Orange barrels to signal Olander Park upgrades

Paving entrance to Sylvan Prairie Park planned


For eight years, the Olander Park System has been building up its Ohio Department of Transportation roadway allocation fund.

The last time money from the fund was used was in 2005 for a roadway entrance leading to Sylvan Prairie Park on Brint Road.

With more than $140,000 having accumulated in the fund, it is possible to repave the roadway in Olander Park this summer, park system Director Gary Madrzykowski said.

Bids for the project, which includes asphalt paving, repair, and sealing, are expected to be opened in May and June. The project’s completion is estimated to be in October.

Mr. Madrzykowski said the roads are overdue for attention.

“They haven’t been sealed in 15 years,” he said. The repaving project has led the way for another project he intends to add on during the construction schedule: new biking and walking trails.

Although money from ODOT will not cover the trails, he said the system will use park money to create a safer walkway for pedestrian traffic.

“I would also like to take a walking/bicycling trail on the west side of Olander and separate it from the roadway and take it closer to the water,” Mr. Madryzkowski said.

He explained that moving the trail closer to the water would provide a more scenic view. Right now, pedestrians share the trail walkway with cars.

He said the intention is to have the trailway become separate from the parking lots.

“So there’s no more cutting through the parking lot, so there’s no more sharing the parking lot with the bike path,” he said. The proposed walkway is planned for 12 feet, with it being 8 feet away from the road.

Adding a safer trail route will cost the park system about $10,000, he added.

The cost for repaving and sealing the roads is estimated at $140,547, which includes construction, design work, inspection, testing, and contingency on the construction work.

During a park commissioners’ meeting last week, Commissioner John Zeitler expressed concern about the walkway being shared by bicyclists and walkers. Mr. Madryzkowski said the important thing to focus on might be just getting the exercisers away from vehicular traffic.

“Even if I got just walkers and bikers on one trail, it would be better. Right now, I got them sharing with cars,” he said.