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The weekly record - Michigan




Melissa Tolley and Branden Clawson, Erie, girl.

Laura and Brian Friar, Monroe, boy.

Lakeshia Jackson, Monroe, girl.

Colleen and Steven Zeipekis, Dundee, girl.

Holly and Jeffrey Wallace, Monroe, girl.

Billisue and Joey Sandefur, Monroe, boy.

Darla Purvins and Charles Weclowski, Monroe, boy.

Cynthia Sammons, Monroe, girl.

Latwan Windless, Monroe, girl.

Dana Shankleton, Monroe, boy.

April Stanley and Jon Boudrie, Monroe, boy.

Irene and William Sharp, Monroe, boy.

Kimberlee and Jason Thom, Temperance, boy.

Brandie and David Cox, Jr., Monroe, girl.

Lakicha and Arthur Oliver, Monroe, boy.

Tracie and Michael Pete, Temperance, girl.

Nicky Butler and Martin Shepherd, Maybee, boy.

Lydia and Russell Young, Monroe, girl.

Tina and Richard Stock, Jr., Petersburg, girl.

Jennifer and Scott DesAutels, Petersburg, boy.

Charlotte Jacobs, Monroe, boy.

Carolyn and Jeffery Chapman, Monroe, boy.

Kristi and Joshua Liechty, Monroe, girl.

Shellie Broad and Willie Gipson, Jr., Monroe, girl.

Blair Solomon and David Griffith, Jr., Newport, girl.

Kimberly and Matthew Woods, Monroe, girl.

Jenna and BJ Lucas, Monroe, boy.

Mara Spadaro and Andrew Maczuga, Monroe, boy.

Tacey and Gains McDonald, Monroe, boy.

Rachel Carroll and Larry Raines, Monroe, boy.

Tonya Workman and Raymond Smithers, Monroe, boy.

Sandra and Shane Werlinger, Monroe, girl.

Jeannie and William Fultz, Monroe, boy.

Martha and Higinio Garcia, Flat Rock, girl.

Carrie and Matthew Johnson, Toledo, girl.

Jennifer and Eric Wolfenbarger, Monroe, boy.

Angel and Kevin Arnold, Monroe, girl.

Iren and Daniel Cerrone, Monroe, girl.

Jennifer and Michael Liedel, Monroe, girl.

Jacqueline and James Abler, Trenton, girl.

Ann and Christopher Mell, Monroe, girl.

Ann and Walter Maitland, Monroe, girl.

Tara and Shane Valeri, Erie, boy.

Jennifer Cavins and Gary Grahl, Monroe, boy.

Lacey Edwards and Marlon Martin, Monroe, girl.

Melanie and Neal Gerber, Monroe, girl.

Reanna and Brian Harmon, Newport, boy.

Heather and Brian Atherton, Monroe, girl.

Vickie and Eric Cook, Monroe, boy.

Emae and Edmond Gutoski, Newport, girl.

Julie Wade and Anthony Paro, Erie, boy.

Julie and Ryan Johnson, Monroe, girl.

Sabrina Smith and Jeffery Cromer, Monroe, boy.

Brandi and William Foley, Monroe, girl.

June and Joseph Groleau, Monroe, boy.

Jeanette and Chad Guinn, Monroe, girl.

Keri and Leon Salenbien, Monroe, girl.

Kelly and Samuel Struth, Monroe, girl.

Vanessa and Mitchell Wilder, Lambertville, girl.



Regina Vasicek, et al to Al Dikhow, 3594 Carleton Rockwood, March 26, $170,000.

Dairy Mart to Mac's Convenience Store, 1330 Monroe, March 18, quit claim deed.

Jane Damic Trust to Joe Doney, Jr., 2208 Carleton Scofield, March 10, $200,000.

Kristin Anson to William Anson, Burns, March 6, divorce.

William and Kristin Anson to Kristin Anson, 12585 Burns, March 6, divorce.


Donald and Judith Stanley to Yvonne Fortune, 8819 Lewis, March 25, $95,000.

Peter Nagy to John Coberley, 7912 Summerfield, March 21, $46,000.

Gregory and Tina Erickson to John Coberley III, Webster, March 21, $46,000.

