Sylvania council votes to move forward on sewer project


City Council voted to move forward on the sewer project for Arbor Way residents who are requesting annexation to the City of Sylvania. 

Sylvania City Council tonight unanimously approved the survey and specification plans to implement a new sewer system for the homes between Whiteford Road and Silvertown Drive on Arbor Way.

Council members were concerned about moving too soon on the project, since official notice of the annexation request has not been received. Law Director Jim Moan, who filed the petition on behalf of the residents with the Lucas County commissioners this month, said they had a majority of homeowners within the 6.3 acres of land agree to the annexation. The commissioners have scheduled a hearing on May 21, where Sylvania Township have the ability to contest the annexation.

The homeowners indicated they would still ask for the sewers even if the annexation request was rejected, Kevin Aller city service director, said. The petition was prompted because residents wanted to switch from a septic tank system to a sewer system.

Mr. Aller proposed that he draw the plans and specifications for the sewer project, and that Lewandowski Engineers provide survey services for about $4,240. The cost will be absorbed by the homeowners, Mr. Aller said.

“Townships, by Ohio revised code, are not allowed to operate a water or sanitary sewer system,” Mr. Aller said in an interview.

Either way, the property owners would have to employ the services of the city for the new sewage system since the area falls within the Sylvania City water and sewer district. But as city residents, the cost is lower.

As township residents the connection fee would be $940 and the water and sanitary sewer rates would be $3.20 per 1,000 gallons. As city residents the homeowners would pay $430 for connection fees and $2.70 per 1,000 gallons.

The construction time frame for the new system is scheduled for this fall.

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