Today's log


Flower Hospital

Nisrine and Abdo Mokad, Toledo, girl, Monday.

Lacey and Brian Lundy, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Tiffany Dutkiewicz, Toledo, boy, Sunday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Janell and Douglas Hartman, Haskins, Ohio, boy, Wednesday.

Toledo Hospital

Gwen and Eric Bertok, Millbury, girl, Friday.

Jennifer Gray, Monclova, boy, Wednesday.

Tanesha McCoy, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Ania Moore, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Trisha and Gregg Truman, Curtice, boy, Wednesday.

Terri Stribling, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Laura and Carl Arnold, Ida, Mich., girl, Tuesday.

Yvette Plodzik, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Ashley Smith, Delta, Ohio, girl, Tuesday.

Shaquala Calvin, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Misty Conner, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Stephanie and Joseph Miner, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Lucas County

Feb. 9, 2009

Matthew Mulkey, 31, and Alaya Drew, 24, both of Toledo.

Steven Flores, 25, self employed, and Melinda Schermerhorn, 24, manager, both of Toledo.

Brian Johnson, 34, boilermaker, of Maumee, and Joanna Vardaman, 18, of Toledo.

Derek McFarland, 22, and Roberta Rodriguez, 22, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Jason Wiskochil, 34, iron worker, and Brittany Savory, 20, administrative assistant, both of Toledo.

John Garrow, 27, warehouse manager, and Kourtney Kashmer, 24, audiobook load, both of Toledo.

Samuel Douglass, 30, physician, and Cara Prupas, 29, physician, both of Toledo.

Feb. 10, 2009

Michael Burton, 59, manager, and Katie Trinchard, 51, both of Toledo.

Darryl Williams, 39, iron worker, and Patricia Hawkins, 38, customer service manager, both of Toledo.

Robert Hoard, 26, student, of Dexter, Mich., and Jennifer Rumschlag, 24, student, of Toledo.

Alfredo Vasquez, 30, factory worker, and Laura Cravens, 31, field monitor, both of Toledo.

Randall Chernota, 22, commercial roofer, and Jessica Zuniga, 25, both of Toledo.

Brandon Furll, 35, boilermaker, and Katherine Krall, 36, nurse, both of Toledo.

Lucas County

Andrade, Joan, 65, Temperance, Mich., enteracoccus bacteremia.

Barnett, Lutisher, 63, Chase, internal bleed.

Bartel, Ann, 72, Torrence East, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Berkebile, Daniel, 46, Montpelier, Ohio, cerebral hemorrhage.

Bower, Ruth, 67, McCutchenville, Ohio, small bowel ischemia.

Brandt, Ruth, 90, Glendale Avenue, end stage vascular dementia.

Buckenmeyer, Rose, 99, West Central, Swanton, stomach carcinoma.

Butz-Ramirez, Betty, 55, Harding, congestive heart failure.

Carle, Florence, 95, West Gramercy, thrombosis to left leg.

Case, Dawn, 50, Euclid, pending.

Clark, Victoria, 16, Kingston, Maumee, pending.

Crane, Dolly, 58, Graytown, Ohio, gastric carcinoma.

Diefenbach, Ann, 74, Byrne, emphysema.

Ding, Pinglu, 63, Fuzhou, China, pending.

Egts, Edward, 57, Waterville, esophageal cancer.

Emery, Dorothy, 64, Glenview, Maumee, chronic obsstructive pulmonary disease.

Felt, Norman, 87, Westhaven, coronary artery disease.

Fetters, Gertrude, 101, Surrey, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Flores, Trinidad, 72, Isaac Streets, Oregon, cerebrovascular accident.

Gamblin, Jade, 12, Sandusky, Ohio, pneumonia.

Gillig, Frederick, 63, Tiffin, Ohio, myocardial infarction.

Golamb, Marion, 80, Fremont, end stage renal disease.

Gorman, Florence, 89, North Holland-Sylvania, end stage dementia.

Hardt, Carol, 71, Venetian Bay, Maumee, pending.

Hilbrecht, Louvenia, 82, Montpelier, Ohio, accident.

Hill, Glandoy, Sr., 78, Waverly, gastric cancer.

Hoffman, Richard, 62, Perrysburg, pending.

Hooks, Jerry, 54, North Huron, intracerebral hemorrhage.

Hoy, Susan, 50, Gibsonburg, Ohio, endometrial cancer.

Isom-Mitchell, Darlene, 52, Weber, pulmonary fibrosis.

Jankowski, Ruth, 83, Fenwick, coronary artery disease.

Jennings, Harold, 75, Lima, Ohio, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Jurski, Sylvia, 81, Northwood Avenue, pancreatic cancer.

Kinzie, Frederick, 95, North Holland-Sylvania, congestive heart failure.

La Mont, Mary, 88, Isaac Street, Oregon, myocardial infarction.

Lehnert, John, 76, Royal Timbers, Waterville, cerebrovascular accident.

Long, David Jr., 60, Nebraska, cerebrovascular accident.

Mariner, Mary, 90, Violet, cardiovascular disease.

Mazzocco, Nickolas, 81, Keygate, myocardial infarction.

