Toledo's Salary Review and Recommendation Commission meeting to discuss city salaries


The city of Toledo's Salary Review and Recommendation Commission, which is convened every four years to review compensation for the mayor and councilmen, met for the first time today ahead of its April 1 deadline. 

Mark Sobczak, a former councilman who represents the Greater Northwest Ohio AFL-CIO on the commission, was appointed chairman. Also on the committee is Betsy Dieball of the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce, Mary Karazim of the League of Women Voters, Michael Alexander of the NAACP, Robert Torres of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Jon Stainbrook, chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party, and Yvonne Harper, executive director of the Lucas County Democratic Party.

The commission agreed today to conduct a blind survey of all 12 councilmen regarding their $27,500 annual salary. It also plans to compare the mayor's $122,400 salary to area chief executive officers and executive directors. When the commission met four years ago, it recommended a reduction of the mayor's then $136,000 to the current salary and no change for council. Those recommendations were approved by council.

Council again can approve, reject, or change the commission's recommendations. The commission meets again at 4 p.m., Feb. 28. Salary changes would not take affect until after the next election for council and the mayor, meaning the salary of a sitting elected official cannot be altered.