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Drew Barrymore's pierced tongue and Susan Boyle's great voice

"...as human beings we are capable of making sense of situations based on the thinnest slice of experience."

Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink and The Tipping Point.

THAT CRAZY DREW BARRYMORE!: She loves to mess with David Letterman -- a few years ago she flashed him on his birthday -- and Wednesday night she did it again. Showing off her pierced tongue, she takes flirting with Dave to a new level, calling herself a "good-time gal." (RL)

WHY CAN'T WE HAVE HER?: Let's face it, most American Idol idols are kind of dull. Taylor Hicks, anyone? But in Britain, a 40-something woman named Susan Boyle has taken reality TV by storm with pure talent. Check out this performance that everyone's talking about. Even Simon smiled and now she's everywhere. (RL)

NEWS OF THE WEIRD: Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is not a Thin Slices hero. Nevertheless, he's kind of entertaining. Apparently he wants a judge to allow him to appear on the TV reality show I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here in which he'd be dumped in a Costa Rican jungle. Like we said, weird. (RL)

GET REAL: On American Idol Tuesday night the contestants had to sing tunes from movies and NOT hear much from Simon Cowell. Bonus. Meanwhile, there are questions about contestant Adam Lambert's sexuality. On Dancing With the Stars Steve-O got the boot. (RL)

OMG!!!!: Actor Jamie Foxx said mean things about Miley Cyrus and while we'd never condone that, this person's "Welcome to Hollywood where the sharks swim freely" analysis kind of gives it some perspective. Plus, she was mean to Radiohead! (RL)

WHOA!: Could Simon Cowell be a goner from American Idol? Hard to say from his statement, but if he does leave the show, we predict it falls apart. Not that we're big fans of snarky Englishmen in too-tight black tees, but, really, he's the only judge on the show that exhibits anything resembling an IQ. (RL)

RIP MARILYN CHAMBERS: Porn star Marilyn Chambers, best known for the X-rated flick Behind the Green Door was found dead Sunday at the age of 56. For whatever reason, Chambers was one of the few porn stars able to transcend the biz. (RL)

ON THE OTHER END OF THE SPECTRUM: This has nothing to do with Simon Cowell or Marilyn Chambers; it's just clean cut fun. We're not going to ruin the inherent surprise built into the clip, just watch. (RL)

WOOF: It is the Thin Slices senior staff's humble opinion that every kid should have a dog. Therefore, we applaud President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for making good on

their promise to get the girls a dog. Here's the scoop on the big wooly beasts. (RL)

THE 'FLU;' We're not sure what's going on with American bands playing in Canada, but just a few days after Britney Spears melted down up north, Billy Bob Thornton and his band have canceled their dates because of "the flu." Ah, yes, they're calling in sick. Perhaps this has something to do with BBT's bad interview with a Canadian radio host. Here's some trivia: who's Billy Bob's bass player? Here's the answer, he's the King of Country and Western Troubadors. (RL)

Rod Lockwood


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