Commissioners vote to increase several dog pound fees


The Lucas County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a motion today  to increase several fees at the Lucas County Dog Warden.

Dog adoption fees will increase from $50 to $100, but will now include a rabies shot, which was previously available as an add-on for $20. The average cost of the amount of services that an adopted dog has received is about $215, so it's still a bargain, said Dog Warden Julie Lyle. 

Dog transport fees, which are incurred when a deputy dog warden picks up an unlicensed dog and brings them back to the pound and they are subsequently claimed, will now be $20. It was previously $4, but the actual cost is $33.24. Serving and posting fees, in which a licensed dog owner is notified by certified mail that their dog has been picked up, increase from $2 to $5.  

Boarding fees, which cover the housing and feeding of dogs picked up by the dog warden who are subsequently claimed were $1.50 per day, while it actually cost the facility $17.66. The new fee will be $15 for the first day, $10 for the second day, and $8 for each day thereafter.

The new fees go into effect Jan. 1. They will generate an estimated additional $68,000 in annual revenue for the pound, Ms. Lyle said.