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Daily Log

Daily Log: 3-2


Flower Hospital

Jacqueline and Stephen Kosier, Toledo, girl, Feb. 26.

Katie Dye, Perrysburg, girl, Feb. 26.

Ashley Wood, Toledo, girl, Feb. 27.

Latisha Berry, Toledo, boy, Feb. 27.

Jennifer and John Valentine, Sylvania, boy, Feb. 28.

Shannon Brescol, Sylvania, boy, Feb. 28.

St. Luke's Hospital

David and Rachel Barkholz, Maumee, girl, Feb. 29.

Toledo Hospital

Tiffany Davis, Toledo, girl, Feb. 29.

Alisha and Thomas Shields, Perrysburg, girl, Feb. 29.

Alexandria Ulrich, Toledo, girl, Feb. 29.

Angela and Robert Miller, Toledo, boy, Feb. 29.

Unique Lane, Toledo, girl, Feb. 29.

Wendi and Nathan Weber, Maumee, girl, Mar. 1.

Bay Park Community Hospital

Stella Villarreal, Toledo, boy, Feb. 29.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Feb. 29, 2012

Matthew Burnett, 33, secretary, and Heather Rick, 35, secretary, both of Tecumseh, Mich.

Gary Eischen, 26, and Alexandria Kwiatkowski, 25, both of Toledo.

Robert Sanders, 56, auto detailer, and Shirley West, 64, retired, both of Toledo.

Derek Harrison, 25, production worker, and Samantha Maier, 23, cashier, both of Toledo.

Bevan Lewis, 33, engineer, and Anne Ravas, 31, human resources, both of Maumee.

David Baker, 49, retired, and Tammie Roe, 49, retired, both of Toledo.

Alek Krieger, 26, student, and Bridget Machalick, 25, stylist, both of Ann Arbor.

James Britts, 22, operator, and Caitlin Zajac, 20, both of Toledo.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Kevin Bridge from Teri Bridge.

Teri Bridge from Kevin Bridge.

Jeffery White from Tamara White.

Tamara White from Jeffery White.

Crystal Cowson from Shane Cowson.

Nathan Hammit from Heidi Hammit.


Lucas County

Steven Meszaros and Monica Meszaros.

Brian Pietrosimone and Amanda Pietrosimone.


Lucas County

Armstrong, John, 85, Executive Parkway, congestive heart failure.

Arthur, Daryl, 63, Delta, Ohio, adenocarcinoma.

Barber, Kelly James, 48, Lyons, Ohio, heart disease.

Barnes, Geneva, 41, Southard Avenue, pending investigation.

Bick, Joyce, 73, Brancaster Road, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Blochowski, Leona, 94, Northdale Drive, dementia.

Boston, Irene, 75, Tully Drive, coronary artery disease.

Castle, Brian, 40, South Avenue, renal disease.

Cornelius, Barbara, 83, Temperance, cancer.

Crowl, Barbara, 83, Chippewa Road, arteriosclerosis.

Diebel, Mary, 79, Kenyon Drive, coronary artery disease.

Dittman, Jack, 94, Oxbridge Drive, cancer.

Duffin, Daniel, 72, Douglas Road, cancer.

Fackler, Ruth, 81, Fenwick Drive, Alzheimer's dementia.

Haas, Sally, 90, Sylvania-Metamora Road, Sylvania, cerebral vascular accident.

Hannan, John, 83, Michele Drive, arrythmia.

Heard, George, 92, Norwood Avenue, heart disease.

Hosack, Neil, 67, Muirfield Avenue, respiratory failure.

Hudson, Renee, 44, Calverton Road, pending investigation.

Hundon, Anna, 66, Gregory Drive, Maumee, cancer.

Iffland, William, Sr., 61, Harroun Road, Sylvania, glioblastoma multiforme.

Jackson, Mary, 81, Brighton Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Jackson, Rita, 90, Swanton, coronary artery disease.

Jakubowski, Gary, 48, Nantucket Drive, heart disease.

Jameson, Kristine, 60, Pawnee Road, amyloidosis of liver.

Krolak, Lucille, 86, Tremainsville Road, congestive heart failure.

Ladd, Vaughn, Jr., 77, 295th Street, cancer.

Larke, Henry, 91, West Crawford Avenue, failure to thrive.

Mallory, Richard, 83, Lott Court, myocardial infarction.

Manon, Mark, 62, Whiteford Road, Sylvania, respiratory failure.

Marok, Gale Mary, 83, Philmar Drive, failure to thrive.

Matzke, Joyce, 85, Brooklynn Park East, polycythemia vera.

McNeil, James, 81, Manley Road, Maumee, cancer.

Meyer, Gene Vivian, 66, West Central Avenue , intracranial bleeding.

Novesta, John, 75, Pine Ridge Road, respiratory failure.

Proloff, Vivian, 85, Bartley Place, billary duct carcinoma.

