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Daily Log

Daily log: 09-10


Bay Park Community Hospital

Naomi Bressler, Fremont, girl, Sept. 7.

Sunshine Parish, Toledo, boy, Sept. 8.

Flower Hospital

Candace Pedigo, Toledo, boy, Sept. 6.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Whitney and Luke Meinke, Curtice, Ohio, boy, Sept. 8.

Toledo Hospital

Sandria Baxter, Fostoria, boy, Aug. 13

Lisa and Michael Herald, Maumee, girl, Sept. 8.

Crystal and Jeremy Marx, Toledo, girl, Sept. 8.

Tierra Nelson, Toledo, boy, Sept. 9.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Sept. 8, 2011

Scott Yeager, 47, mechanic, and Joyce Brushaber, 45, custodian, both of Sylvania.

Darren Moore, 28, U.S. Navy, and Yasmeen Shousher, 27, financial analyst, both of Toledo.

James Ruhland, 31, sales manager, and Andrea Metcalf, 30, nurse, both of Toledo.

Scott Fuller, 21, laborer, of Toledo, and Samantha Reeves, 21, physical therapist assistant, of Genoa.

Jesse Britton, 62, retired, and Diane Britton, 56, professor, both of Toledo.

Ernesto Balderez, 28, mechanic, of Toledo, and Kate Patterson, 27, childcare worker, of Oregon.

Cole Sprouse, 21, restaurant worker, of Oregon, and Tina Eiche, 21, of Toledo.

Jacob Bocian, 26, lawn and landscape worker, of Monclova Township, and Suzanne Carstensen, 24, dental assistant, of Toledo.

Daniel Crowe, 21, cook, and Miranda Almaraz, 19, server, both of Oregon.

James Phillips, Jr., 27, custodial worker, and Stephanie Mickens, 27, nurse, both of Toledo.

David Vrooman, 37, sales representative, and Stacy Lake, 36, office manager, both of Waterville.

Shervon Severin, 26, mechanic, and Sarah Snyder, 20, secretary, both of Toledo.

Adam Mallett, 22, banker, and Candyce Kovesdi, 21, both of Oregon.

Robert Beat, 32, financial reporter, of Sylvania, and Nicole Lloyd, 30, self employed, of Toledo.

Arturo Martinez, Jr., 33, clerk, and Peggy Halbig, 29, teacher, both of Toledo.

Daniel Johnson, 24, engineer, and Anastasia Baibak, 24, video production, both of Maumee.

Nicholas Bussard, 25, homemaker, and Amanda Baker, 23, retail sales representative, both of Toledo.

Michael Durfey, 30, IT support worker, and Erin Badgley, 29, lab technician, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Calderas, Marciana, 76, Peck Street, renal disease.

Christian, Margie, 70, Erie, Mich., pending.

Clark, Robert, 44, Capistrano Avenue, pending.

Conlan, Margaret, 88, Otterbein, Monclova Township, cerebrovascular accident.

Curnutte, Allen, 66, South McCord Road, Holland, cancer.

Foss, Naomi, 89, Willacker Road, Oregon, Alzheimer's dementia.

Fournier, Paul, 79, Pemberton Drive, intracranial hemorrhage.

Garcia, Federico, Jr., 41, Walbridge Avenue, pending.

Grochowski, Frank, 73, Vinal Street, cancer.

Lawrence, Christopher, 39, Rockingham Street, homicide.

Lovain, Catherine, 78, Carelton, Mich., ventricular fibrillation.

Maciejewski, Patricia, 74, Erie, Mich., renal cell carcinoma.

Matherly, Harold, 69, Ralph Street, pending.

Miller, Rickey, 57, Glenview Road, pending.

Morris, Betty, 67, East Manhattan Boulevard, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Querry, Miriam, 96, Rosedale Street, Maumee, stroke.

Reams, Joy, 82, Shenandoah Road, congestive heart failure.

Richards, Robert, 85, Temperance, cancer.

Sanders, Eric, 28, Danesmoor Road, Holland, pending.

Soto, Carmenlita/Carmen, 83, Gorney Place, carcinoma.

Swincicki, Delores, 84, Isaac Streets, Oregon, dementia.

Torres, Alicia, 53, West Daisy Lane, carcinoma.

Weage, Joshua, 30, Osseo, Mich., pending.

Crime reports


Julie Welsh, 500 block of Durango, laptop computer, washer, dryer, and air conditioner.

