Grand jury ends inquiry into police shooting


A Lucas County grand jury Friday reviewed the investigation into the fatal shooting of a man by a Toledo police officer in September and found no need for further inquiry.

Darrell Parnell, 19, of Toledo was shot to death Sept. 28 during what police described as a “violent struggle” with Officer Benjamin Cousino. Responding to a report of a man trying to break into a Jeep in the 1300 block of North Michigan Street, the officer confronted Mr. Parnell, first trying to use his Taser. When it didn’t work, the officer pulled out his baton, which police said Mr. Parnell took from him and used to strike the officer on the head.

Officer Cousino then drew his gun and fired once. The grand jury felt the Toledo police investigation was sufficient, prosecutors said.

“They came back and said no further investigation is needed,” said Jeff Lingo, chief of the criminal division for the prosecutor’s office. “They’re satisfied with the facts that were presented.”