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Daily Log

Daily Log: 5-21


Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Kathryn and Jeremy Schiel, Springfield Township, boy, May 18.

Dee Dee Pasco, Napoleon, Ohio, boy, May 18.

Toledo Hospital

Monica and James Gregory, Sylvania, boy, May 19.

Cherie Hairisen-Hall and Andrew Hall, Toledo, twin girls, May 17.

Nicole and Richard Lindell, Walbridge, boy, May 19.

Kayla Lisinski, Whitehouse, boy, May 19.

Heather and Richard Shanaberger, Grand Rapids, boy, May 19.

Jessica and Jeremy Snyder, Lambertville, boy, May 17.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Kate and Erik Blake, Maumee, girl, May 19.

Bay Park Community Hospital

Rosa Salazar, Westland, Mich., girl, May 20.

Coroner’s Rulings

The Lucas County Coroner has ruled in the following deaths:

Sarah Christian, 29, of Toledo, March 10, at University of Toledo Medical Center. Accidental, hydrocodone toxicity.

Alva Compton, 94, of Oregon, May 9, at Bay Park Community Hospital. Accidental, complications of blunt force trauma right hip; deceased fell at home.

Samuel Flory, 58, of Wauseon, Ohio, April 26, at St. Luke’s Hospital. Accidental, complications of ruptured spleen; deceased fell at work.

Jamie Galinis, 54, of Toledo, April 8, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, blunt head trauma; deceased fell down stairs.

John Hartman, 47, of Toledo, April 10, at home. Suicide, gunshot wound to head.

Dameion Legeza, 34, of Toledo, Feb. 18, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Joanna Naylor, 71, of Deshler, Ohio, April 19, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, multiple blunt trauma; deceased was in car hit by train.

Torian Tall, 25, address not available, April 15, at Toledo Hospital. Homicide, gunshot wound to neck.

David Weber, 27, of Toledo, Jan. 18, at University of Toledo Medical Center. Accidental, probable combined drug toxicity.

Archie Weddington, 68, of Toledo, Feb. 4, at home. Accidental, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

May 17, 2012

Phillip Szymczak, 29, crane operator, and Tiffany Smith, 30, client services representative, both of Toledo.

Thomas Schuller, 51, machine operator, and Maria Briguera, 48, both of Sylvania.

Aaron Bishop, 29, service technician, and Sarah Jewell, 29, preschool teacher, both of Toledo.

Izanuel Foster, 52, store clerk, and Felicia Cox, 42, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Paul Schultz, 62, retired, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and Tamara Jones, 43, of Toledo.

Raymond Johnson, 24, maintenance worker, and Desiree Kirkwood, 28, both of Toledo.

Randy Nowak, 23, and Crystal Mauder, 27, trial manager, both of Toledo.

Jeffrey Ashe, 40, laborer, and Trinidy Manning, 30, health care provider, both of Toledo.

Brent Englehart, 26, renovator, and Chelsey Prowant, 21, child care provider, both of Toledo.

Wayne Pedersen, 31, computer technician, and Heather Lambert, 24, pet care retail associate, both of Mau­mee.

Justin Haren, 33, teacher, and Sarah Lemle, 30, teacher, both of Toledo.

Jonathan Marker, 30, sales representative, and Christine Erhardt, 30, teacher, both of Toledo.

Brandon Welever, 24, business manager, of Toledo, and Kelly Fandrey, 24, student, of Swanton.

Benjamen Fair, 40, and Elizabeth Ress­ler, 37, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Berlin, Phyllis, 77, Pamshire Downs, Holland, cancer.

Billegas, Samuel, 51, Lorain Street, cancer.

Bishop, Margaret, 87, Stickney Avenue, cancer.

Bryant, Ann, 63, Pineway Drive, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Burton, Anthony, 58, South McCord Road, Holland, cardiovascular disease.

Crawford, Sherman, 80, Perrysburg, accident.

Dompier, Louise, 81, Seaman Road, Oregon, cancer.

Feiger, Evelyn, 82, Bishop Street, cancer.

Flaczynski, Richard, 69, Lambertville, cancer.

Foreman, Berneda, 96, Weckerly Road, Monclova Township, cancer.

Fortress, Marianne, 67, Airline Avenue, pending investigation.