Tina Lawhorn, 1000 block of Heston, purse, bank card, and furniture.

Kori Hunt, 200 block of Kosciusko, flat-screen computer monitor, flat-screen TVs, and video game system with controllers.

Margaret Dutridge, 2200 block of Lehman, video game system.

Jeffrey Malkowski, 400 block of Bronson, flat-screen TV, video game system with accessories, and Blu-ray player.

Jay Whitmore, 4100 block of Drummond, cash.

Jasmine Taylor, 700 block of Walnut, flat-screen TV and video game system with games and controllers.

Georgianna Saloff, 2300 block of Valentine, slide projector.

Gesu School, 2000 block of Parkside, power tools, lawn maintenance equipment, hand tools, and gas cans.

Frederick Johnson, 700 block of Johnson, flat-screen TV.

Abigail Roalef and Alicia Harding, 1100 block of Searles, printers, television, wireless routers, window fan, jewelry, and laundry basket.

Anastasia Ovelgonne, 400 block of Baden, flat-screen TV with antenna.

George Rife, Jr., 600 block of Colburn, lawn maintenance equipment, tools, fertilizer, air conditioner, heater, gas can, and step ladder.

Orpha Austin, 3600 block of Hill, camcorder and digital camera.

Tamesha Hardison, 500 block of Mulberry, DVD player, jewelry, and personal papers.

Delores Harmes, 800 block of Walnut, video-game system and laptop computer.

Jailyn Surprise, 800 block of Walnut, surround sound system and laptop computer.

Mike Gruss, 3300 block of Hill, copper and gas can with gasoline.

Angelique Anaya, 2000 block of Glenwood, laptop computer.

Victoria Botts, 1800 block of Locust, stove and refrigerator.

Joseph Vasko, 1800 block of Genesee, tools.

Mark Poddany, 4100 block of Garrison, bicycles.

Treeva Lampkin-Harris, 3300 block of Maple, cell phone and key.

Wendy George, 900 block of Colburn, laptop computer, flat-screen television, and video-game system with games.

Lisa Oehmke, 400 block of Walbridge, fishing poles, tackle boxes, lanterns, and lawn mower parts.

Myeshia Smith, 2200 block of Upton, flat-screen televisions and jewelry.

Danielle Smith, 5800 block of Livingston, laptop computer and flat-screen television.

Roxanne Roberts, 3100 block of Enright, flat-screen television.

Marla Terry, 1000 block of Belmont, flat-screen televisions, DVD player, and video-game system with games.

Robert Foltz, 800 block of Dunwood, lawn mower, weed cutter, and gas can.

Renata Cislo, 1300 block of Colburn, laptop computer, cash, jewelry, purse, cosmetics, and keys.

Samantha Hurst, 600 block of Pine Valley, flat-screen televisions, laptop computer, DVDs, and moving box.

Carl Porreca, 200 block of Everett, saw and cordless drill.

Dollar General, 2800 block of Airport, packs of soap and packages of T-shirts and boxer shorts.

Romie Bald, 300 block of Danberry, flat-screen televisions, laptop computers, car rims, and video-game systems with games.

Shalonda Smith, 400 block of Elmdale, microwave oven, refrigerator, stove, and furniture.

Billy Paxon,1100 block of Woodward, scrap metal.

Melody Thompson, 4200 block of Bales, purse, debit card, checkbook, driver's license, cash, gift cards, iPad car dock, wallet, headphones, skeleton key covers, and concert tickets.

Tammy McGuff, 4600 block of Nantuckett, flat-screen television, DVD player, laptop computer, video games, and comic book.

John Kittle, 400 block of Elder, flat-screen television and laptop computers.

Ruben Vargas, 300 block of East Lake, laptop computer, flat-screen television, and video-game system.

Brandy James, 800 block of Byrneport, television, cash, clothes, and shoes.

Ebony Murphy,1000 block of Belmont, flat-screen televisions and video-game system with games.

Lillian Turner, 2000 block of Maplewood, refrigerator, microwave oven, air conditioner, lawn mower barbecue grill, clothes, jewelry, sport collectibles, computer speaker, and Mickey Mouse desk.

Terhan Nix, 1100 block of Gordon, flat-screen television, video-game systems, and cash.

Perry Buck, 300 block of Hiett, television, pillows, and sheets.

Clifford Shinaver, 1400 block of Navarre, motorized minibikes.

Bridgette Hines, 1900 block of Perth, copper plumbing.

