overholt, 27600 block of Tracy, air compressor and canvas bag containing tools from shed.


Donald Bartelt

, Coldwater, Mich., $130 cash and credit cards from hotel room in the 10600 block of Fremont Pike.

Aaron Orwig, 23700 block of Lime City, handgun from residence.

Providence Township


AJ's Landscape & Garden, 13200 block of Archbold-Whitehouse, landscape equipment from business.



Terence Austin, Steeplechase, Toledo, lawn mower and power tools from storage unit in the 7800 block of West Sylvania.


Tracy Frost, 5300 block of West Alexis, amplifiers and speakers from vehicle.

Barbara Pounds, Ketner, Toledo, wallet with contents, wedding rings, and watch from purse in the 4100 block of North King.

Sylvania Township


Giammarco Properties, 6800 block of West Central, safe with contents and money from register.

Sheryl Golding, 4500 block of Promenade, PlayStation 3, video game, flat screen TV, and computer from residence.

Kyota Ka Restaurant, 6800 block of West Central, money from register.


Amy Adamczak, Whiteway, wallet and contents dropped in parking lot of fitness center in the 2800 block of North Holland-Sylvania; credit card was then used for several purchases.

Shawnee Jackson, Tremore Way, purse and contents from the 6400 block of West Central.

Thomas Kurek, Brown, Oregon, DVD/CD/AM/FM stereo from vehicle while in the 5500 block of West Central.

Kirk Toth, 2800 block of Heysler, portable generator from garage.

Spencer Township


Kitsen McCumber, 600 block of North Schwamberger, laptop computer, printer, suitcase, checkbooks, and other items from residence.

Springfield Township

Felonious Assault

Ronnie Maran, Saturn, Toledo, suspects with paint gun shot at victim's vehicle striking driver's side when vehicle passed.


Doug Burton, 6600 block of Nebraska, cash and camera

Corey Griss, 2800 block of Albon, generator, kerosene heater, rims, tools

Dale Wells, 500 block of South Favony, two dirt bikes


Ester Durham, 2100 block of North McCord, cash from vehicle

Jeff Grindstaff, Middleburg, Fla., global-positioning device and bible from vehicle in the 6100 block of Trust.

Earnest Messer, Oxleigh, construction equipment from tool trailer at work site in the 7900 block of Nebraska.

Nicholas Schultz, 6600 block of West Bancroft, cash and clothing from residence

Swanton Township


J & B Feed Company, 12100 block of Airport, four-wheel all-terrain vehicle

and other items from residence.

University of Toledo


Marcia Lloyd, Southfield, Mich., gold bracelet while at medical center in the 3000 block of Arlington.



Marathon, 200 block of Mechanic, cash and cigarettes at gunpoint, suspect then hit attendant on head with gun and fled about 9:00 a.m. December 29.


Anthony Tytko

, 300 block of North, entry made, undetermined if anything taken.