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Daily Log

Daily Log: 6-13


Toledo Hospital

Casey and Trent Losinski, Toledo, girl, June 10.

Nicole Koepfer, Monpelier, Ohio, boy, June 11.

Wendy and Brian Gogol, Toledo, boy, June 11.

Melissa Bailey, Toledo, girl, June 11.

Emily and Tyler Schifferly, Perrysburg, girl, June 11.

Julia and Matt Henry, Toledo, boy, June 11.

Coroner’s Rulings

The Lucas County Coroner has ruled in the following deaths:

Eric Baird, 24, of Rossford March 13, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Suicide, sharp force trauma to chest; self inflicted sharp force trauma.

Joshua Cox, 3, of Perrysburg Township, March 26, at Mercy St, Vincent Medical Center. Abusive head trauma.

Gertrude Dunham, 85, of Toledo, May 24, at University of Toledo Medical Center. Accidental, multiple blunt trauma; deceased was in auto accident.

Alan Marcritchie, 84, of Toledo, May 28, at University of Toledo Medical Center. Accidental, hypertensive cardiovascular disease; blunt force trauma, deceased fell at a store.

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Madison Bistro of Toledo LLC, 518 Madison, inspected April 25. Observed raw chicken being thawed in the prep sink. When thawing frozen food in a hurry, cold running water must be directly on the food being thawed. Never place food in the sink and just let it sit without running water over it. Observed no hot water available at the kitchen hand sink. Hot water was available at all other sinks. To ensure proper hand washing water of at least 100 degrees must be available at the hand sink. Make any necessary repairs within 224 hours. The Sanitizer wipe cloth bucket test under 100ppm. To ensure proper sanitation is taking place, maintain chlorine (bleach) sanitizer at 100 ppm use test kit to verify. Practice proper date marking to limit bacteria growth in food. Mark all necessary food with a proper date mark, several food items did not have a date on them: potatoes, hamburger, ham, etc. Cheesy potatoes were being stored in a container marked Ranch with an old date mark on it. Sausage gravy was being held past the maximum seven-day holding period. Do not save or reuse egg cartons. Discard eggs cartons once emptied. Observed food handler using cartons as a surface to hold deli paper. Observed a large stack of used egg cartons. Used egg cartons can be a source of cross contamination, salmonella. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Paris Nite Club, 1202 Front, inspected May 4. Observed whole heads of lettuce in the cooler. This facility does not have a separate designated food preparation sink. No fresh unprocessed produce is permitted at this facility. Use only pre-washed and pre-cut produce. Observed ice in garbage bags inside of the broken ice machine. Ice is being brought from another facility. This is not permitted. Ice must be supplied by a licensed wholesaler of ice. Containers used to hold ice must be a commercial food grade container only. Repair ice machine in facility to supply ice demand or purchase ice from an approved supplier. Observed soiled, in use rags on countertop. To prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, store all in use rags in side a sanitizer bucket. During all hours of operation, set up a supply of sanitizer solution to ensure proper sanitation is taking place. No paper towels were available to properly dry hands with. To ensure proper hand washing procedures are taking place, restock paper towels immediately. Repeat violation. Inspector: Sattler.

Park Inn Toledo, 101 North Summit, inspected May 3. Park Inn Toledo, 101 North Summit, inspected May 3. Sausage patties and sausage links at the breakfast station were holding at 43 to 45 degrees. Food must be held at or below 41 degrees when being cold held to prevent bacteria growth that can lead to food related illness. The hand sink at the breakfast station was not stocked with hand soap. The hand sink must always be stocked with hand washing supplies to ensure proper hand washing is taking place. Observed several food items that were not marked with a date. All foods that ar cooked or opened from a manufacturer’s package must be marked with a seven day date mark if not used that same day. Observed a container of sliced ham marked 4/20 which is seven days past the maximum seven day holding period. This ham was discarded. Monitor dates closely to prevent the growth of bacteria. Inspector: Sattler.

Burger King, 3130 Holland Sylvania, inspected May 3. Sliced tomatoes are a food and are held based on time in lieu of temperature. Once sliced and held at room temperature, these must be labeled to indicate the proper discard time. Sliced tomatoes and other foods may be held out at room temperature for up to four hours and must then be discarded. Observed no time stamp on the back up supply of tomatoes beneath the prep line at time of inspection. Inspector: Sattler.