Ashley Cichocki, 2100 block of Aberdeen, lawn mower and air conditioner.

Vicki Swanson, 5500 block of Woods, tools, computer, camera, and electric scooter.

James Laraby, 3500 block of Stickney, revolver, speed loader, and hollow point ammunition.

Philip Snyder, 1300 block of Page, faucets, copper pipe, and ladder.

Riviera Maia Apartment Homes, 1200 block of Cribb, air conditioners, refrigerators, and stoves.

Michael Reed, 4300 block of Imperial, cash and jewelry.

Janet Ulch, 600 block of Prouty, revolver, flat-screen television, and jewelry.

Leann Hicks, 900 block of Orchard, televisions, video-game system, bicycles, and camera.

Crystal Meyers, 800 block of Prouty, television.

Sarisia Brown, 100 block of East Woodruff, flat-screen televisions, DVD players, and video-game system.

James Smith, 1200 block of Noble, video-game system, surround sound unit, and jewelry.

Christina Garcia, 700 block of Woodville, large-screen television.

Terrence Taube, 3700 block of Elmhurst, leather jackets and copper pipes.

Saveway Market Red & White, 1900 block of Broadway, packs of cigarettes.

Kazonte Miller, 3100 block of Parkwood, televisions, laptop computer, and savings bonds.

Jennifer Marquardt, 3800 block of Revere, flat-screen televisions, video-game systems with games and accessories, iPod, headphones, laptop computers, and jewelry.

Mike Arbinger, 3500 block of Willys Parkway, copper pipes.

Kenneth Zircher, 5600 block of East Rowland, flat-screen television.

Tosha Warren, 700 block of Nicholas, credit cards and driver's license.

Champ Jones, 200 block of Knower, video-game systems, television, laptop computer, and jewelry.

Samisha Brown, 1100 block of Dorr, refrigerator, DVD-VCR player, and microwave oven.

Wally Pena, 200 block of Maumee, television, air conditioner, ceiling fan, and deerskin work gloves.

Liz Huff, 5800 block of Cook, digital camera, glass carafe, and bottle of liquor.

Donald Boone, 2100 block of Dana, large-screen televisions, video-game system with accessories and games, tools, and cash.

Alissia Hunter, 400 block of East Park, large-screen television, video-game system with games, and DVD player.

Burnham Stokes, 6000 block of Holly Valley, tool set, baseball cards, and jewelry.

Tonya O'Neal, 1000 block of Indiana, TV-DVD player combo, video-game systems, and costume jewelry.

Lisa Beczynski, 1800 block of Ottawa Cove, large-screen television, laptop computer, and video-game system with game.

Conn-Weissenberger American Legion Hall, 2000 block of West Alexis, cash and bottles of liquor.

Kim Bensman, 1700 block of Berkshire, flat-screen television and computer.

Autumn Smith, 2000 block of Hurd, cigarette pouch and phone.


Conway Trucking, navigation system and CB radio from vehicle in in 300 block of Dura.

Bruce Roth, truck tires with rims and caps from vehicle in 4600 block of South.

Emmanuel Christian School, 4600 block of West Laskey, all-terrain vehicle, weed cutter, gas can, and frozen meat products.

Fred Quinn, boat-engine propeller from boat at residence in 2900 block of C Street.

Larry Long, Jr., digital camcorders and cameras, cash, medicines, camera bag, and laptop computer from vehicle in 2100 block of South Reynolds..

Julie Jenkins, purse with cell phones, cash, wallet, phone charger, and store credit and cash cards from vehicle in 1300 block of Bernath.

Tonika Barner, social security check from mailbox in 600 block of Hamilton.

Annise Purifie, money orders from residence in 700 block of North Erie.

Dale Robbels, social security check from mailbox in 4200 block of Dahlia.

Lataisha Brown, cash, debit card, social security card, and cell phone from residence in 1700 block of Pilgrim.


Bedford Township


Whiteford Valley Golf Course, 7900 block of Beck, cases of beer, soda pop, and water.

Felonious assault

Samuel Williams, assaulted at residence in 8300 block of Lewis.


Molly Mason, purse and iPod from vehicle in 2000 block of Muirfield.

Jennyca Mitchell, bicycle from residence in 8000 block of Case.

Jeff Golladay, cash from vehicle in 2000 block of Sterns.

Pinnacle Eye Group, 43 pairs of sunglasses from business in 3300 block of Quail Hollow.



