Board members OK contract, agreement


The Bedford Township Board approved a contract for auditing services and an agreement for engineering services last week, but it did so after a rare public disagreement among members.

Trustees Jim Goebel and Gail Hauser-Hurley approved of both firms under discussion but wanted to let the new board decide after taking office on Nov. 20. They were outvoted.

 The township will pay McGuire and McDole Certified Public Accountants $20,900 annually forthree years. Mannik and Smith Group, an engineering firm, will be paid for services as needed for three years, under its agreement.

In other business, the board approved a fiscal year 2013 sewer system budget of $371,562. The plan assumes a flow capacity of 6 million gallons a day at the treatment plant, two operational shifts five days a week, and one shift on Saturday and Sunday.