Gas leak causes traffic reroute on I-75 near Miami Street


Thursday morning commuters on southbound I-75 near the exit ramp for Rossford and Miami Street should expect to be rerouted because of a gas leak.

Columbia Gas of Ohio employees are still searching for the exact location of the underground leak, which was discovered this morning, Chris Kozak, spokesman for Columbia Gas of Ohio said.

The leak is believed to be under the Rossford and Miami Street exit, ramp 199B. The ramp will be closed until repairs are made.

“We’re working on where the leak is,” Mr. Kozak said. “It’s under the ramp, which has 14 inches of concrete on it.”

Mr. Kozak said the leak is not having any effect on customers and does not pose any danger to the community.

The leak is most likely the result of old gas pipes that just need repair, he said.

“The pipes are from the early 1960s,” he said. “They’ve just outlived their usefulness.”