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Daily Log

Real estate transfers

May 9, 2003


Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to James H. Johnson Custom Builder LLC, 729 Whisperlake, Holland, $46,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to James H. Johnson Custom Builder LLC, 720 Whisperlake, Holland, $46,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Robert and Vicki Obergefell, 2238 Woods Edge Ct., $199,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Paul and Judy Anderson, 3110 Lexington Glen, Monclova, $51,900.

Saba Custom Homes LLC to David and Alicia Hoover, 1848 South Bridge Way, Maumee, $325,000.

Raymond Adams to Lawrence and Brenda Proshek, 874 Colburn, $25,000.

Barbara and Robert Welch, Jr., to Kennyetta White, 1744 Milburn, $45,100.

Joseph Nudi to Darren Szych, 4107 Commonwealth, $75,800.

Jason Lashley and others to Bonnie Goulet, 2025 Oakhaven, $97,000.

Michael Ramirez to William Plomaritis, 5510 West Bancroft, $117,500.

Edward Velte, Jr., to Keith and Diane Holt, 5102 Pawnee, $146,000.

Charter One Bank N.A. to Heather Bishop, 3302 and 3306 Otto, $53,900.

Mark and Kristie Wietrzykowski to Lloyd Lohr, 3735 Garrison, $129,500.

Matthew and Debra Reiner to Mark and Kristie Wietrzkowski, 3838 Satinwood, $167,000.

Anna Csizmar to Louis Ilia, Jr., 1859 Genesee, $29,000.

Provident Bank to TKO Design Inc., 153 Lake Shore, $6,000.

Betty Bell to Anileda Godfrey and others, 1136 Hugo, Maumee, $102,500.

Thomas and Patricia O'Riordon to Robert and Amy Leonard, 1026 South Crissey, Holland, $260,000.

Kathryn Mannon to Kenneth Cooper and others, 1768 South Parkway, Maumee, $139,500.

Kenneth and Carlene McCartney to Wendy Berndt, 827 Continental, $79,500.

Mack and Arlene Moon to Guy and Kathleen O'Connor, 715 East Shoreline, Holland, $95,000.

John and Cindy Seiple to Roy Yeager, 6452 Danny, Maumee, $153,000.

Michael Sheehy to Shaun Enright, 738 Clark, $18,000.

Donald Rettig to Donald Dillinger, 438 Longdon, $500.

Theodore Rasky, Jr., to Darryl and Kelly Mohr, 3304 West Lincolnshire, $83,000.

Shelley Bone to Darryl and Kelly Mohr, 5838 Burdette, $74,100.


J & B Truck & Trailer Repair Inc. to Bavarian Motor Transport Inc., 5950 Brent, $735,000.

Betty Proschek to Edward Headley, 1549 Western, $51,600.

Specialty Care America Inc. to Potter Holdings LLC, 46 Hillwyck, $85,000.

May 12, 2003


Judith Hall to Tanja Eloff, 458 West Capistrano, $65,000.

Fallen Timbers Development Co. to Allen and Brenda Wilson, 7628 Royal Timbers, Waterville, $38,500.

Susan Sieja to Robert and Hazel Taylor, 630 Wind Breeze, $157,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to David and Julia Lauder, 5647 Kylie Ct., Sylvania, $45,813.

Alan Properties Inc. to J. Moses Construction Ltd., 7855 and 7911 Royal Hampton, Waterville, $83,000.

Phillip Fisher to Richard and Sandra Wiseley, 6857 Ridgewood, $400,000.

Tibaron Ltd. to Commerce Park Ltd., 5732 Hidden Ridge, $190,000.

Ursula Xanthakos, trustee, to James Overlock, 3050 Byrnwyck West, Unit 108, Maumee, $127,000.

Plaza Properties Inc. to Investco Holdings LLC, 4444 North Holland Sylvania, $135,000.

J. Moses Construction Ltd. to Jason and Amy Lashley, 22 St. Catherine Ct., Holland, $185,000.

Lisa Zarate to Jay Jacksy, 925 Harding, $14,500.

Wells Fargo Bank, trustee, to Scott Carlson and others, 4914 Brinthaven, Sylvania, $97,000.

Charles and Betty Merriweather to Blandine Walls and others, 1325 Palmwood, $12,000.

Richard and Sharon Bush to James and Kristine Devine, 3222 Downing, $45,379.41.

Shirley Young to Sandra Alexander, 647 Brysen, $88,950.

Helen Faulkner to Charles Cole, 5701 Yermo, $98,000.

Robert and Carol Hamilton to Thomas and Jeannelle Hart, 2129 Emkay, $218,900.

William Brower, Jr., and others to James and Doris McEwen, 4343 West Bancroft, Unit 1-A, $145,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to David and Diane Cook, 5901 Sarah Lake, Sylvania, $181,500.

Marianne Kruse to David Campbell, 1628 North Michigan, $10,000.

Marion Greenwood to Thomas Ulrich, Jr., 5143 Oldham, $122,000.

