Toledo City Council adjourns without picking new president


Toledo City Council adjourned tonight without a new president after a deadlock over selecting a new leader.

New Councilman Shaun Enright is president pro tem for the month of February. Councilman Paula Hicks-Hudson will be president pro tem in March.

Ms. Paula Hicks-Hudson and Councilmen Adam Martinez and George Sarantou were each nominated but none of them received the needed seven majority votes. 

Councilman Joe McNamara gave up the post as part of his run for mayor. He remains on council.

Ms. Hicks-Hudson, a Democrat, was supported by herself, Mr. Enright, and Councilmen Tyrone Riley, Steven Steel, and Lindsey Webb.

Democratic Councilman Adam Martinez was supported by himself, Mr. McNamara, and Councilman Mike Craig.

Republican Councilman George Sarantou received support from himself, Rob Ludeman, Tom Waniewski, and D. Michael Collins.

In the first round of votes, Mr. Enright voted for Mr. Sarantou but then switched to Ms. Hicks-Hudson.

There were then four identical votes before a majority of council decided to adjourn for the night without a president.