Salad Galley, 3023 Navarre, Oregon, inspected April 13. Observed food at improper temperatures, BBQ beef 128 degrees in the hot holding unit. All foot items must be held at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth that can cause a foodborne disease. Make sure that all hot holding is holding food at 135 degrees or higher. Observed food at improper temperatures of 50 to 54 degrees in the back prep top cooler. All foods items must be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth that can cause a food-borne disease. Turn the temperature down so it maintains food at 41 degrees or below repair the unit. Inspector: Julie Nye.

LaPaloma, 1244 Broadway, inspected May 12. Observed BBQ, rice pudding, and pie without proper ingredient, address, weight labels. You may move into full service area and avoid labeling each package. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Yang’s Gourmet House, 4446 Heatherdowns, inspected May 9. No sanitizer solution for wipe cloths observed use 100ppm plain chlorine. Must be in use throughout work day. Inspector: Brady,

Whiteford Elementary School, 4708 Whiteford, inspected May 20. Improper cooling observed today. Observed meat sauce cooling at room temperature (107 degrees). Facility is not licensed to cool down food and reheat food. The facility is only licensed as a class 3 facility. No bulk cooling and reheating of food is permitted. The facility does not have the space to cool food down. Inspector: Brady.

Sylvania Diner, 5623 West Alexis, inspected May 20. Found sausage at 99.5 degrees. Once sausage is cooked, it must be held hot at 135 degrees or higher to prevent the possible growth of bacteria. Do not keep a pan of sausage on the grill top, unless it can be held hot at 135 degrees or higher. Hot hold sausage on the flat top or in the steam table. Observed pan of cheese 47 degrees double stacked in the top section of the prep top cooler. Do not double stack pan in the top section of the prep top cooler. All pans in the top section of the prep top cooler must fit in a spot to maintain at 41 degrees or lower. Corrected cheese placed in the cooler. Inconsistent date labeling observed today. All open and prepared food items must be properly labeled to allow employees to know when it was made and when to discard the product. The day the food is made, is day one for a total of seven day discard date. Back hand sink is not properly stocked with paper towels. Stock the hand sink with paper towels. All hand sinks must be properly stocked with hand soap, paper towels, and hot/cold running water (100 degrees) for proper hand washing to occur. Inspector: Brady.

Vito’s Pizza, 5412 Monroe, inspected May 19. Unlabeled chemical spray bottle by the prep cooler. All chemical spray bottles must be properly labeled with the name of the chemical it contains. Do not place chemical by food and food contact areas. All chemicals must be stored in one area away from food and food contact items to protect from cross contamination. Corrected at the time of inspection. Inspector: Brady.

Crime reports


Kraig Alexander, 3600 block of Hill, books, guitars, amplifier, camera and lenses, gym bags, sporting equipment, clothing, and radio with turntable from storage in 4800 block of South.

Kathy Hanes, 1200 block of South Byrne, two flat-screen TVs, video game, diamond earrings, and guitar.

Ky’Shonda Graves, 500 block of North Miller, no loss reported.

Toni Szymanski, 2000 block of Arlington, flat-screen TV, laptop computer, and beer.

Dannel Fain, 1800 block of Marlow, flat-screen TV, video game, and video cartridges.

Courtney Jones, 1400 block of Brookview, two flat-screen TVs.

Carl Wheeler, DDS-MS, 3900 block of Sunforest, cash and gift cards.

Garry Brazzel, unit block of East Pearl, laptop computer, safe, clothing, flat-screen TV, video games, video cartridges, change, DVDs, and DVD player.

Marvin Belknap, 1600 block of Starr, refuse cans, radiators, electrical outlets, copper pipes, cabinet, sink, storm door, radio, downspouts, electrical wiring, and extension cords from property in 1400 block of South.

Kelly Swartz, 1900 block of Sandringham, safe, jewelry box, and assorted jewelry.

Rebecca Cantu, 700 block of Dearborn, flat-screen TV and DVD player.

David Maidlow, 3900 block of Woodhaven, television, computer, air conditioners, rims, cable box, video game, cable modem, jewelry, and camera.

Nicole Russell, 1900 block of Ketner, loss undetermined.

Anna Adkins, 1000 block of Norwood, no items stolen.

Tahisha Williams Townsend, 700 block of Elm, X Box 360 and flat screen television.

Jocelyn Allen, 3000 block of Loch Lomond, flat screen televisions and PSP.

Ericka Berry, 200 block of Delaware, no items stolen.

Ernestine Wiggins, 900 block of Manhattan, assorted jewelry.

