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Branding must focus on locals


If the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce were to include native Toledoans in the target audience for its branding initiative, it wouldn’t have to worry about preaching to the choir (“Building the brand,” editorial, Dec. 27).

It baffles me why so many people who are born and raised in this region remain oblivious to the wonderful qualities embodied in their hometown — the qualities the chamber is touting in its effort to lure others to this area.

When it comes to conveying a positive message about our city and this region, the local population will be the toughest audience. My suggestion to the chamber about its branding initiative: If you can sell it here, you can sell it anywhere.


Dorr Street


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Let quality of city be the brand

Columnist Keith C. Burris’ Dec. 29 column, “City branding effort just one part of pitch,” reminded me that for many years, Toledo was known as the glass capital of the world. This was not an image generated by a local agency. It was a fact of the private sector and the greatness of our city.

More recently, I have noticed that people are calling Toledo a union town. This is also a fact. Based on their tone, it is not complimentary.

Spending a half-million dollars to create a false image of Toledo is like sticking up a bunch of signs that say “Toledo Pride.” Neither accomplishes anything.

As long as Toledo city government attempts to micromanage the private sector and the lives of its constituents, no matter what we attempt to brand ourselves, we will continue to parallel the deterioration of another once great city in our area. We are starting to be referred to as Little Detroit.


Cherrylawn Drive


Politics, unions hurt city image

Some enthusiastic Toledoans are trying to improve the image of the city. Apparently these folks are not aware that the city already has a brand — and it is not a good one (“Local firm revising efforts to market the ‘Toledo Region’,” Dec. 20).

Toledo is widely known as a one-political-party town controlled by union bosses. The newly elected mayor is a former union president. City Council is dominated by union officers and employees.

The Lucas County Democratic party nominated Matt Cherry, a business agent for Sheet Metal Workers Local 33, for the open council seat vacated by Mayor D. Michael Collins.

The people behind the branding initiative should direct their efforts to improving the political image of Toledo. People who are serious about locating businesses are quick to see beyond window dressing and understand the real pitfalls of a one-sided environment.


Springfield Township


Prison would cure his ‘affluenza’

For the little rich kid who suffers from affluenza, I’m sure a nice stint in prison would have cured him (“‘Affluenza’ is blamed in trial of teen who killed 4,” Dec. 13).



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