Miller, Rose Marie, 84, Gould, myocardial infarction.

Phalen, Richard, 72, South Byrne, stroke.

Rowe, Robert, 86, Harroun, Sylvania, alzheimer s.

Riebe, Sandra, 65, Bapst, Holland, pulmonary fibrosis.

Rinehart, Robert, 83, Oakridge, esophageal cancer.

Schnee, Barbara, 70, Country Place, Sylvania, adenocarcinoma/stomach.

Shaner, Larry Sr., 59, Bowling Green, Ohio, myocardial infarction.

Shepard, James, 88, West Alexis, hepatoma.

Smith, Fred Sr., 67, Zale, intracranial hemorrhage.

Smith, Lawrence, 64, Whitechapel, gastrointestinal bleed.

Sullivan, Pamela, 50, Steadman, lung cancer.

Szewczykowski, Virgil, 76, Olson, atherosclerosis.

Russo, Mary, 44, West Meadows, Maumee, pending.

Tansel, Colleen, 48, Bonsels, glioblastoma multiforme.

Wright, Angela, 76, Petersburg, Mich., sudden cardiac death.

Vanness, Verna, 68, Oak Harbor, Ohio, coronary artery disease.


Stephen Lamb, 3200 block of Maple, no loss.

Melanie Hannah, 3200 block of Maple, no loss.

Jennifer Waxler, 800 block of Colfax, PlayStation 2, games, watch, and ring.

Lawrence Hodges, 800 block of Indiana, no loss.

Melanie Young, 2900 block of Northwood, flat-screen television.

Donna Smith, 800 block of Hamilton, makeup bag.

Clay Stokes, 2300 block of Franklin, DVD player, laptop, jewelry, and medication.

Patricia Hooker, 1100 block of Rockcress, no loss.


Curtis Barne, snow blower, lawn mower, tires, and rims from residence in the 1600 block of Belmont.

Chupp Insurance Agency, computer, mini refrigerator, three phones, and assorted office supplies from business in the 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Shane Florid, tool kit, Carhart overalls, and hard hat from vehicle in the 500 block of Jefferson.

Washington Local School, laptop and bag from hotel in the 3500 block of Secor.

George Bardwell, computer bag, Ipod, GPS navigation system, and cell phone from vehicle in the 300 block of South Reynolds.

Nathaniel Walker, laptop, GPS system, wallet and contents, and Ipod from vehicle in the 5700 block of Telegraph.

Linda Tallman, GPS system, purse, and cell phone from vehicle in the 5400 block of Airport.

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

Aldi s, 5539 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Jan. 7. Critical violation: Observed ground sausage stored above bacon in walk-in cooler. Observed bacon stored above ready to eat foods and raw turkey tenderloin stored above whole meats (pork chops) in self serve cooler. Practice proper food storage order to prevent cross contamination: poultry (chicken, turkey, eggs) on bottom, ground meats (sausage) whole meats/fish (chops, bacon, steaks) ready to eat/cooked foods on top. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

Buckeye Carry Out, 740 Buckeye, inspected Jan. 7. Critical violations: Raw shell eggs stored above salad dressings in one door cooler. Store all raw meats and shell eggs on bottom shelf to prevent cross contamination. Hand sink for food prep area used for ware washing. Hand washing sink is for hand washing only. All ware washing must be in 3-compartment sink to properly wash, rinse, and sanitize. Repeat violation. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Kroger, 4533 Monroe, inspected Jan. 7. Critical violations: The hand sink in the deli closest to the rotisserie chicken oven, only reached a water temperature of 89 degrees. Contact a licensed plumber to repair so it is at least 100 degrees. Observed raw ground buffalo/beef stored above raw whole cut beef. Store all raw ground beef below raw whole cut beef to prevent cross contamination. The ph meter used for testing was not working and the ph logs have not been recorded since November 2008. Replace the ph meter and accounts on ph logs must be made available. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

University Carry Out, 1852 West Bancroft, inspected Jan. 7. Critical violations: Provide labeling for frozen bags of breaded chicken wings. Information on place of manufacturer, ingredients, and weight is required to sell this product retail. Observed expired can of Enfamil on shelf (Jan. 1, 2009). Product was discarded at time of inspection. Watch expiration dates on this baby food product. Rearrange storage in dairy display cooler so that raw sausage and raw bacon area stored on bottom shelf to avoid potential cross contamination to ready to eat foods. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Debbie Dacquisto.

Kroger, 559 Manhattan, inspected Jan. 9. Critical violations: Open package of ham dated beyond seven-day date-mark period. To limit bacteria growth, once opened ready to eat potentially hazardous foods may be held only seven days. Day #1, is the day product was opened. Corrected at inspection. Observed ground chicken (raw) stored above ground beef (raw) in meat cases. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats according to required cooking temperatures. Repair exit release on dairy walk-in cooler door. One noncritical violation. Inspector: Stanley.

Noncritical violations

Ciao Ristorante, 6064 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Dec. 30. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Tester.

Arby s, 495 Dussel, Maumee, inspected Dec. 31. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Paul Bauman.