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Concealed-carry stand was wrong

Your March 24 editorial “Standing down” asserts that Ohio House Bill 203, which would remove the “duty to retreat” from a violent attacker who is threatening one’s life, “would almost surely encourage gun violence — something Ohio and its cities don’t need — and lead to more needless deaths.”

These words come almost exactly 10 years after The Blade made similarly wrong predictions about Ohio’s concealed-carry handgun license law. Your readers have a decade of proof that you were wrong in your sky-is-falling predictions then. Why should anyone listen to you now?


Archbold, Ohio


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Residents need to protect selves

The Blade always opines that there will be more violence, shootings in the street, road rage shootings, and the like. When concealed-carry legislation was signed into law, you predicted that there would be mayhem. You were wrong.

You must not read your own newspaper. With frequent shootings and robberies, and authorities unable to get gang violence and other crime under control, residents have the right and the need to protect themselves from being victims. Gov. John Kasich should sign the stand your ground bill.


Westbrook Drive


‘Standing down’ not wise advice

There is little proof that “stand your ground” legislation leads to increased gun violence, except in a few instances that the media choose to report on.

Existing laws do not stop criminals. Police do not protect citizens from crime, but only investigate crimes after they occur.

A threatened person cannot always call the police. And if police officers are called, there often can be a wait of five minutes or more.


Suder Avenue


‘Funny or Die’ interview fine

The writer of the March 19 Readers’ Forum letter “President shouldn’t be a comedian” complained that President Obama’s interview on the Funny or Die Web site was embarrassing.

His appearance was to encourage young people to sign up for health insurance. Thousands of viewers visited after the interview, and thousands more later.

Were the letter writer and the others who have been critical of this interview incensed when Ronald Reagan appeared on the Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour when he was governor of California?

Where were the letters condemning President George W. Bush when he was cavorting with the Easter Bunny as two wars raged?

All presidents in my lifetime have entertained constituents and delivered funny lines. Why is Mr. Obama castigated for doing things that every president before him has done, from issuing executive orders to appearing on a talk show?


Shoreland Avenue

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