Bail bondsman, worker indicted over license


A local bail bondsman and one of his employees have been indicted on charges they posted a $50,000 bond for a defendant under the name of an unlicensed company.

Damon Hogan, 31, of 801 Three Meadows Dr., Perrysburg, owner of Damon Hogan Bail Bonds, was indicted this week by a Lucas County grand jury for complicity to commit forgery and complicity in the commission of tampering with records. Ericka Burns, 42, of 2530 Heather Hills Rd. also was indicted for forgery and tampering with records.

According to Robert Miller, chief of the special units division for the Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office, Mr. Hogan had Ms. Burns post a bond Oct. 30 under the name of Free Me Now Bail Bonds, which at the time was not a licensed bonding agency.

Mr. Miller said Damon Hogan Bail Bonds was prohibited from posting bonds at that time because it was under a $15,000 forfeiture order from Lucas County Common Pleas Court.