Lucas Co. elections board OKs 214 provisional ballots


The Lucas County Board of Elections voted Monday to count as valid 214 provisional ballots cast in the Sept 10 primary election.

The count includes 28 provisional ballots cast at the Early Vote Center, 11 provisional ballots of voters who did not return a mailed absentee ballot, two provisional ballots cast in nursing homes, six ballots that were cast in the correct polling location but the wrong precinct, and 167 provisional ballots cast on election day.

Voters are required to cast provisional ballots if their name does not appear in the polling books, usually the result of people moving into the precinct but not updating their address with the elections board, or if they were flagged as having requested an absentee ballot.

In addition, 51 provisional ballots were rejected as invalid for various reasons, such as being cast in the wrong precinct and wrong polling location. Board member Jon Stainbrook said the additional votes are not expected to change the outcomes of any races.

Also, the board voted not to certify to the ballot James Miller, a Whitehouse village councilman who died Sept. 7 at the age of 39. He filled a vacancy on the council in 2006 and was elected to a four-year term in 2009. Mr. Miller's death leaves three candidates running for three seats on council.