Christine Jacobs, 700 block of Southover, no items stolen.

Tanoya Harris, 2000 block of Foxbourne, digital camera.

Lorenzen Realty, 600 block of Miami, copper pipes and metal scrap.

Brian Madrid, 800 block of Northgate, clothes, furniture and flat screen televisions.

Tricia Moyer, 600 block of Willard, assorted tools, boat, room light and VCRs.

Veda Wright, 800 block of Magnolia, flat screen television and X Box 360.

Crystal Weills, 100 block of Emery, no items stolen.

Hildegard Wilson, 500 block of Orchard, hearing aids, rings and assorted jewelry.

Tiearra Hodges, 600 block of Easterly, flat screen televisions, desktop computer and digital camera.

heather McCoy, 3000 block of 145, flat screen televisions and assorted jewelry.

Evelyn Brown, 300 block of Wasaeon, PlayStation 3 and stereo system.

Kristina Barrett, 1000 block of Nevada, cash, toilet paper and light bulbs.

Ronald Parrish, 4000 block of 288, flat screen television, X Box 360 and assorted games.

Monk Managhan, 1000 block of Michigan, flat screen television and laptop computer.

Gerald Wilson, 1000 block of Ottawa, desktop computer.

Mary Ellen Bueter, 3000 block of Beverly, no items stolen.

Christine Ragland, 1000 block of Palmwood, lawnmower, weed whacker, blower and refrigerator.

Thomas Changeri, 700 block of Waybridge, snow thrower, tiller and lawn mower.

Henry McCray, 900 block of Gordon, lamp and picture frames.

Maria Davis, 5000 block of Ryan, PlayStation 3 and assorted games and cash.

Michael Cravens, 200 block of Rochelle, laptop computers, PlayStation 3 and cellular phone.

Jerry Nastachowski, 4000 block of 293, no items stolen.


United North, 2700 block of Elm, three central air conditioner units from apartment complex.

United North, 700 block of Peck, two central air conditioner units from apartment complex.

TaJeana Horton, 700 block of Peck, central air conditioner unit from apartment complex.

Antonio Knowles, 1500 block of Western, medication from vehicle in 2500 block of West Alexis.

Toledo Celtics, 2700 block of Schneider, soccer goal posts from field.

Jody Toda, 600 block of East Manhattan, purse and contents from vehicle on East Manhattan and Stickney.

Toni Keneau, 700 block of Chesblough, mail from residence.

Emily McAllister, 4500 block of Imperial, two flat-screen TVs from residence.

Cheryl Valentine, 6000 block of Lewis, purse and contents from vehicle in 2700 block of Broadway.

Charles Green, 3200 block of Maplewood, wallet and contents from vehicle in 3600 block of Monroe.

Tandra Whittole, 1300 block of Oak Hill, wallet and contents from vehicle in 2100 block of South Reynolds.

Sauls Seismic, Inc., Hilliard, Ohio, seismograph and miscellaneous equipment to run seismograph from 1800 block of Giant.

Shaheed Mahomed, 500 block of East Broadway, keys, cellular phone, and cash from residence.

William Sims, 1200 block of Oak, medication, curling iron, and cosmetics from residence.

Dewight Smith, laptop computer from residence.

Daniel Davis, 5600 block of Brook Point, washer, mirror, picture, air conditioners, and refrigerator from property in 700 block of Alvison.

Berneta Johnson, 3000 block of Tremainsville, assorted jewelry from residence.

Calvin Blackmore, 1700 block of Stahlwood, cellular phone from 2100 block of North Cove.

Joseph Hollstein, 4300 block of Overland, medication, watch, and tennis shoes from 2100 block of Tremainsville.

Millard Catchings, 4400 block of Terrace View, iPod, iPad, and glasses from vehicle in 4500 block of Monroe.

Mohammed Hussain, St. Charles, Ill., wallet and contents from vehicle in 4400 block of Secor.

AA Boos & Sons, Pickle, Oregon, pieces of concrete and aluminum, and steel from construction site on North Summit at Galena.

Malinda Slay, 4200 block of Garrison, cash from residence.

Jacob Frick, Mulberry, Perrysburg, laptop computer, identification, medication, clothing, and personal papers from vehicle on Glendale at Reynolds.

David Gaeofalow, Park Ridge, N.J., i­Pod, GPS unit, car chargers, tent, sleeping bag, and backpack from vehicle in 1600 block of Alexis.