Carolyn Kaplan to Barbara Kohne, trustee, 916 Noble, $20,350.

Benjamin and Gladys Green to Robert Bethany, 1518 Jermain, $54,000.

Wayne and Sue Corey to William Todorowski, 3014 North Erie, $22,000.

Edwin Adiotomre to Prudential Residential Services Ltd., 627 Islington, $102,000.

Prudential Residential Services Ltd. to Jennifer Engel and Jason Kuczma, 627 Islington, $101,000.

Michael and Annarita Elliff to Katie and James Pavlis II, 4345 Bellevista, $78,000.

Gerald and Peggy Gospodarek to William and Rachel Snyder, 2700 and 2702 124th, $97,500.

Nathan and Patricia Miscikowski to Andrew and Christine Hanville, 2940 Northshore, $154,900.

Andrew Hanville to Chad and Jennifer Douglass, 1956 Lehman, $120,000.

Kurt and Karen Shinners to Jack and Marti Finsterwalder, 6755 Cloister Ct., $214,000.

Mark and Patricia Everhart to Joel and Carol Nofziger, 2627 Drummond, $137,500.

Leona Slusarski to Mark and Cheri Miller, 3720 Heatherdowns, $152,500.

Charles and Michelle Williams to Patrick Mason, 5775 Pheasant Hollow, $147,000.

William Beebe to Nations Credit Financial Services Corp., 1312 Camden, $14,000.

TCIF RE02 LLC to Bradley Allgier, 1312 Camden, $4,000.

Mary Hoy to Edward and Dawn Joyner, 213 Warrington, $50,000.

Edward and Dawn Joyner to Joseph Rigali, 213 Warrington, $55,700.

Cheri and Vincent Polko to Carolyn Perry and others, 4544 Lewis, $119,000.

Diane Webb to Carrie Coate, 3404 Zone, $125,000.

WJWE Rental Properties Ltd. to Andy Greer, 1202 Sherman, $350.

Laurie Gentry to Bank One N.A., trustee, 2652 Norwalk, $25,000.

Bank One NA, trustee, to Mark Yeager, 2652 Norwalk, $23,000.

May 13, 2003


Geraldine Fisher to Lisa Stanton, 130 Second, Waterville, $108,000.

Donald Bechtol to Donna Swiczkowski, 3524 Torrance, $65,000.

D. Garrison, trustee, to William Dison, Jr., 512 White, $22,500.

William Dison, Jr., to Deanne Kleinhans, 512 White, $59,895.

Quarry's Edge I LLC to Thomas Monaghan, 6104 Quarrys Edge, Sylvania, $174,900.

Kaye Welty to Kenneth and Debra Nester, 1007 Cuthbert, $67,300.

Jeffrey Dorobek to Joseph and Julie Brennen, 2955 Daleford, $138,000.

Maureen Johnson to Ritchey and Donna Lilly, 6814 Woodlake, $98,500.

Dorothy Kelley to Gregory Clark, 2218 Grantwood, $93,000.

Almar Investments to Greensweep Inc., 2735 South Eber, Monclova, $44,500.

Alice Steinert to Diana Holston, 124 East Central, $38,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Terrell and Betsy Campbell, 8354 Queensridge, Monclova, $41,000.

Edward Van Leuven to Denise Litterer, 2849 Kenwood, $149,000.

Mary Land to Gregory Sendelbach, 828 Dearborn, $43,977.

Charles Wettle, Jr., to Brent and Heather Wettle, 546 and 558 South Holland-Sylvania and 547 and 559 Kern, $200,000.

Patrick and Kimberly Sheenhan to James and Angela Ransey, 6123 White Oak, $159,900.

Bernard and Sherry Ankney to Brian Murphy, 256 Langdon, $23,000.

Lora Glundal and others to Thuong and Thanh Dao, 3423 Schneider, $110,000.

James and Angela Ransey to Teronica Betts, 4962 San Joaquin, $98,000.

McMillan and Helen Kosier, trustee, to Maria Geronimo, 3220 Airport, $60,000.

Flahie Custom Homes Inc. to Martin Modrowski, Jr., 5811 Putter Place, Waterville, $244,900.

Marisa Ruggiero to Daniel McCrary and others, 1723 Christopher, Maumee, $173,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 5736 Breeze Bay, Sylvania, $57,324.

Kevin McGivern to Douglas Studer, 3526 Beverly, $133,000.

Janie Scott to Maya Madden, 815 North University, $20,100.

Vincent and Cynthia Perrin to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, 1821 Cone, $16,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, to Efrem and Gay Cole, 2718 Chestnut, $37,595.

Wade and Kayln Taylor to Mark and Amanda Winkle, 1230 South, $46,500.

Jeffrey Patterson to John and Sandra Hamilton, 5101 Elaine, $119,000.

Charles Shaver, Jr., to Andre Cooke, 835 Oakwood, $4,000.

Anthony Tate to Marvin Crittenden, 934 Indiana, $4,000.

Brian Jones to Shawn Szul, 2532 Gracewood, $87,000.

