Sylvania mayor expresses concern about possible rail traffic


Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough has written the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments about the possible reactivation of a rail line that runs north and south through the city’s eastern corner, including its downtown.

He said he “understands the need for improved shipping methods, but those involved need to understand their impact on neighboring communities” and address them.

The tracks, owned by Norfolk Southern, are minimally used. An article in The Blade reported talk of reopening the line to transport grain and agricultural products from industries in Blissfield, Mich., to the East.

Mr. Stough said there could be an effect on Sylvania’s traffic flow and resident safety. He is also concerned about possible derailments and idling of trains near the Michigan line that could disturb residents. He asked that gates be installed at crossings. The city seeks information on the status of plans to possibly increase the rail traffic flow.