MMA Purgatory Fight Series 10 event results


Tyler Beckley of Findlay won a middleweight decision over Hector Urbina of Archbold, Ind., on account of a medical ruling, in the Purgatory Fight Series 10 mixed martial arts event tonight at the Huntington Center.

A doctor ruled that Urbina could not continue fighting after he suffered a gash above his right eye that did not stop bleeding after medical attention.

Beckley's win over Urbina was one of nine bouts on the card:

Eugene Barrett defeated Matt Young in a flyweight bout.

Richard McDole defeated Rustin Jones in a featherweight bout.

Ray Hernandez defeated David Parker in a welterweight bout.

Raymond Yanez was awarded a win over David Blattman in a flyweight bout that was stopped under doctor's orders.

Steve Cotterman defeated Rick Day in a heavyweight bout.

Matt Montalvo defeated Donte Adams in a featherweight bout.

Jake Grigson defeated Andrew Huffman in a bantamweight bout.

Andrew Osborne defeated Jake Draves in a split decision in a welterweight bout.