Diane Winn to Thomas and Catherine Pouch, 2834 and 2838 Cheltenham, $1,000.

AM L. T. Services Inc., trustee, to Mark Gillen, 3608 Willow Run, $73,000.

AM L. T. Services Inc., trustee, to Mark Gillen, 3601 Willow Run, $73,000.

AM L. T. Services Inc., trustee, to Mark Gillen, 3535 Willow Run, $63,000.

AM L. T. Services Inc., trustee, to Mark Gillen, 3525 Willow Run, $63,000.


George Sakelaris to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 1013, 1019, and 1021 Starr, $42,500.

Burton and Suzanne Borgelt to Borgelt Limited Partnership, 5727 Airport, $492,800.

Westhaven Group LLC to Jason Ribby, 3230 Upton, $90,000.

Jason Ribby to Phyllis Walkin, 3230 Upton, $104,900.

May 14, 2003


Doris Bowman to Michael and Lisa Suleski, 10 Anthony Wayne Trail, Waterville, $40,000.

Joseph Rose, Jr., and others to Krystofer and Angela Mangold, 6815 Wycliffe, Whitehouse, $124,500.

Robert and Maisa Diebert and others to Gail Ladd, 3311 East Lincolnshire, $130,000.

Matthew and Corrina Mayo to Gary Fruik, trustee, 3424 Mulberry, $51,000.

LCM Investments Ltd. to Judith Jacobs and others, 801 West Wayne, Maumee, $126,000.

Larry and Julie Eilert to Ben and Barbara Long, 3939 Rugby, $146,500.

Maxine King to Claude Dailey, 1315 Bronson, $6,000.

Black Forest Building Co. LLC to Brian and Josephine Longsdorf, 5838 Red Leaf, Monclova, $299,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Black Forest Building Co. Inc., 7821 North Branch, Monclova, $45,750.

Corrine Anson to James Burch, 3908 Rohr, $76,220.

J. Moses Construction Ltd. to Brian and Sarah Kaestner, 23 St. Catherine Ct., Holland, $179,000.

James and Sally Yockey to Bradley and Natalie Oatman, 7750 Grenlock, Sylvania, $165,000.

Shannon Gibson to Calvin and Janet Hiser, 6032 Benalex, $118,500.

Donald Ramsay, trustee, to Tamara Ramsay, 1055 Craig, Maumee, $103,000.

Carol Camp, successor trustee, to Scott and Donna Swope, 3328 Kingsgate, $164,900.

William and Martha Blumenschein to Brian Robison, 408 Dickens, $50,000.

Denise Boykin to Craig and Mary Riker, 2135 Alvin, $82,000.

Brandon and Shannon Martin to Michael Marty, 7243 Oak, Holland, $230,000.

William and Doris Forry to Robert Monard, 5970 Luddington, $131,000.

Perry Franketti and others to Jason Rahe, 1820 Strathmoor, $114,000.

Hallmark Homes Ltd. to Kevin and Kimberly Jakubowski, 7768 Wellsbury, Waterville, $233,000.

Sandra and John Hamilton to Robert and Jennifer Peart, 6043 Rambo, $99,800.

Daniel Minard, trustee, to Scott and Laura Clark, 2051 Northridge, $91,437.50.

Ruth Koretsky to Jerry Pirkle, Jr., 1937 Brussels, $68,000.

David and Diane Habegger to Craig and Paula Wendt, 9609 Corduroy, Curtice, $180,000.

James Faulkner to Steven Brown, 2327 Glenwood, $132,500.

Douglas Cunningham, Jr., and others to Heather Baker, 843, 847, and 851 Sibley, $115,000.

Stacy Dunbar to Fatima Shousher, 4318 Pearson Pkwy., Oregon, $275,000.

Dale Bak to Linda Barnes and others, 452 West Manhattan, $8,000.

Euclid Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church to Edward Mendivel, 810 South Main, $59,000.

Grant and Sara Wilgus to State Street Bank and Trust Co., trustee, 234 University, $70,000.

State Street Bank and Trust Co., trustee, to Lawrence Damas II, 234 University, $85,200.


Hopie's Way Ltd. to Robert and Patricia Engle, split from 0 Findlay, Oregon, $15,000.


Hamilton One LLC to Grolle LLC, 411, 417, 421, 427, and 429 Sibley, $82,500.


Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Hallmark Development Co. LLC, 81.726 acres on Bucher, Whitehouse, $2,038,750.

May 15, 2003


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Gary Pontious, 2420 Albon, Holland, $40,000.

Steven McManaway to Gary Lutman, trustee, 5550 Comet, $74,250.

Alan and Kendra Tinney to Richard and Wendy Syroka, 5894 Marin, $229,000.

Cynthia Palmer to Rebecca Myers, 3171 Douglas, $56,000.

Denise Douglas to Ronald Resch, 2024 Dority, $96,000.

Willard Sturt to Michael and Deborah Orecchio, 9030 Oak Valley, Holland, $111,500.

