A guide to decide

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    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speak during the second presidential debate.


  • Editor’s Note: Scroll through images above or click on the link below to view the 12-part test to choosing the president.

    Many of us are unhappy with the choices the two major parties have offered for the presidency this year.

    But that doesn’t take us very far. While every American has the right to say “Hell, no” — to cast a protest vote for a third or fourth party or to abstain altogether — many Americans will see the choice, however unsavory, as binary: Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be president in the end.

    For those people, we propose a 12-part test to apply in choosing our next president. Our assessments are necessarily subjective, but we hope will constitute a useful exercise, and aid, for the citizen’s own decision-making.

    The idea is that the end result will be different for different people. For, out of the basket of issues available to us all, each person will have to decide which one, or two, are determinative for that person. This exercise is designed primarily for the undecided. Those who are sure of their vote are welcome. But many of us are struggling with how to resolve the choice before us.

    The tests linked here are grouped according to values, issues, and leadership traits.

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