Jessica Strayer, 5000 block of Bonwood, purse and credit cards from vehicle.

Angela Miller, 6000 block of Jackman, medication.

Ora Newsome, 1000 block of Oakwood, times, rims and radiator from vehicle.

Cosmos Industrial Services, Anthony Wayne and I-75, assorted power tools and accessories from vehicle.

Amanda Lopez, 2000 block of Madison, purse, cash, and debit cards from vehicle.

Wanda Snyder, 5000 block of Airport, purse, cash, and debit cards from vehicle.

Robert Green, 2000 block of Sherwood, thermometer, stereo system, and speakers from vehicle.

Jordan Passmore, 5000 block of Southwyck, debit cards from vehicle.

Glencorp, 100 block of Edwin, no items stolen from vehicle.

David Ditzler, 1000 block of West Alexis, suitcase, laptop computer, and cellular phone from vehicle.

Lisa London Wilson, 2000 block of Brier, wallet, money, car chargers, and Ipod from vehicle.

John Enis, 900 block of Colburn, driver’s license.

Calvin Weaver, 2000 block of Rockwood, laptop computer from vehicle.

James Squier, 400 block of Southgate Circle, assorted power tools.

Advanced Specialty Hospital, 1000 block of Garden Lake, assorted medications.

Gloria Hollingsworth, 2000 block of A, cash.

Seagate Roofing, 600 block of Burbank, cash.

Greg Kujawa, 5000 block of Goodwill, refrigerator and gas range.

James Martin, 5000 block of Bennett, keys, wallet, identification, and cash.

Sandra Drake, 4000 block of Monroe, purse, cash, credit cards, and identification.

Rosandra Hornbeak, 100 block of Melrose, furniture, microwave, clothing, and shoes from 800 block of Stebbins.

Benae Hutchen, 1200 block of Mackow, Ohio Direction card from 900 block of North Michigan.

Crystal Jozsa, 3400 block of Kirkwall, purse and contents from vehicle in 4700 block of Jackman.

Sue Crawford, 2400 block of Broadway, boat motor from yard of residence.

Samantha Keen, 4300 block of Commonwealth, laptop computer, diamond necklace, GPS unit, iPod, video game, car stereo, CDs, Bluetooth, and car charger from vehicle at home.

Ora Canty, 300 block of Boston, central air conditioner unit from residence.

Loree Cochell, 4000 block of overland, digital camera and charger from vehicle

Ryan Thornton, 4000 block of Secor, laptop computer and medication from vehicle.

Sabrina Keister, 1000 block of Kelsey, laptop computer.

Patrick Havens, 1000 block of Laskey, CDs, coins, and car information from vehicle.

Lavron Scott, 1000 block of Bucklew, purse and cash from vehicle.

Allison Youngsblood, 4000 block of Detroit, purse and credit cards from vehicle.

Lasondra Bush, 300 block of New Towne Square, speakers, debit cards and cash from vehicle.

Thomas Ball, 4000 block of Talmadge, laptop computer.

Charles Jones, unit block of East Pearl, Internet routers, laptop computer, necklace, and MP4 player from 1100 block of South Byrne.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Kevin Crowell from Rebecca Crowell.

Harold Grover, Jr., from Sonya Glover.

Alshunza Hawkins from Howard Hawkins.

San Juanita Rocha from Martin Hernandez.

Kimberly English-Kuhn from Brian Kuhn.

Starkeisha Coleman from Anthony Tieman.

Rochelle Barton from Laresse Barton.

Amer Yousuf from Charity Chick.

Carol Bevins from Timothy Bevins.

Michelle Rosencrantz from Roberta Rosencrantz.

Drucilla Frazier from Terrance Kyles.

Sherie Ribby from Brian Ribby.

Edward Nagy from Tracy Fitzgerald-Nagy.

Farzat Hatem from Bader Khriwish.

Cynthia Fox from Paul Fox.

Jennifer Wesley and John Wesley.

Ismail Abdul-Rahim from Elishia Jackson.

Diane Moore from James Moore.

Jennifer Taft from Todd Taft.


Lucas County

Elizabeth Martinez and Luis Martinez.

Jessica Forgette and Matthew Oeh- lers.

Paige Schneider and Thomas Schneider.

Candee Meiring and Kevin Meiring.

Jeremiah Richardson and Brittany Ponds.

Elissa Hartfield and Raymond Hartfield III.

Angela Wielgopolski and Joseph Wielgopolski.

William Lemay and Diane Lemay.

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