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Diversified portfolio helps Chase team surge to 2nd

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Sometimes choosing a stock is the result of a detailed study of the company and its financial data. But it doesn’t always have to be a scientific process.

Just ask the members of Chase06, a team of sixth graders at Chase STEM Academy in North Toledo.

When they were getting ready to compete in The Blade School Stock Contest, teacher Luke McKinley showed them how to research different stocks. The team used that knowledge to pick some of its stocks.

But it picked one of its stocks mostly because its ticker symbol matched the initials of one of the students. And that stock has done well, helping Chase06 climb to second place after Week 7 of the 12-week contest.

Last week was a rough one for most of the 158 teams in The Blade’s annual contest. Only one saw its portfolio increase in value last week: Clay1 from Clay High School saw its portfolio grow 0.78 percent.

Minions, from Park Elementary School in Swanton, remains in first place despite losing 3.75 percent of its value last week.

The Standard & Poor’s 500, a broad index of the stock market, fell 3.6 percent last week.

“We have seen a 4 percent pullback in the S&P 500 since April 2,” said Ronald Belle, senior vice president and investment advisers division executive at Fifth Third Bank in Toledo.

“We will see what happens going forward, but to put this into perspective, we have had five similar corrections in the last two years. In that time, the S&P has moved from 1,400 to an all-time high of 1,890.”

Two weeks ago, 79 of the 158 teams had seen their mythical portfolios increase in value. That number is down to 32 teams.

How much a portfolio has been damaged depends on the stock allotment.

“Technology and biotech firms have been most affected,” Mr. Belle said. “This is a good example of why diversification is important. If your portfolio is diversified, you can expect to be down roughly 4 percent. If you are concentrated in a sector or stock, your losses may be much greater.”

Mr. McKinley said his students are having fun tracking the results.

He has four teams, one each from the fifth-grade, sixth-grade, seventh-grade, and eighth-grade science classes he teaches. The eighth graders, Chase08, are in 11th place. The other two teams are in the bottom half of the standings.

A giant bulletin board in Mr. McKinley’s classroom is updated with graphs showing each team’s progress. Principal Jack Hunter gives weekly updates over the public-address system.

Chase STEM Academy is in the Toledo Public Schools district. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.

Mr. McKinley hopes more Toledo Public teachers will get their students involved next year. “The students have learned a lot,” Mr. McKinley said.

At the midway point in the contest, teams had a one-time opportunity to trade one or more of their stocks for a different stock.

“The eighth grade said, ‘We’re doing good, we don’t want to change anything,’ ” Mr. McKinley said. “But the sixth grade wanted to switch it up and get some science-based stocks.”

They added Solar City Inc. and Plug Power Inc., dumping Nike Inc. and J.M. Smucker Co. They kept Millenial Media Inc. and Banco Macro S.A.

Mr. McKinley said that in addition to learning a little bit about the business world and the stock market, the classes did graphing exercises to reinforce what the students have learned in math classes.

And some students would go to Mr. McKinley’s classroom during their lunch period to research stocks.

“A big thing in the science component is learning to do research,” Mr. McKinley said. “Anything I can do to get them to where they do extra research is a plus.”

The stock contest is sponsored by The Blade’s Newspaper in Education program, the Taylor Automotive Family, Fifth Third Bank, and the University of Toledo, which calculates the results.

Each of the 158 teams was given a mythical $40,000 to split evenly among four stocks.

At the end of the contest, the team whose portfolio has grown the most will be the winner. The winning team will get $250 for the students and $250 for the school.

The second-place team will receive $250 for the school, and third place gets $100 for the school. Prizes may be cash or gift certificates.

Contact Chip Towns or 419-724-6194.



The standings after Week 7 of The Blade School Stock Contest, with rank, team name, school, and portfolio value. Each team started with a mythical $40,000.

1. Minions, Park Elementary, Swanton, $45,065.67

2. CHASE06, Chase STEM Academy, Toledo, $43,716.14

3. GGnoRE, Saint Rose, Perrysburg, $43,277.48

4. AWGB8, Anthony Wayne High, Whitehouse, $42,461.93

5. ADTR, Springfield High School, Holland, $42,297.88

6. Clay8, Clay High, Oregon, $41,523.51

7. MOMA, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $41,381.16

8. Chiefs, Fostoria Jr./Sr. High, $41,345.22

9. TTuttle, L. Hollingworth School for the Talented and Gifted, Fostoria, $41,342.09

10. Mitch5, Bowling Green High, $41,316.37

11. CHASE08, Chase STEM Academy, Toledo, $41,251.95

12. moneymm, Bowling Green High, $41,194.66

13. 8LHSTG, L. Hollingworth School for the Talented and Gifted, Toledo, $40,960.02

