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To the editor: Lobbyists destroying U.S. politics


The American people must tell the lobbyists that they are not welcome in this country, argues letter writer Tim Davis.


It has become very clear that in order for the United States to survive the future, walls will need to be built. However, the walls will not be needed on the southern borders, but around our nation’s capitals.

The U.S. will need to keep out the lobbyists who are flooding our political system with money.

Campaign funding limits need to be established from the small town mayor to the president. This epidemic has existed for a very long time and does not discriminate between parties.

The American people must keep government nonprofit and tell the lobbyists that they are not welcome in this country.


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Blame is obvious in sandbag death

The Jan. 5 Blade had two stories about the I-75 sandbag death. In the front-page story, police said a sandbag fell from an Indiana Avenue overpass (“4 teens accused in sandbag slaying go to court as ODOT vows fencing”). 

In the Second News section story, police said four boys threw a sandbag from the Indiana Avenue bridge (“Court officials walk fine line with juveniles”). And lest we forget, a Detroit lawyer is placing some blame on the Ohio Department of Transportation for leaving work materials at the work site.

I think, I know what happened. Here’s a hint ... sandbags don’t fall or jump over 4-foot highway railings, so let’s report the facts.

Erie, Mich.

Trump not a good role model

In reference to a recent letter to the editor, “Miss America has lost its values,” I am amazed that the writer would use the word integrity and President Trump in the same context.

She mentioned that our children need wholesome examples to observe. In what world does the writer think the person occupying the Oval Office is a wholesome example to look up to? Could it be when he makes fun of the disabled, or when he brags about grabbing women by their private parts, or maybe when he lies?

I would never want my children to emulate Mr. Trump.

Temperance, Mich.

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