Thomas Kalapos to Titan Properties, 2006 Evansdale, $70,000.

Karl and Trisha Harris to Jay Madrzykowski, 2212 Stonybrook, Sylvania, $223,000.

Norma Morford to Peggy McFall and others, 4111 Newcastle, Sylvania, $112,550.

Kristy Kerwin Postlewaite to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 1541 North Michigan, $13,000.

James and Clarice Ellison to Timothy Kolinski, 4537 286th, $96,000.

Ruth Wollenschlager to Rudy and Trinadad Apodaca, 412 Sumner, $35,000.

Virginia Watson to William and Marsha Everett, 5322 Bristol Ct., $194,150.

Richard and Diane Roach to Westhaven Group, 436 Arden Place, $18,000.

Brent Bottles and others to John Charney, 6008 Saddlewood, $140,000.

Cal Coy and others to Brian and Sherry Farnan, 6120 Suder, $81,450.

Edward and Peggy Cytlak to Basel Mohammad, 740 Parker, $59,000.

Douglas and Cynthia Crothers to Jeffrey Muler and Andreia Mahler-Beilis, 4604 Skelly and 5220 and 5224 Lerado, $289,000.

Norficia Overton to Timothy Conyngham, 1022 and 1028 Underwood, $38,251.

James Fall to Timothy Conyngham, 2354 and 2360 Vaness, $60,000.

Sheri Harris and others to Rose Okdie, 1917 Chalice Way, $70,000.

Mark Topolski to Bradford Topolski, 3708 Burton; 401 Islington; 2059 Airport; 2140 Miles; and 3418 Glenwood, $61,000.

Susan Monhollen to Robert Michalak II, 415 Gramercy, $93,000.

David and Amy Bartus to Federico and Sharon Escobedo, 226 Valleywood, $85,000.

Jerry and Beth Goad to William and Mary Ann Gray, 6937 South Fredericksburg, Sylvania, $213,400.

Joseph and Karen D'Amato to Gary and Beverly Blakeman, 33 Winding Creek Place, Sylvania, $43,900.

Cimarron Custom Homes Inc. to Edward and Mary Smith, 3460 Boulder Ridge, Maumee, $74,900.

Conrad and Nina Sherman to Bruce Denno and Mary Hazzard-Denno, 3464 142nd, $3,000.

Scott Carter to Louis Carter, 1121 Heston, $1,100.

Ohneshea McKinney to Jermain Taylor, 1410 West Woodruff, $5,000.


Mercurio Developers Inc. to Dennis and Diane Light, 5951 Renaissance Place, $192,140.

Eleanor Rooker, successor trustee, to Rick Nowak, 5410 Heatherdowns, $310,000.

Robbi Tingstad to Leonard Gregory, 2805 Elm, $58,500.


Jobst Institute Inc. and others to River East Economic Revitalization Corp., 653, 703, 707, 723, 729, 731, 733, 743, and 745 Miami; 713, 714, 720, 724, and 734 Chesbrough; 8, 12, 14, 18, and 24 Neise; and 28, 30, 32, 33, 38, and 40 Jay, $825,000.

May 16, 2003


James and Lei Lani Gomieli to Timothy and Kimberly Inglis, 22 Hidden Meadow, Holland, $170,000.

Danielle Brauer to Dawn Bednarski, 5735 Elliott, Sylvania, $111,617.

Robert Lingohr and others to Amanda McLemore, 446 East Hudson, $46,400.

Craig Elvey to Vicki Humpert, 5707 Balfour, Sylvania, $98,500.

Christopher Pant and Cathy Zwyer to Jennifer Adams, 651 Caswell, $93,500.

Alan Properties Inc. to Diamond Pointe Homes LLC, 7900 Royal Hampton, Waterville, $41,500.

Fred and Janelle Farringer to Jon Tiller, 837 Toronto, $60,000.

Roger and Marilyn Schulz to Po and Suet Wong, 9034 Orchard Lake, Holland, $267,000.

Michael Keay to Heather Gilliland and others, 1561 Saddlebrook, $153,900.

James and Judith Petree to James Gerhardinger and others, 2255 Shetland, $249,000.

Yvonne Spence to Michael and Alice Hoeflinger, 4710 North Haven, $62,000.

Michael and Marie Linkes to Geneva Gilbert, 3440 Angela Place, $65,000.

Suzanne Weedall to David Garner, 6002 Gregory, Sylvania, $128,500.

Carolyn Bell to Keith and Mary Bell, 5949 Wakefield, Sylvania, $140,000.

Vandalay Investments LLC to David and Rhonda Tersigni, 443 St. Louis, $53,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, to Sally Craden, 640 and 642 Diana, Holland, $117,900.

Corey Amonette to Gregory and Christine Feller, 5111 Spring, Sylvania, $118,000.

Matthew Harrison to Ryan Tuttle and others, 3646 Elmhurst, $128,500.

Rachel Harris to Eddie Rivers, Jr., 1907 Calumet, $62,500.