Christopher Hailey, navigation system, cell phone, and briefcase with checkbook and credit cards from vehicle in 6500 block of Airport.

Jerusalem Township


Dan Baker, black 2003 Chevy C25 from 10400 block of Corduroy.

Lake Township


Kenneth Powell, 5500 block of Woodville, video game and video controller.


Eddie Starcher, Mineral Wells, W.V., two CB radios, TV, and video game from vehicle in 26000 block of Baker.

Daniel Roberts, Vancouver, Wash., CB radio from vehicle in 26000 block of Baker.

David Pall, Fresno, Ohio, CB radio from vehicle in 26000 block of Warns.



Kelsey Arnold, Franklin, Toledo, MP3 player, GPS unit, duffel bag and contents, and purse and contents from vehicle in 400 block of West Dussel.

Phyllis Fitch, Swanton, purse and contents from grocery cart in 1300 block of Conant.

Patsy Grant, 1200 block of Rosedale, cash from vehicle at home.

UPS, 1500 block of Holland, medication from mail packages.

Monclova Township


Abdul Quazi, 3900 block of Wrens Nest, jewelry and video camera.


Andrea Heaberline, wallet with credit cards from vehicle in 7700 block of Forest.

Michelle Beard, navigation system from vehicle in 7700 block of Forest Creek Court.



Stephen Romstadt, 5100 block of Curtice, two laptop computers and floor rug.

Betty White, 600 block of Oregon, video game, video cartridges, laptop computer, jewelry, pen, and letter opener.

Gary Coken, 200 block of Gardner, weed trimmer, video games, and tools.


Cheryl Wright, Terre Haute, Ind., two diamond rings from room in 2600 block of Lauren.

Alicia Rodela, 1900 block of Parc Rue, wallet and contents from vehicle in 2600 block of Woodville

Robert Bassitt, 1800 block of South Wynn, mailbox top from residence.

Russell Warnke, 300 block of Harding, change and cigarettes from vehicle at home.

Valerie Seger, 200 block of Lester, camera from vehicle at home.

Robin Gallaher, 200 block of Ritter, CDs and change from vehicle at home.

Andrew Koepke, 200 block of Ritter, change from vehicle at home.

Lawrence Poiry, 300 block of Harding, change from vehicle at home.



Dova Zak, 400 block of Holly, bicycles from garage of residence.

Lacy Binting, 1100 block of Mambrino, bicycle from garage of residence.


Willetta Bush, 3000 block of Navarre, toy motorcycle from residence.

Daniel Paprocki, 1200 block of Sierra, video game and GPS unit from vehicle at home.

David Ackerman, 1100 block of Laura, check from vehicle at home.

Robert Duke, watch and bracelet from vehicle at home.

James Blachowski, 2500 block of Pickle, change from vehicle at home.

Donnell Mitchell, 3000 block of Navarre, purse and contents from 3700 block of Navarre.



Ryan Hercik, 5100 block of Moser, two bicycles from residence.

Robert Grabiel, 5200 block of Niagara, bicycle from residence.

Charles Pfleghaar, 400 block of West Front, flag from porch of residence.

Perrysburg Township


Jack Mielke, 29000 block of Lime City, unknown person broke into home; loss undetermined.


Gerald Bryant, 2700 block of Pickle, lock box from home in 7600 block of Reitz.


Spencer Jacobs, West Capistrano, Toledo, unknown person broke into trailers; loss undetermined.

Stephen McKinney, Airport, Swanton, iPod from bookbag in 9000 block of Buck.

Mary Westfall, 29000 block of Lime City, bicycle from garage of residence.

Judith Cox, 9400 block of Sheffield, assorted jewelry from residence.

Eileen McLaughlin, 29000 block of Oregon, medication from residence.



Gerald Davis, 600 block of Valley, unknown person broke into shed of residence; no loss reported.

Springfield Township


Michael Thompson, 8700 block of Geiser, laptop computer with case, DVDs, and CDs.

Felonious assault

Anthony Case, assaulted on street in 6700 block of Nebraska.


Christy Davis, tea-color 1995 Oldsmobile SLH from apartment complex in 2100 block of North McCord.

Michael Shaneck, cash from vehicle in 2100 block of North McCord.

Jason Portala, cash from vehicle in 7300 block of Nebraska.

Rhea Patterson, central air conditioning unit from residence in 1700 block of South Crissey.

