Lucas elections board makes up for omission


Lucas County voters casting ballots Sept. 10 will see signatures of the four members of the county Board of Elections on a sticker pasted to voting machines to correct a mistake.

The elections board, with member John Irish absent, voted Monday to place the removable label with their signatures and the date of the election on each of 1,250 machines.

The board's lawyer, deputy Lucas County Prosecutor Kevin Pituch, said the sticker satisfies a law that board members' signatures and the election date appear on ballots.

Elections Director Meghan Gallagher said when the data base for the upcoming primary election was downloaded from the fourth floor of Government Center to digital cards in the board's warehouse, the file with the board members’ signatures was accidentally left behind.

Ms. Gallagher said the stickers are the best solution because re-transferring the information would require hundreds of hours of labor.