Neighborhood leaders invited to discuss crime prevention


Jemma Hostetler is organizing a meeting of criminal minds — or, more precisely, a meeting of neighborhood leaders interested in making their communities safer.

Two women from South Toledo’s Burroughs Neighborhood Organization recently attended an Old West End Security board meeting, where members of both organizations shared information such as how to best prevent crime, what works best in their neighborhood, what doesn’t work, and what kind of crime information do they wish they had?

“It was a really great meeting,” said Mrs. Hostetler, a member of the Old West End Security board. “We were walking away from it thinking, ‘How great would it be to do this on a larger scale?’ ”

Mrs. Hostetler is reaching out to leaders from various Block Watch groups and neighborhood associations, wherever she can find their contact information. She also has contacted several Toledo police officers and City Council members.

A date hasn’t been set. Anyone who would like to attend the meeting should email Mrs. Hostetler at