Cavs fan? Your best friend LeBron makes his Facebook debut

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  • Every <b>Cleveland Cavaliers</b> fan in the world has a <a href=new friend on Facebook.

    TO THE NINES: 9 very cool Hollywood relics for sale " rel="storyimage1" title="LeBron-James.jpg"/>
    Every &lt;b&gt;Cleveland Cavaliers&lt;/b&gt; fan in the world has a &lt;a href=&quot;; target=&quot;_blank &quot;&gt;&lt;font color=blue&gt;&lt;b&gt;new friend on Facebook&lt;/font color=blue&gt;&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/a&gt;. &lt;br&gt; &lt;br&gt; &lt;b&gt;ALSO&lt;/b&gt; &lt;br&gt; &lt;img src=; &lt;font color=red&gt;&lt;b&gt;TO THE NINES&lt;/font color=red&gt;&lt;/b&gt;: &lt;a href=&quot; /assets/pdf/TO5193181.PDF&quot; target=&quot;_blank &quot;&gt;&lt;b&gt;9 very cool Hollywood relics for sale&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/a&gt;

    " human beings we are capable of making sense of situations based on the thinnest slice of experience."

    Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink and The Tipping Point.

    WHAT'S UP, LEBRON? Every Cleveland Cavaliers fan in the world has a new friend on Facebook. (RL)

    TOGA!!! TOGA!!!!! This week's Thin Slices weekend DVD pick is National Lampoon's Animal House, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. A

    counter-culture homage to bacchanalia, booze, and toga parties, the low-budget John Landis film proved that being bad really is better than being good, as this trailer shows. (RL)

    OMG!?! Looks like we're about to get a glimpse of Bragalina's super-twins. Just Jared says People magazine paid between $10-15 million for the first shots. Wouldntchaknow? They're going to give it to charity. While we're waiting for People to publish the pics, check out celebrity "B List" babies like Sheryl and Wyatt Crow. (AS)

    WHERE'S ALYSON: Toledo actress Alyson Stoner has a new straight-to-DVD movie that was released yesterday - Alice Upside Down. Luke Perry and Penny Marshall help the effort. Check out Ryan E. Smith's review. (RL)

    GIRLIE MEN? With Ultimate Fighting and even the women of the WNBA duking it out, is baseball losing its grit? Some die-hard baseball fans are begging the powers that be to dump the pitch count. Let the big guys go ahead and finish their games.Sign the petition. (KC)

    TWO-FACED: Totally Looks Like will take two photos and without mercy reveal some pretty funny combinations. Bono and Robin Williams, Sisqo and Donkey Kong, James Hetfield and Cowardly Lion. (KC)

    BOOM-DE-AH-DAH, BOOM-DE-AH-DAH: Can't get going this morning? Get some . . . I Love the World with the Discovery Channel and Stephen Hawking. Then find Mike Rowe, Bear Grylls, the Deadliest Catch captains, Mythbusters, and Cash Cab's Benjamin Bailey sing their version. (KC)

    WHO CAN RESIST a band named Natalie Portman's Shaved Head ? They'll be at Frankie's Inner City on Friday night in Toledo showing off their quirky blend of pop and alt-rock. (RL)

    WHEN WILL THEY LEARN? Another radio "shock jock," another offensive

    comment, and more controversy: this time it's Michael Savage yammering

    about autism that has sponsors pulling their ads. (RL)

    WALK ON THE WILD SIDE: El Caminito Del Rey (The Kings Pathway) is the pathway above the El Chorro gorge, near Alora in Malaga, Spain. Intense. The construction of this walkway was finished in 1905 and not much maintenance has been performed since. See if you can get through this 6:25 video without grabbing the arms of your office chair. (KC)

    IF YOU'RE BORED WITH THE OLYMPICS: Wife Carrying leads this list of the World's 10 Silliest Sporting Events. Goat Polo and Dog-Surfing failed to make the Top 5. (RS)

    START MAKING SENSE: Alternative rock granddaddies David Byrne and Brian Eno are back together for a new album and tour, which should bring

    some fresh sounds to a music scene that's been a bit stale. (RL)

    TRACK HOW Brett Favre and his suitors are screwing up the odds for Super Bowl XLIII. The Detroit Lions will probably remain 80-1 regardless of how the Favre sweepstakes turns out. (KC)

    BE THE FIRST on your block to sport the new GPS with Knight Rider, which includes the stylings of voice actor William Daniels from the 1980s TV show. You will be tempted to begin getting lost on purpose, just so you could hear KITT make an announcement. (RS)

    WHO SAID IT: Bush or Batman? Can you guess which of these quotes - provided by Philadelphia sketch group, Secret Pants - belong to our president, George W. Bush, and which belong to Batman from his 1960s TV series? (RS)

    BARACK OBAMA's warmup acts at his recent Berlin speaking engagement were reggae artist Patrice and Reamonn, two very popular acts in Germany. (KC)

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