Philip and Holly Bauman to David Turner, 7457 Dunbar, March 21, $137,500.

Country Club Partners, LLC to Eugene and Carole Jenne, 6587 Black Diamond, March 20, $195,800.

David and Tammy Turner to Michael and Jennifer Eades, 7050 Eagle Point, March 20, $241,500

Donald Jeffers to John and April Jeffers, 6685 Hazeldell, March 20, $160,000.

Cheryl Ann Kashtan to Brian Kehoe, 7265 Brookside, March 19, $129,000.

James and Susan Clemens to Michael Sitarski II, 7311 Taylor, March 17, $126,800.

Mary McCarthy to Joseph and Erin Fry, 10829 Secor, March 17, $112,000.

Robert and Rita Zink to Debra Rose, 338 East Substation, March 14, $151,000.

Kevin Harrison to Kevin and Kathryn Harrison, 2711 Vicki Lynn, March 13, conventional qc.

John and Karen Barror to Richard and Lora Egner, 2955 Dean, March 12, $158,500.

David and Colleen Fortner to Colleen Fortner, 7472 Nottingham, March 12, divorce.

Glenn Reau and Renee Hinton to Glenn and Renee Reau, 1209 Valetta, March 12, conventional qc.

Dolores Dillon Trust to Thomas and Karen Dillion, 1953 W. Temperance, March 11, $340,000.

Richard and Ann Sobeck to Thomas and Elizabeth Tucker, 1480 Beddington, March 11, $285,000.

John Emil Hritz to John R. Hritz, 1536 Tennyson, March 11, conventional qc.

Ruth Montrie Trust to Richard and Elsie Montri, Minx, March 10, family sale.

Ruth Montrie Trust to Richard and Elsie Montri, 8777 Minx, March 10, family sale.

PTL Inc. to John and Lorian Dyer, 959 Santa Fe, March 7, $35,000.

Ameriquest Mortgage Co. to William Pearsall, 1349 Burrwood, March 7, $108,000.

Brian Quello to Brian and Cynthia Quello, 449 Pickard, March 7, conventional qc.

Decker Development Inc. to Karen Ellis, 6721 Lexington, March 6, $39,000.

Thomas and Pamela Huner to Mark and Cheryl Engfer, 2799 Chapel Creek, March 6, $42,000.

Irene Neal to Lewis and Patricia Wueller, 6243 Secor, March 5, $6,700.

Irene Neal to William Jr. and Connie Burden, Secor, March 5, $5,695.

R. Sawade and Robert Schassberger to Robert and Dianne Schassberger, 6733 Cloverland, March 5, $70,000.

Ricki and Erna Nieman to Donald and Terry Sander, 1358 Samaria, March 5, $97,850.

Glen and Vickie Scott to James and Sharon French, 6844 Indigo Creek, March 4, $195,000.

A L Sulier Homes to Lawrence and Ignatia McCarty, 2412 Sutton, March 3, $134,000.

Christopher and Deborah Feher to John Frenzell, 7847 Fir, March 3, $150,500.


Jess Lopez to Robert and Patricia Hall, Park Boulevard, March 3, $48,000.


R Cook Properties, Inc. to John Brady, 224 Caribou Run, March 20, $158,275.

Dundee Properties LLC to John IV and Jackie Swisher, 262 Dundee Ridge, March 18, $178,295.

R Cook Properties, Inc. to Christopher and Heather Fernandez, 704 Elk Ridge, March 14, $149,600.

Relocation Properties Mgmt. LLC to Jonathon and Andriea England, 822 Strawberry, March 11, $101,650.

Dundee Holdings, LLC to Century Properties X Limited, 5460 Ann Arbor, March 7, $4,500,000.

Rod Inez to Jane Beaubien, 682 Toledo, March 4, conventional qc.


Daniel and Dana Shook to Randall Graves, 903 Erie, March 5, $183,000.

Alfred and Linda Platz to Daniel and Dana Shook, 918 Erie, March 5, $209,000.

Robert Lavoy to Robert and Vivian Schwartz, Vienna, March 3, $85,500.


John Bruck to Mark Langton, S. O'Hara, March 19, $49,901.