Rodney and Reta Hurt to Thomas and Tina Michalak, 4135 Airedale, $183,400.

Robin Williams to Amit Sanghavi, trustee, 2752 Pin Oak, $72,000.

Victor and Catherine Van Vorce to Patricia and John Birmingham, 7235 Brint, Sylvania, $180,000.

Linda Rayman to Leslie Willard, 1728 Mansfield, $52,600.

Arlene Johnson to Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, 1412 Bronson, $21,500.

J. Patrick Dooley, Jr., to Cheryl Stough, 1156 and 1158 Birch, Maumee, $85,000.

Luellen Turk to New Day Decorating and Home Maintenance Corp., 1249 Oakwood, $7,000.

Selena Hogan to David Holzemer, Jr., 4213 and 4215 Garden Park, $68,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Anthony Garzony, trustee, 5306 Amsden, $85,500.

Cynthia Pasch to Darlene and James Freels, Jr., 4301 Appomattox, Sylvania, $301,500.

Mary Ostrosky to Thalia Rosado, 431 Richards, $74,000.

Alex Kowalewski to Anthony and Lynn Longanbach, 1901 Hurd, $35,000.

Raymond Mullins to Daniel and Kelly Meyer, 2049 Cass, $137,000.

Tolson-Kelly Homes LLC to Patrick and Kimberly Sheehan, 5905 Sun Breeze Trail, Sylvania, $194,900.

Robert Wadsworth to Rita Oliver, 3509 Camille, $139,000.

U. S. Bank National Association to Kodiak Property Management LLC, 1726 Wilshire, $116,000.

Cynthia Perry and others to Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, 6102 Windamar, $70,000.

Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, to Robert and Linda Knight, 6102 Windamar, $87,000.

Edna Bean to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, 824 Clay, $21,334.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, to Jeffrey Stallkamp, 824 Clay, $14,000.


James A. Mossing Enterprises to Land Consulting and Design LLC, 5353 Secor, $305,000.

St. Vincent Medical Center to Oblates of St. Francis de Sales High School, Inc., 2361 West Bancroft, $175,000.

Orchard Centre Associates LLC to Huntington National Bank, 7070 Orchard Centre, Holland, $540,000.


Dwayne and Carol Bennett to Scott and Cynthia Bandeen, 1520 Crissey, Holland, $80,000.

Daniel and Lynn Anderson to Richard and Martha Wheeler, 11266 Obee, Whitehouse, $405,000.

May 19, 2003


Catherine Monhollen to CIT Group/Consumer Finance Inc., 2318 North Ontario, $14,000.

Bankers Trust Co. of California NA, trustee, to Richard and Connie Preston, 10433 Bailey, Waterville, $127,900.

Joan Martinson to Provident Bank, 5234 Douglas, $90,600.

Donnell Poole to Catherine Sutton, 1334, Noble, $64,000.

Sky Bank Mid Am Region to Area Title Agency Inc., trustee, 914 Mason, $10,000.

Joseph and Mary Hoye to Douglas Kurdys, 410 Kent Ct., Maumee, $200,000.

Thomas and Linda Swartz to Charles Quinn, 3806 Revere, $72,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Joseph Perkins, 7263 Longwater, Maumee, $55,800.

Keith Harder to Thomas Patterson, 8756 Corduroy, Curtice, $225,000.

Kenneth and Carol Bishop to August and Margaret Dittemore, 8745 Orchard Lake, Holland, $400,000.

Ronald and Laurie Matter to Cynthia Smith, 340 Lacombe, Maumee, $115,000.

Michael Heider and others to Bryon and Jennifer Burgelt, 319 East John, Maumee, $134,000.

John and Darlene Fry to Roy Short, 23 South River, Waterville, $120,510.

Alan Properties Inc. to Hallmark Homes Ltd. LLC, 7863 Royal Hampton, Waterville, $41,500.

Jennifer Bryant to Michelle Miller, 2604 Elsie, $85,000.

Matthew and Machel McGilvery to Ronda Montz and others, 11112 Centerville, Whitehouse, $100,000.

Larry Stuckey to John and Kelly Mulligan, 3836 Laplante, Monclova, $185,000.

Elizabeth Trotter, trustee, to Kenneth and Penny Haas, 5846, 5850, and 5856 Garden Park, Sylvania, $189,000.

Sandra and Harry Poe, Jr., to Federal National Mortgage Association, 12604 LaFontaine, Curtice, $50,000.

Green Bear Partners Ltd. to Donna Blose, 5043 Egger, $117,000.

David Mueller and others to Rachel Zinn, 5663 Bernath Ct., $74,000.

John Butler to Dorothy Woodson, 1059 Belmont, $14,000.

Citi Financial Inc. to Sunni Ellis, 552 Maumee, $7,000.

R. Quentin Kenney to Karen Storer, 8002 Grainfield, Sylvania, $196,000.

Arnold and Cristina Beck to Chad and Shannon McElvany, 3737 Lockwood, $91,500.

