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Guns in schools not the answer


Instead of pledging to be part of a reasoned national discussion about military-style weapons designed for split-second killing of scores of people, Wayne LaPierre, National Rifle Association executive vice president, suggested placing armed officers in every school in the country (“NRA stands by armed guard plan,” Dec. 24).

Mr. LaPierre’s solution has been tried. Columbine High School in Colorado had an armed officer on site and another was just moments away when the two teens, armed with multiple assault weapons, killed 15 people and wounded 23 others in 1999.

Rather than turn public schools into armed camps at a cost of roughly $5 billion, as a retired elementary school principal I would prefer those funds be spent more effectively. Schools should invest in bullet-proof glass for entry doors.

There should be stricter mandatory screening for all gun sales, an assault weapons ban with a buy-back of those in circulation, and an overhaul of our mental-health support system.

There are better and safer solutions than escalating the number of armed people walking around.


Homerdale Avenue


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Federal aid should fund school guards

As a 23-year veteran of law enforcement, I agree with the writer of the letter regarding school safety (“Officers in schools would be wise,” Readers’ Forum, Jan. 6).

School resource officers develop a trust and knowledge of the school district they serve. Beyond the basic police presence resource officers provide, they also often introduce programs covering topics such as anti-drug, anti-bullying, stranger awareness, and Internet safety.

The problem is how to pay for this law enforcement presence in schools. School districts and local municipalities continue to struggle to balance budgets and fund basic services.

I have asked my representatives in Congress to introduce legislation to use federal funds to place officers in schools. It is time to make children and safety at our schools a top priority.




Tighter control of guns needed

It is wrong to say that increased regulations of firearms will not help curb gun violence. All we have to do is look to those countries that have led the way in prevention measures to see the dramatic decrease in killings.

It’s time to take control of our Congress away from the NRA and pass laws that will keep more innocents from being slaughtered.


Doyle Street


Guns are a deadly numbers game

The truth is: The more guns, the more trouble.




Do not infringe on 2nd Amendment

Our Constitution’s Second Amendment is clear: “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Any attempt at gun control, regardless of the type of arms, is an infringement and therefore unconstitutional.


Sylvania Township

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