14. 6Loserz, Rossford Junior High, $40,717.80

15. MVCDSRK, Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, $40,705.33

16. DA BEAN, Rossford Junior High, $40,656.46

17. addsubs, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $40,595.90

18. BigDawg, Dundee (Mich.) High, $40,588.89

19. magicw, Bowling Green High, $40,540.95

20. Trex, Fostoria Jr./Sr. High, $40,526.06

21. bobKATS, Bowling Green High, $40,509.83

22. CashFlo, Rossford Junior High, $40,481.29

23. JJRAP, Springfield High School, Holland, $40,478.99

24. SAGET22, Park Elementary, Swanton, $40,475.45

25. CoolCat, Dundee (Mich.) High, $40,454.26

26. 136627, Springfield High School, Holland, $40,385.28

27. ZZEBRAZ, Saint Rose, Perrysburg, $40,376.80

28. SHS1, Springfield High School, Holland, $40,333.69

29. purpleg, Saint John the Baptist, Toledo, $40,281.50

30. FA4th, Franciscan Academy, Sylvania, $40,103.81

31. Boats, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $40,065.04

32. SPOOOON, Dundee (Mich.) High, $40,032.97

33. 5Shards, Bowling Green High, $39,955.00

34. 7NINJAS, Rossford Junior High, $39,942.35

35. Team BG, Bowling Green High, $39,934.38

36. Nikki, Bowling Green High, $39,829.84

37. stockbo, Bowling Green High, $39,829.14

38. CLAY6, Clay High, Oregon, $39,798.97

39. MVCDSLI, Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, $39,738.08

40. MCMM, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $39,701.37

41. one, Bowling Green High, $39,667.77

42. HASHTAG, All Saints Catholic School, Rossford, $39,656.18

43. FoStock, Fostoria Jr./Sr. High, $39,653.81

44. magicb, Bowling Green High, $39,575.55

45. CashFO5, Springfield High School, Holland, $39,537.73

46. Seahors, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $39,533.88

47. WeezMan, Dundee (Mich.) High, $39,484.12

48. Bucs, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $39,401.47

49. HEYAA, Springfield High School, Holland, $39,373.74

50. Dogs101, Park Elementary, Swanton, $39,359.17

51. FA6th, Franciscan Academy, Sylvania, $39,305.88

52. mariner, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $39,259.72

53. Bagels, Springfield High School, Holland, $39,242.30

54. FISH, Springfield High School, Holland, $39,220.07

55. MeGusta, Bowling Green High, $39,182.83

56. TurnUhh, Springfield High School, Holland, $39,177.53

57. Bowties, Park Elementary, Swanton, $39,057.18

58. MVCDSJS, Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, $39,039.90

59. THEMOB, Springfield High School, Holland, $38,989.69

60. jlas, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $38,963.56

61. BSBIS, Springfield High School, Holland, $38,926.66

62. 4Saints, Springfield High School, Holland, $38,912.42

63. ClayHON, Clay High, Oregon, $38,880.87

64. kingsto, Bowling Green High, $38,785.39

65. WOLFSqd, Springfield High School, Holland, $38,743.77

66. 7LHSTG, L. Hollingworth School for the Talented and Gifted, Toledo, $38,693.08

67. 6GRocks, L. Hollingworth School for the Talented and Gifted, Toledo, $38,692.30