Sara Waterstradt to James Strimpel, 5035 Zink, March 13, $145,000.

John Bruck to Ronald and Gail Meyer, S. Exeter, March 7, $53,900.

John and Jean Sullivan to William and Lori Stewart, Bitz, March 3, $53,500.


Stephen and Judith Linsemeyer to Edward Podorsek, LaSalle, March 29, $150,000.

Beverly Pickens to Michael and Lisa Hatala, 850 Cole, March 18, $135,000.

Josephine Clark et al to Josephine Clark, 2415 Fairview, March 18, conventional qc.

Albert and Amber Massingo to Amber Massingo, 4777 Sycamore, March 14, conventional qc.

Lillian Bickman Trust to John and Jeanette Sawicki, Elm, March 8, $20,000.

Timothy Sparks to Abed and Lynne Houssari, 6220 Sterling, March 7, $416,000.

Edward and Donna Vogel to Scott and Sheila Schmetz, 1630 Sunrise, March 7, $142,000.

Nicholas and Patricia Surma to John and Jeanette Sawicki, Burke, March 6, affidavit or memo lc.

Nicholas and Patricia Surma to John and Jeanette Sawicki, 4696 Burke, March 6, affidavit or memo lc.

Michael Bijarro to Tara Buarro, Eleventh, March 6, conventional qc.

Darlene Fuson to Darlene and Mark Brittain, 245 Santure, March 5, conventional qc.

John and Janet Kleine to Raymond Jr. and Cheryl Jackson, 3501 N. Custer, March 4, $400,000.

Lillian Healey to Chad and Nikole Horr, 1448 Dazarow, March 4, $160,800.

Vincent Castiglione to Jeffrey and Maribeth Webb, Heiss, March 4, conventional wd.

Leonard and Joan Nigbor to Bay West Development, 450 Hurd, March 3, $130,000.


Cecil Venzke to Edward and Suzannah Hurley, Albain, March 18, conventional qc.

Robert and Gloria Turner to Michael and Constance Falkenberg, 8566 Ida Center, March 14, $235,000.

C. G. Macbay Jr. to Lewis and Jean Graff, 7507 Geiger, March 5, $2,500.


Jason and Dawn Turner to Dawn Turner, 3088 Third, March 29, divorce.

Linda Fegan and Brian Lawson to Charley Towne, 1887 W. Stein, March 19, $139,900.

Doyle and Dolores Williams to James and Catherine Daker, Yargerville, March 18, old lc payoff.

Doyle and Dolores Williams to James and Catherine Daker, S. Otter Creek, March 18, old lc payoff.

Luther and Betty Cupp to Luther Cupp, 3947 N. Otter Creek, March 7, quit claim.

Advanced Homes of MI Corp to Stephen Pope, 13805 S. Telegraph, March 4, $167,000.


Albert and Amber Massingo to Amber Massingo, 12850 Tuttlehill, March 14, conventional qc.

Michael and Tamara Kulenkamp to Lewis Jr. and Donna Irby, 12050 Grames, March 11, $250,000.

Milan Township

L T and Judith Bodine to Lennon Bodine, 16884 Day, March 3, divorce.

Monroe Township

Fornwald Fine Homes Inc. to Raymond Wolf, 15194 Woodpine, March 19, $335,000.

Nancy Churchill to Richard Mayes, 13744 Alton, March 18, quit claim.

Bay West Development Co. to Brian and Jill Palmer, 14929 Tiara, March 17, $40,000.

Earl Wickenheiser Trust to Nancy Lee Michling, 5311 Drummonds, March 17, $100,000.

Anthony Sacco to AAT Properties L.L.C., S. Dixie, March 14, $150,000.

Frank Sr. and Barbara Atkinson to Stephen Stiffler, 15759 Virginia, March 14, $100,000.

Dennis and Shirlene Curry to Susan Frick, Hull, March 12, $34,500.

Jeff and Wendi Carlini to Jay and Rebecca Hollon, 1101 Meadowlands, March 11, $204,000.

Dennis Clark and John Taft to Chris Wozniak, 5440 Central, March 7, $96,000.

