Toledo to open 6 pools, splash pad by mid-June

Webb slams number as ‘status quo’

The Jamie Farr Pool is one of the few remaining city pools to be opened this year.
The Jamie Farr Pool is one of the few remaining city pools to be opened this year.

The Bell administration announced Tuesday it would open the splash pad at Savage Park and six city pools this summer, the same aquatic facilities that were operated last year.

Toledo City Council reviewed a plan to spend $35,000 for maintenance of the facilities, which includes the cost of chemicals.

The entire operations budget for pools has not been requested by the Bell administration.

The pools to be opened are Roosevelt, Wilson, Navarre, Jamie Farr, Pickford, and Willys. They are usually opened in mid-June, spokesman Jen Sorgenfrei said.

Councilman Lindsay Webb said she was not satisfied with just six pools and the splash pad.

“That is status quo and that is not good enough,” Ms. Webb said.

The pools ran over budget last year. In October, council approved $184,000 from the general fund to pay for unbudgeted staffing and maintenance.

Councilman Rob Ludeman called the overage unacceptable and questioned why the city had exceeded the budget by 20 percent. Councilman Steven Steel said the city decided to open Roosevelt Pool after the 2012 budget was approved.

Detwiler Park and Roosevelt Park had been rendered unusable in 2010 because thieves stole plumbing fixtures.

Roosevelt was put back into use with costly repairs of about $100,000. Detwiler will remain closed, along with a number of other pools.

The city charges a $1 admission for children under age 12 and $2 for those 13 and older. Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Roosevelt Pool is in central Toledo’s Smith Park; Willys Park, 1375 Hillcrest Ave., is in the west end; Jamie Farr, 2200 Summit St., is in the north end; Pickford, 3000 Medford Drive, is in South Toledo; Wilson, 3252 Otto St., is near Stickney and East Central avenues; and Navarre, 1001 White St., is on the east side.

The Savage Splash Pad, 645 Vance St., is off Nebraska Avenue.