Swanton Township


Richard Naves, one-ton air conditioning unit from residence in 12500 block of Airport.

Isaac Shaffer, bolt-action rifle from storage in 13000 block of Airport.

Jeffery Hoag, red 2001 Honda CR250 motorcycle from residence in 2200 block of Wilkins.



Travis Martin, 3300 block of Plymouth, 2005 Chevrolet from 6700 block of Brint.

University of Toledo


Ashley Baumer, Cincinnati, memory foam mattress pad from dorm room in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Kaitlyn Kreitzer and Lindsay Sraj, Dayton, TV/DVD player, jewelry box, two iPods, and safe box and contents from dorm room in 2800 block of West Bancroft.


Joshua Tantari, Northwood, iPod and USB cord from vehicle in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Michael Miller, 3000 block of Village, cell phone, hat, and keys from locker of student recreation center in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Brian Keyes, Clinton Township, Mich., bicycle from rack in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Karthryn Olson, Eagle Ridge, Sylvania, cash from wallet in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Michael Harden, Clyde, Ohio, bicycle from rack in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Tyler Rommel, Sheffield Lake, Ohio, bicycle from rack in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Terrell Travis, Romulus, Mich., bicycle from rack in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Carolyn Grobbel, Allen Park, Mich., bicycle from rack in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Chelsea Martinez, Angola, Swanton, laptop from dorm room in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Patrick Lawrence, 4600 block of Talmadge Green, bicycle from rack in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

David Moore, Dundee, Mich., wallet and contents from student recreation center in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

University of Toledo, 2800 block of West Bancroft, monitor from engineering lab.

Andrew Meehan, Ashland, Ohio, day planner, bookbag, and contents from 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Dallas Brammer, Strongsville, Ohio, wallet and contents from student recreation center in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Victoria Delly, Columbus, Ohio, 2001 gray Hyundai Accent from parking lot in 2800 block West Bancroft.

Zachery Rogers, Elyria, Ohio, wallet and contents from locker room in 2800 block of West Bancroft.



Fallen Timbers Recreation Center, 300 block of Edgerton, cash.

Kenneth Daniels, 800 block of Avalon, bicycle from residence.

Washington Township


Don Reick, 200 block Willow Creek, medication.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

David Coronado from Arleen Coronado.

Terry Bowlby from Debra Bowlby.

Tabatha Marlow from Ricky Marlow.

Rosalinda Quist from John Quist.

Dylan Wood from Rebecca Wood.

Terry Durham from Tanya Robinson.

Jason Nowak from Stephanie Nowak.

Dona Tipping from Michael Tipping.

Nancy Carder from Robert Carder II.

Jason Black from Jennifer Wright.

Robin Arriaga from Jamie Arriaga.

Hannah Jelinek from Richard Jelinek, Jr.

Doni Howard from Jacklyn Howard.

Annette Parks from Bob Parks.

Sarah Fell from Billy Fell, Jr.

Sarah Wolniewicz from Charles Hair, Jr.

Marilynn Bacon from Richard Bacon.

Carol Belegrin from William Belegrin, Jr.

Charles Harris from Rita Harris.

Rita Harris from Charles Harris.

Christina Pickett from Nashid Pickett.

Douglas Elliott from Heather Elliott.

Ronald Brown from Ngina Brown.

Jonathan Williams from Jeanette Williams.

Deborah Barnes from Matthew Barnes.

Robert Pawliski form Brooke Dell.

Barbara Sutter from Danny Sutter.

Michael Davis from Michelle Davis.

Andria Papaharalambous from Sacky Papaharalambous.

Alice Dargartz from Randy Dargartz.

Bassema Fakih from Michelle Fakih.

Terryann Goodridge-Dunlap from Harold Dunlap.

Anthony Loehrke from Karen Loehrke.

Jesus Reyes from Sylvia Reyes.

Sharon Kramer from Gerald Kramer, Jr.

Gerald Kramer, Jr. from Sharon Kramer.

Gordon Demey from Patricia Tesznar-Demey.

Patricia Tesznar-Demey from Gordon Demey.

Michael Bruhl from Anna Bruhl.

Marlene Hughes from Derek Hughes.

Brian Gretsinger from Arionna Gretsinger.

Barnabas Kiprotich from Brittany Rains.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Jennifer Wagener and James Wagener.

Jeffrey Fravor, Jr., and Kelly Fravor.

Terry Smothers and Laurie Smothers.

Ernesto Valdez and Ann Valdez.

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