Investment Properties of Ohio Ltd. to Derek Blankship, 1933 Roselawn, $97,000.

John Pulliam to Donna Pulliam, 1750 West Bancroft, $40,000.

John Krouse to James and Janette Frye II, 6643 Janel, Maumee, $107,500.

Foster Cullum IV to Thomas and Teresa Walter, 3303 Herr, Sylvania, $235,000.

Joseph and Brenda Eber to Jeremy and Rochelle Lord, 1946 Oxleigh Circle, Holland, $192,900.

Michael and Jennifer Ash to National Residential Nominee Services Inc. 4513 Sulgrave, $242,500.

National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Albert and Fawzieh Eidi, 4513 Sulgrave, $242,500.

Beatrice Lamarand to Ronald Rocheleau, 5433 Suder, $101,900.

Jill Woodyard to Comerica Bank N.A., trustee, 2704 Westcastle, Unit 1, $90,000.

John and Nancy Zawisza to Amy and Thomas Swinford, 3624 Almeda, $82,500.

Akin Inc. and Wags Ltd. to Toby Rogge, 1932 Georgia, $55,000.

Douglas Swiatecki and Mary Templin-Swiatecki to Diana Stage, 1841 Welker, $85,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Jeffrey Dorobek, 1414 Southridge, Waterville, $282,000.

Renee Heifferon and others to Mark and Annette Tuohy, 844 Cherry, Waterville, $132,000.

Diane Betcher, successor trustee, and others to Duane Howe, trustee, 5643 Home, $96,000.

Ronald Olrich to Anthony Conti, 3509 Willys Pkwy., $72,900.

Toby and Wendi Hartbarger to Marc Steinberg, 855 Cherry, Waterville, $143,625.

Steven and Kelly Spieth to Riverton Supply Inc., 877 Maple, Waterville, $165,000.

Transtar Builders and Developers Inc. to Jeffrey and Joyce Rinker, 2533 Spruce Loop, Sylvania, $366,100.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Joseph and Sandra Refi, 6124 Durbin, Sylvania, $195,000.

Thomas Dubose to Terry Hamlin, 234 Teal, $118,000.

Joseph Refi and others to Michael Goldiewicz, 455 and 459 West Capistrano, $93,000.

Fu and Wai Lee to Kelly Schaefer, 2111 Westedge, $140,000.

Milo Corp. to Jeffrey Brockrath, 2045 Brookdale, $101,000.

Richard Moore and Amy Koiser-Moore to Daniel and Sandra Bondelier, 1245 Shelly, Maumee, $154,900.

Terry Hamlin to Stephen and Marianne Nehls, 234 Teal, $131,000.

Mary Brucker to Brian Sobb and others, 810 Brinton, $90,000.

Lori Dixon, trustee, to Carol Conlan, 2162 Fordway, $193,600.

Deanna Crosby to Sterling Bank & Trust, 3787 West Alexis, $31,000.

Lee Tabb and others to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota N.A., 1937 Upton, $67,150.

Norman Czubek to Metropolitan Title-Ohio, LLC, trustee, 284 East Lake, $25,002.

Robert Church to Jeremy Mitchell, 4431 Douglas, $59,000.

Daniel Wood to Citifinancial Mortgage Corp. Inc., 3149 Elm, $18,000.

Julie Buchholtz to Keven Knight, 1460 Schuyler, $70,000.

James and Lois McGinnis to Samuel Walker, 1819 Norwood, $1,000.

William and Edna Clift to Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, 514 Dulton, $48,000.

Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, to Ben Schwab, 514 Dulton, $52,500.

Craig Wilkowski to Otha T. Cross Construction Co., 9403 Geiser, Holland, $1,000.

Annette Hanibal to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, 1443 Belmont, $14,000.

Residential and Exempt

Lakeshea Lawler to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota N.A., trustee, 1335 Foster, $52,000.


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Michael Mitchell, 10905 Corduroy, water slip J-72, Oregon, $1,000.

Herman and Maxine Griffith and others to James and Margaret Huntley, 2103, 1207, 1211, and 1215 Moran, $90,000.


Craft House Corp. to State of Ohio for the use and benefit of the University of Toledo, 328 North Westwood, $1,200,000.

May 20, 2003


Charles and Catherie Taylor to James Sellers and Jacqulyn Fisher-Sellers, 2227 Vermont, $25,500.

Gerald Smith to Household Realty Corp., 3312 Jeannette, $30,000.

Donald Goldsmith and others to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 1814 Giant, $41,001.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Michael and Jody Torok, 616 Highland Creek Ct., Holland, $170,439.

June Cothern to Michael and Angela Kolodzaike, 3162 Rocksberry, $122,500.

Lance and Cynthia Suminski to Veronica Pinciotti, 1245 Nela Pkwy., $82,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to J. Moses Construction Ltd., 10140 and 10148 Saddle Bridge South, Whitehouse, $79,800.

Richard and Elizabeth Delong to Josie Hertzfeld and others, 31 John, Waterville, $119,900.