Reilly, Donald, 74, Walbridge Avenue, cancer.

Rice, Virginia, 84, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, accident.

Ricker, Velma, 90, Oakview Drive, accident.

Rosenbrook, George, 88, Massillon Street, kidney disease.

Roundell, Norman, 67, Abbotswood Drive, pending investigation.

Schaefer, Diana, 63, Cambridge Park South, Maumee, coronary artery disease.

Sliwinski, Beatrice, 89, Millbury, Ohio, ventricular fibrillation.

Sluhan, Maryann, 66, Deepwood Lane, pulmonary hypertension.

Smith, Martin, 87, Ralphwood Drive, renal disease.

Sprague, Sandra, 58, Willowhill Lane, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Stahl, Rozella, 73, Pinecrest Drive, cancer.

Suttler, Carole, 44, Calumet Avenue, pending investigation.

Waite, Ronald, 54, Walbridge Avenue, cardiac arrythmia.

Watson, Dennis, 71, Chestnut Street, anoxic encephalopathy.

Zimmerman, Mary, 78, Montpelier, Ohio, congestive heart failure.

Crime reports


Dawn Solly, TV from residence in 1000 block of Greenwood.

Brandon Zahs, tools and medicine from residence in 900 block of Mott.

Sarah Kimdell, video systems and radio/CD player combo from vehicle in garage in 1000 block of Earl.

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, lawn maintenance equipment from church in 800 block of Nesslewood.

Dale Construction, Inc., equipment from vehicle trailer in parking lot in 1700 block of Broadway.

Gary Gatanis, cash and jewelry from residence in 3200 block of Raleigh.

Carla Steele, TV from residence in 4100 block of Harris.

Northern Ohio Investment Co., copper pipes, plumbing, furnace, kitchen sink, and light fixtures from house in 1200 block of Colton.

Taron Banks, TV, DVD player, laptop computer, iPad, and video game system with games from residence in 1100 block of Forest.

Kayla Brandow, TV and video game systems with accessories from residence in 1500 block of Colorado.

William Stark, copper from house in 3700 block of Hazelhurst.

George Brandon, TV and video game system from residence in 3400 block of Nebraska.

Lee Mulherin, TV, video game system, DVDs, CDs, furniture, and clothes from residence in 1900 block of Broadstone.

Shaniqua Clark, skillets, silverware, slow cooker, DVDs, and CDs from residence in 700 block of Blum.

Krystal Knight, laptop computer and jewelry from residence in 1800 block of Cone.

Lynne Johnson, bicycles, air conditioners, and toolbox with tools from garage in 600 block of Southbriar.

Cora Lind, TV, knives, swords, and pair of nun chucks from residence in 3800 block of Woodmont.

Agustin Lopez, TV and cash from residence in 1500 block of Western.

Yufang Wu, laptop computer, backpack, camera, and wallet with credit cards and personal documents from residence in 2500 block of Secor.

Pinetree Apartments, snow blower from shed in 1500 block of Bernath.

Max Anning, digital camera, camcorder, jewelry, and home telephone from residence in 2000 block of Kennison Drive.

Fannie Mae, copper pipes from residence in 2900 block of Kenwood.

Howard Thomas, TV from residence in 4700 block of Burnham.

Jake Faulkner, jewelry and safe with cash and personal papers from residence in 3200 block of Mulberry.

Chantel Cross, TV, laptop computer, jewelry, and leather coats from residence in 2800 block of Kendale.

Andrea Hartford, medicines, cash, TV, and clothes from vehicle in 700 block of Balfe.

Little Sprouts Academy, LLC, air conditioning unit from day care in 4000 block of Elmhurst.

Jodi Vaughn, wallet with cash, bank cards, store card, gift cards, checkbook, and personal documents from office in 600 block of North Erie.

Lori Doliber, fridge, stove, washer, dryer, furniture, and globe from residence in 1200 block of Hirzel.


Tiffany Wills, video game system with games, camera, iPod, jewelry, and credit card from residence in 600 block of Gawil.

Joyce McKey, chain link fence from residence in 5000 block of Sandra.

Erika Avila, catalytic converter from vehicle in 3100 block of Brigham.

Gordon Demey, engine, bumper, seat, and fishing equipment from vehicle in 100 block of Maryland.

Mark Moffet, 30-inch copper downspouts and copper clean out boxes from house in 3200 block of River.

Janet Bowles, purse with cash, bank cards, checkbooks, discount cards, and driver's license from motel lobby in 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Harrison Files, wallet with credit cards and driver's license from his person at unknown location; loss discovered at residence in 1000 block of Campbell.

Betsy Mitchell, cash and debit card from purse at office in building in 3100 block of West Central.

John Schmidt, air conditioning unit from house in 700 block of Southover.

Terry McCoy, Sr., handgun from residence in 700 block of Ashwood.

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