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Letters to the Editor

To the editor: Oliver North is an odd choice for NRA


Retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North was recently chosen to be the new president of the National Rifle Association.


So Oliver North, who was convicted of three felonies in 1989 before having his convictions overturned on a technicality, has been named the new president of the National Rifle Associaton (May 8, “Iran-Contra figure Oliver North to be NRA president”).

EDITORIAL: Oliver North not right for NRA

I thought William Calley — who was convicted of killing 22 unarmed women and children in the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War — was a shoo-in for that position.

South Toledo

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Name-calling leads nowhere

In the April 29 issue of The Blade, there was a picture of a woman holding a sign which read: “Hey! Hey! NRA! How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?”

As one of over 5 million members of the NRA, it offends me by no small degree to be called a murderer. What name should be applied to the protester? I’m going to be very kind and just stick with “uninformed.”

How does this person expect others to sit down and have a rational discussion on gun control after being called “murderers”?

Temperance, Mich.

Hasty decision on Iran deal

I am writing in regards to President Donald Trump’s recent decision to withraw the U.S. from the so-called “Iran deal.” There’s something wrong with our governmental system if it allows one individual the authority to pull the U.S. out of an international agreement that took years to accomplish.

The sad part of President Trump’s action on the Iran deal is that it does nothing to fix the problems that he identified. The Iran deal slowed down and postponed the development of nuclear weapons. Mr. Trump’s action will, likely, accelerate the nuclearization of Iran.


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