Kristi Skeel Williams and George Williams III to Thomas and Patricia Feehan, 6665 Hunters Crossing, Maumee, $225,000.

John and Lisa Corrothers to Timothy and Pamela O'Conner, 6841 Greentree, Maumee, $188,000.

Thomas and Carol Michalak to Matthew Delaney, 1816 Bucklew, $143,000.

John and Barbara Gyuras to Jennifer Coulliette, 3211 North Reach, Oregon, $140,389.

Christopher and Lisa Archambault to Gary and Brenda Luther, 6653 Buck Creek, Maumee, $240,000.

Margaret Szuch Kovacs to Two-Four Investments LLC, 1835 Genesee, $30,000.

Veronica O'Leary to Raymond and Charlotte King, 5679 Monroe, Bldg. 3, Apt. 803, Sylvania, $63,000.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to RMC Realty Ltd., 1541 North Michigan, $13,000.

Rose Haley, trustee, to Robert and Mary Haskins, 927 Waverly, $10,000.

Helene Sherman to Imad and Zeina Bdeiri, 3922 Satinwood, $168,000.

Albert and Sandra Hassall to James and Holly Hassall, 3239 Wilford, $110,000.

Anthony Barzacchini and others to David Buchner, 3008 Pemberton, $151,000.

Larry and Lori Straughan to Benjamin and Susan Morris, 5515 Whiteford, Sylvania, $87,000.

James Joyner to Robert Zielinski, 4230 Berwick, $58,800.

Robert Schmitz and others to Joseph Damazyn, trustee, 256 Hardwood Ct., $123,000.

Myron and Florence Schall to Kenneth and Pamela Barnswell, 3224 Orchard Trail, $175,000.

Thomas and Judith Pasch to Jacqueline Sliker, 1104 Bernath Pkwy., $126,000.

Robert Snyder to Matthew Stobinski, 442 Waggoner, $68,500.

Roberta Fragoso to Mark and Kathleen Hileman, 648 Boalt, $1.

Jerry Cowell to Gary and Connie Bumpus, 1931 and 1935 Loxley, $70,000.

WL Homestead LLC to Brian Robinson, 3562 Boulder Ridge, Maumee, $69,900.

Figligomeni Investment Co. to David and Diane Webb, 6168 Blossman, $20,000.

St. Francisville LLC to Elaine Kyle, 1144 South Creek, $108,000.

Eleanor Safian to Equity Trust Co. Inc., 429 East Pearl, $26,000.

Quanda Johnson and others to David Anderson, Jr., 2168 Auburn, $1.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, to Donald and Delores Wojciechowski, 5121 Wynnpark, Oregon, $25,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, to Brenda Collins, 1004 Clay, $54,000.

Kay Spires to Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, 3561 Greengate, $60,000.

Michael Thornton II to Aaron Crane, 650 Thomas, $48,000.

Lehmann & Associates Ltd. to Musa Khaleq, 4140 Peak, $11,000.

Irvin Barrow, trustee, to Sunil and Winifred Maddirala, 2633 Goddard, $148,000.

Todd Omey and others to William and Kathryn Poznanski, 217 Orville, $80,000.

Sharon Dadzie to Lorene Montgomery, 1908 Freeman, $50,000.

Jeremy and Rochelle Lord to Cory Pershing, 4541 Stengel, $115,000.

Robert and Ruth Fink to Timothy Urbina, 4229 Burnham, $84,200.

Mark and Jennifer Augustyniak to Nicholas Rauch, 540 Custer, $81,900.

Debra and John Dietrick III to Michael and Jody Brunswick, 7331 Regents Park, $291,000.

Cynthia Moton to Kimberly Coleman, 1515 Lagrange, $18,000.

Marilyn McCreary to Sheilia Griffin and others, 2274 Unity Walk, $57,000.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Daniel Mohr, Jr., 2119 Silverpine Ct., $24,900.

Gregory Michael to Erik Maly, 3305 Sherbrooke, $64,175.

Velma Kingsley, trustee, to Donald Finnegan, Jr., trustee, 4243 Whiteford, $185,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Donald and Marie Schaller, 7245 Longwater, Maumee, $60,800.

Paul and Margaret Escobar to Fairbanks Capital Corp., 2364 South, $34,667.

Fairbanks Capital Corp. to Westhaven Group, 2364 South, $22,000.

Hickmat Aburahem to Ayman Aburama, 3256 Wendover, $110,777.70.

Residential and Agricultural

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to J. Moses Construction Ltd., 2200, 2220, 2260, 2300, 2320, 2340, 2380, and 2400 Albon, Holland, $320,000.


Sidney Lawrence to Gregory Stone, 2417, 2419, and 2421 Lexington, $6,100.

May 21, 2003


Tamara Sass to Federal National Association, 3521 Torrance, $54,000.

Carrie Shahwan to Bankers Trust Co. of Calif. NA, 1028 Madeline, $33,334.

George and Dianne Snyder to Mark Robbins, 5830 Tantallon Circle, Sylvania, $178,000.