Fornwald Fine Homes Inc. to Michael and Lisa Pierce, 5179 Foxhill, March 6, $42,000.

Russell and Doris Sweeny Trs to Hoyt and Carolyn England, 5030 Brentwood, March 4, $180,000.

Rosa Badillo to Ronald Vitt, 1218 Vineyard, March 4, quit claim.


Elizabeth Kekes Estate to Burlin and Delores Worley, Stadler, March 13, $58,900.

Robert and Susan Mills to Bradley and Nancy Palmatier, 1376 Baldwin, March 10, $302,450.

Donald and Ruth Stahl to John and Angela Stahl, 2646 W. Albain, March 10, conventional qc.

Daniel and Barbara Rice to Carson II and Geraldine Cadle, 7947 N. Custer, March 6, $140,000.

Vincent Castiglione to Jeffrey and Maribeth Webb, 3182 Heiss, March 4, conventional wd.


William and Mary McCloud to Monroe County Road Commission, 15665 Ida West, March 28, $600,000.

Judith Hepfinger to Sherry Jacobs, 6410 Teal, March 24, $160,000.

Scott and Kim Decoster to Charles and Lee Ann Hanson, 5368 Teal, March 19, $315,000.

Baldemar and Kerry Reyes to Brad and Jennifer Gillean, 17510 Ida Center, March 14, conventional wd.

Russell Fielding to Donald Sattler, N. County Line, March 14, $40,000.

Richard Himburg to William Jr. and Lisa Koczman, Wells, March 7, $42,500.

George and Phyllis Nichols to Michael and Megan Heiden, 6440 Teal, March 6, $25,000.


LM Properties L.L.C. to David and Dawn Cox, Whiteford Center, March 21, $59,000.

Sharon Van Dyke to Joseph and Debra King, Whiteford and Piehl, March 19, $65,000.

Jason and Stephanie Braden to Jonathan Larocca, 4504 St. Anthony, March 19, $110,000.

Albert and Jill Bucher to Delbert Childress Jr., 10257 Summerfield, March 18, $157,900.

Donald Krieger to Charles Taylor, Tabbert, March 14, $44,500.

Anne and James Binder to Anne and Andrew Wynn, 8252 Whiteford Center, March 11, conventional qc.

Jeremiah and Stephanie McGee to Stephanie McGee, 4617 St. Anthony, March 5, conventional qc.

Donald and Marcia Kortas to David and Debra Galbraith, M-151, March 4, $71,500.

Robert and Kerekes Pitcole to Mark and Debbie Rozek, 11205 Summerfield, March 4, $316,000.

Luna Pier

Richard and Sara Welton to Sara Welton, 10628 Lakeside, March 11, conventional qc.


Helen Edwards to Leola Richards, 450 Stonehaven, March 14, $136,000.


Dorothy Anaszewicz to Lorna Turner, 481 John Rolfe, March 21, quit claim.

Terry and Michelle Nisley to Pamela Wilhelm, 2 Long Court, March 18, $103,000.

Leo and Mary Boylan to Walter and Jeannine Schwartz, 402 Union, March 14, $108,000.

Victoria Maenle, et al to Anthony and Victoria Maenle, 730 Wolverine, March 14, quit claim.

Albert and Amber Massingo to Amber Massingo, 127 W. Seventh, March 14, quit claim.

Clinton and Katherine Parrott to Gregory and Rita Jarrait, 443 Borgess, March 13, $171,000.

Sheila Dorow to Tyler and Kim Newman, 737 Scott, March 7, $117,500.

Michelle and Jude Dingman to Jude Dingman, 414 W. Sixth, March 7, court ordered.

Richman Properties, LLC to Fredrick and Barbara Manuel, 537 Michigan, March 6, quit claim.

James and Sharon French to Eric Smallidge, 638 John Rolfe, March 4, $149,000.

James Burdick to Daniel Burdick, 922 Harbor, March 4, family sale.

Creative Land Design, Inc. to Roland and Tammy Ortega, 202 Baptiste, March 3, $33,000.

Sunshine Simonson and Gary Rice Jr. to Sunshine Simonson, 804 E. Ninth, March 2, invalid ecf study.

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