68. FA5thR, Franciscan Academy, Sylvania, $38,668.46

69. gr8stok, Notre Dame Academy, Toledo, $38,609.02

70. GOLD, Springfield High School, Holland, $38,602.32

71. Shnozes, Rossford Junior High, $38,591.73

72. Turnt, Springfield High School, Holland, $38,529.61

73. Risk101, Rossford Junior High, $38,524.47

74. SHS386, Springfield High School, Holland, $38,481.85

75. VolleGs, Notre Dame Academy, Toledo, $38,469.45

76. take, Bowling Green High, $38,378.51

77. BG Lexi, Bowling Green High, $38,360.41

78. nfl1314, Bowling Green High, $38,349.89

79. THEM, Springfield High School, Holland, $38,320.99

80. Flamngo, Bowling Green High, $38,265.90

81. Redmenz, Fostoria Jr./Sr. High, $38,226.30

82. Giraffe, Bowling Green High, $38,222.23

83. ganar, Bowling Green High, $38,195.07

84. AvenG3r, Dundee (Mich.) High, $38,149.41

85. MVCDSJA, Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, $38,141.24

86. AWGB7, Anthony Wayne High, Whitehouse, $38,114.15

87. slushie, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $38,102.97

88. mrToms, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $38,078.75

89. magconb, Saint John the Baptist, Toledo, $38,058.15

90. BaZinga, Pike Delta York Middle School, Delta, $38,052.17

91. Clay1, Clay High, Oregon, $38,036.78

92. TOMFORD, Springfield High School, Holland, $37,975.18

93. CatFish, Saint Rose, Perrysburg, $37,897.82

94. SAP, SAP, Graytown, $37,893.08

95. FA8th, Franciscan Academy, Sylvania, $37,866.31

96. FA5thL, Franciscan Academy, Sylvania, $37,841.35

97. mightyt, Bowling Green High, $37,801.37

98. cosmic, Dundee (Mich.) High, $37,799.03

99. betty, Bowling Green High, $37,780.21

100. Clay500, Clay High, Oregon, $37,740.66

101. VIPER, Springfield High School, Holland, $37,642.49

102. MVCDSZB, Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, $37,637.43

103. PAYROLL, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $37,628.31

104. NPGTOWN, North Point Educational Service Center, Graytown, $37,617.44

105. linda, Bowling Green High, $37,592.75

106. teampic, Saint John the Baptist, Toledo, $37,531.11

107. BG Emma, Bowling Green High, $37,511.16

108. TeamAce, Springfield High School, Holland, $37,427.45

109. swag, Bowling Green High, $37,389.99

110. MVCDSNI, Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, $37,368.77

111. kahbobs, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $37,331.33

112. Karats, Fallen Timbers Middle School, Whitehouse, $37,208.94

113. Legit 6, Rossford Junior High, $37,181.90

114. Pistach, Dundee (Mich.) High, $37,073.38

115. Destroy, Dundee (Mich.) High, $37,006.13

116. bobcat1, Bowling Green High, $36,963.30

117. 5LOCOS, Springfield High School, Holland, $36,839.00

118. Pirates, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $36,798.94

119. Scalywg, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $36,771.55

120. FA7th, Franciscan Academy, Sylvania, $36,737.71

121. PEMDAS7, All Saints Catholic School, Rossford, $36,666.78

122. CCC, Dundee (Mich.) High, $36,624.96

123. Rugrats, Springfield High School, Holland, $36,617.64

124. wolves, Bowling Green High, $36,580.74

125. TBPN, Springfield High School, Holland, $36,557.61

126. BGWolvs, Bowling Green High, $36,542.33

127. MVCDSZS, Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, $36,542.11

128. MVCDSTF, Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, $36,524.88

129. thejerk, Saint John the Baptist, Toledo, $36,512.63

130. BUCKETS, Springfield High School, Holland, $36,498.12

131. SHS2, Springfield High School, Holland, $36,310.96

132. munchie, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $36,219.43

133. Sauce, Dundee (Mich.) High, $36,124.47

134. votefor, Saint John the Baptist, Toledo, $36,029.57

135. johnsto, Bowling Green High, $35,870.68

136. Jackpot, Springfield High School, Holland, $35,818.24

137. OICU812, Fallen Timbers Middle School, Whitehouse, $35,654.93

138. BetaMax, Dundee (Mich.) High, $35,654.50

139. 2fast4u, Park Elementary, Swanton, $35,471.56

140. Manatee, Saint Rose, Perrysburg, $35,426.49

141. k3cs, Bowling Green High, $35,307.80

142. PlumBum, Fallen Timbers Middle School, Whitehouse, $35,292.99

143. AWGB5, Anthony Wayne High, Whitehouse, $35,227.62

144. HOBIE, Dundee (Mich.) High, $35,180.50

145. GROUP6, Springfield High School, Holland, $34,983.96

146. teamnah, Saint John the Baptist, Toledo, $34,934.11

147. THEMILS, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $34,904.09

148. STOCKRS, Springfield High School, Holland, $34,660.64

149. saints, Bowling Green High, $34,612.61

150. IT, Springfield High School, Holland, $34,499.16

151. CHASE05, Chase STEM Academy, Toledo, $34,288.95

152. CTDM1, Springfield High School, Holland, $34,000.96

153. Welky, Rossford Junior High, $33,516.27

154. Clay333, Clay High, Oregon, $33,299.37

155. NATAS, Springfield High School, Holland, $33,194.54

156. CHASE07, Chase STEM Academy, Toledo, $32,199.24

157. TNR03, Springfield High School, Holland, $32,110.78

158. HOBIE 2, Dundee (Mich.) High, $31,284.25

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