Aurora Loan Services Inc. to Brenda and Jay Nevels, 122 Sunset, $69,000.

Cynthia and Donald Everts, Jr., to Fredrick and Belinda Heywood, 2204 Queensdale Ct., Maumee, $154,900.

Daniel Herrera to Adam Herrera, 1058 and 1208 Main and 1207 Grant, both Martin, $64,500.

Joseph Geisler to Abdul Kedrie, 1801, 1803, and 1805 Northover, $62,700.

Michelle O'Shea to Ryan and Olivia O'Shea, 1238 Elco, Maumee, $112,500.

Sandra and Gregory Yari to Robert and Karen Marksbury, 7836 Therfield, Sylvania, $179,900.

Michael and Judith Price to Dianna Toliver, 5032 Yorkshire, $77,400.

Steven Ranck, trustee, to E. Douglas and Edna Taylor, 4624 Penridge, $212,000.

Taylor and Rhoda Taylor to William and Robin Dean, 5024 Eber, Monclova, $159,000.

Harold and Evelena Laberdie to Mark and Dawn Douglas, 2300 South Crissey, Monclova, $190,000.

Diana Hartman to Cathi Brace, 5724 Aspen, $99,375.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Charles and Marlene Berestecky, 7827 Chestnut Ridge, Maumee, $111,150.

Anileda Godfrey to Darlene Fry, 8555 Maumee-Western, Monclova, $90,000.

Carol Hagemeyer to Jennifer Branham, 2161 Bishopsgate, $143,500.

Roland and Kathy Moore to Richard Anderson, trustee, 2109 Silverpine Ct., $24,900.

Harry Young Building Co. to Jason Stanley and others, 533 Foxridge, Oregon, $285,000.

Lynn Nyler, Jr., to Pamela Cohen, 4136 Walker, $46,000.

Edward Floyd, trustee, to Nicholas and Erica Siler, 2321 Ward, $59,000.

Westhaven Group LLC to Paul Horn, 521 South Detroit, $26,400.

Imad and Inaam Bazzi to James Ledyard, 2021 Bigelow, $41,000.

Margaret Craft, trustee, to Midland Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 4730 Glendale, $120,000.

Russell and Barbara Zeigler to Paul and Brandi Frasier, 2647 Grantwood, $116,000.

Walter and Janet Sroczynski to Julie Sroczynski, 817 Toledo, $72,000.

James and Ellen Matuszak to 1st Choice Builders LLC, 1117, 1119, and 1121 Elco, Maumee, $197,000.

Naom Sims to Joan Gorsuch, 1147 Anderson, Maumee, $60,000.

Fred and Mary Fick to Aida Orra, 1648 Colleen Ct., $67,000.

David Edwards to John Gant, 555 Segur, $17,900.

Elbert Collier, Jr., to Jared and Belinda Fann, 2150 Atwood, $157,500.

Michael and Debra Welch to Eva Nagle, 434 West Capistrano, $75,000.

Carl Smith to Mary Hack, 4052 Ruskin, $72,000.

Thomas and Sandra Burt to Jerry and Mary Hayworth, 21 Leander, $94,900.

Robert Hall to Brian Gendaszek, 716 South Westwood, $77,000.

Kyle and Deidre Berry to Lori Render, 2481 and 2501 Eastmoreland, $138,000.

Honesty, Understanding, God, & Sincerity Inc. to Marc Crockett, 1306 West Delaware, $35,000.

Steve Radcoff, trustee, to Justin Paredes, 1236 Berdan, $66,000.

Rita McDonald to Jerry Gray and others, 1014 Parkside, $67,500.

Brian Pietrzak to Christina Church, 4854 296th, $82,000.

Jeffrey Fauver to Erin Baker-Bilik and Mike Bilik, Jr., 5001 and 5005 Brandon, $87,500.

Hong Hoang, trustee, to Glenn Carpenter, 2049 and 2053 Inglewood, Holland, $200,000.

Phillip Henderson and others to Robert Eye, 1320 Mott, $53,000.

Scott and Tamara Mitchell to Debbie Jewson-Valasek, 2651 Lambert, $121,500.

Monica Tylinski to Michelle Fels, 2807 Gracewood, $80,500.

Stacey Henderson to Richard Rohloff, 5046 Hallgate, $112,471.

Sloan Development LLC to Terrence and Victoria Snyder, 8385 Water Park, Holland, $41,900.

Betty Biglow to Ronald and Glenda Bellner, 2249 Marengo, $85,700.


Henry Sawicki, Jr., trustee, to Joshua Schulze, 801 Askin, Maumee, $285,000.

Joseph Hayeck to Stacie Carter, 302 East Central, $32,000.

Carrie Tiller and others to Gerald and Cynthia Tiller, 2325 Woodville, Oregon, $116,000.


Jeffery and Eileen Creque, trustees to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 9775 Sylvania-Metamora, Sylvania, $759,720.

David Rogers to Barbara Meadows, split from 13800 Angola, Swanton, $45,000.

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