United Way of Greater Toledo raised $13.6M in 2013 campaign

Campaign also attracted 1,000 new donors to program


The United Way of Greater Toledo announced today it has raised $13,605,000 in its 2013 fund-raising campaign, which is just shy of what the agency raised the year before.

The goal for the 2013 campaign was $15.1 million, up from the $13.82 million collected in 2012.

“We set a stretch goal for this year on purpose. We had a number of companies that had really terrific and strong results and then we have some sectors of our community that are still recovering. Right now we are almost flat to last year which is significant. What we are hearing from United Ways across the country it that this is kind of the trend this year across the country in United Ways similar in size to us and larger,” said Karen Mathison, president and chief executive of United Way of Greater Toledo.

Ms. Mathison said the campaign also attracted 1,000 new donors to the organization.