YMCA and JCC of Greater Toledo fund-raising campaign nets $2.4M


The YMCA and JCC of Greater Toledo ended a month-long annual fund-raising campaign on a high note by announcing at their 2013 Annual Campaign Victory Celebration today that they exceeded their goal.

The total amount raised was $2,427,243, which will help provide membership and program assistance to about 70,000 people. This year's goal was $2.3 million.

Last year, the YMCA and JCC exceeded the goal as well: $2.3 million was raised; the goal was $2 million. Communications specialist Rob Thomas said the increase in this year's goal coincided with an increase in need.

“I think the reason for the increase in the goal is because the need is great as well. We have an opportunity to reach more lives,” he said.

Mr. Thomas said 1,000 community volunteers were instrumental in helping to raise money.

“We're able to reach out and touch the lives of so many people in our community,” Sylvania YMCA branch executive director Connie Torrey said.

The annual campaign raises money for community service opportunities, camp scholarships, membership and program assistance, child care and more. The campaign is meant to ensure that all community members have the opportunity to participate in YMCA programs, regardless of an ability to pay.