Sylvania's mouth-watering charm


My husband and I moved to Sylvania in 2006 for a career opportunity. We previously lived in Chicago, which was obviously a huge change for us. While we thought it would be a difficult adjustment from big city to small town, we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the area.

We do not have children and are self-proclaimed "foodies" so one of our favorite things to do is find new and exciting restaurants in the area. Sylvania and surrounding areas have not disappointed.

We have been thrilled to find unique eateries such as Treo, Rouge Bistro (and now the Hungry I), Village Inn, J&G's, and Kyoto Ka to name a few. We also enjoy sitting at the bar at Mancy's Italian with a good glass of wine, or exploring the unique flavors at Revolution Grille.

We have come to call Sylvania our home and couldn't be happier.

Kim Ridder