Sylvania Twp. tackles annexation concerns


A proposed annexation of residential properties on Arbor Way from Sylvania Township into the city of Sylvania has ruffled the feathers of at least one township trustee, who said Tuesday that residents’ concerns are not being heard.

“I’ve been in contact with the residents,” Trustee Kevin Haddad said at the trustees’ meeting. “Nobody has contacted the residents. They’ve told me their concerns, the lack of services in the township.”

The annexation proposal was discussed by City Council members during a Nov. 27 meeting.

City Law Director Jim Moan said the proposed annexation was initiated by 24 property owners on Arbor Way, near Whiteford Road and Arbor Hills Junior High.

Mr. Haddad said he had the opportunity to sit down and speak to a few residents who live on the street.

Issues he heard included concerns about whether sanitary sewer costs would increase if they were in the city, and a lack of street lighting and sewer district services in the township.

Trustee John Jennewine was quick to make sure the trustees wouldn’t promise anything to the residents that they couldn’t follow through with.

“As a township, we don’t have a sewer district or a light district. They can set up their own lighting district. We’d certainly be willing to work with the mayor [of Sylvania],” he said.

Mr. Jennewine said the annexation is still in an infancy stage.

Township Administrator John Zeiter said a petition has been circulated to begin the annexation process.