Frey, Arlene, 81, 104th Street, vascular disease.

Hall, William, Jr., 65, Grand Rapids, Ohio, emphysema.

Jacob, Lawrence, 91, Haddington Drive, pneumonia.

Jones, Betty, 73, Airline Avenue, cancer.

Kaczmarek, Albert, 85, West Bancroft Street, cerebrovascular disease.

Marlow, Marvin, 63, North Summit Street, cardiovascular disease.

McCammon, Wilma, 81, North Holland-Sylvania Road, aortic stenosis.

Pieper, Donald, Sr., 75, Pickle Road, Oregon, pending investigation.

Stewart, Francina, 47, West Delaware Avenue, cancer.

Viery, John, 65, Ann Arbor, sepsis.

Crime reports


Tempri White, robbed of smart phone and purse with cash, food stamp card, and identification card by man who threatened her with a handgun, forced his way into residence, and fired handgun.

Abby Stoldt, one of four people approached by a group of unknown people armed with guns, robbed of purses, cash, cell phones, and credit cards in the unit block of Pasadena.


Andra Crisp, approached by an unknown person at a gas station in the 2100 block of North Detroit while victim was fueling car. Victim’s car was shot at as he drove away.

Charles Bee, victim was driving motorcycle on Oak Street when a known suspect put his car in reverse and allegedly tried to hit victim. Victim had “minor” injuries.

Robert Eddy, injured during a fight in the 100 block of Steel.

Carrie Copeland, unknown suspect fired multiple shots at the victim and three other individuals in the 2800 block of North Summit.

Shawn D. Cook, shot in the right shoulder/neck while walking in the 3600 block of North Erie.

Devin Holcomb, shot in the chest at North Detroit and West Central avenues.


Tyler Arnold, TV/DVD player combo from residence in 100 block of Austin.

Matthew Raddatz, cash, lottery tickets, watches, digital camera, digital video camera, and medicines from 1300 block of Brooke Park.

Nancy Harrington, jewelry from residence in 5300 block of Whitehouse.

Julie Brown, televisions, car seat, electric car for kids, and stroller from residence in 3200 block of Mona.

Adam Klocinski, video game system and cash from residence in 300 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Peggy Hart, purse with medicines from residence in 4000 block of Vermaas.

Rebecca Erd, cell phones and video game system with games from residence in 3000 block of Joseph.

Carol Warren, cash and clothes from residence in 700 block of Avondale.

Ross Mahowald, gas range, washer and dryer, microwave oven, wood burning stove, refrigerator with freezer, furniture, curtains, and curtain rods from residence in 500 block of Eberle.

Randy Wheeler, tools from garage in 2900 block of Rocksberry.

Tamika Thompson, safe, cash, vehicle titles, keys, laptop computer, and personal papers from residence in 1400 block of Colburn.

Michele Tedd, cash and jewelry from residence in 4000 block of Airdale.

Dorothy Wadley, televisions, DVD player, and e-readers from residence in 5700 block of Sims.

Angela White, laptop computer, television, purse, cash, medicines, and keys from residence in 2400 block of Airport.

Sam Jones, television, iPod, video game system, and laptop computer from residence in 4200 block of Luann.

Advanced Communications Inc., two catalytic converters from business in the 800 block of Warehouse.

Telisha Chestnut, game console, video games, and controllers from residence in the 3100 block of North Ontario.

Kisha Slater, lawnmower, lawn chairs, and table from residence in the 500 block of Chicago.

Khristin Johnson, two televisions and jewelry from residence in 2400 block of Lawrence.

Fredrick Durnwald, copper plumbing, air conditioner, and kitchen sink from residence in 500 block of Spring.

Sherri Isaac, two lawnmowers, snow blower, hedge trimmer, and tools from garage in the 1100 block of North Huron.

Mark Hornik, 3D television with glasses and ceramic duck filled with coins from residence in unit block of Tyler.

Gerald Maly, cash from residence in 5200 block of Grosse Pointe.

Philip Coates, no loss from residence in 800 block of Carver.


Angela Galloway, purse with food stamp card, child support card, cell phone, keys, and personal documents from vehicle at car wash at Bennett and West Alexis.

Miller Pipeline Corp., tractor batteries from lot at Nesslewood and North Detroit.

Tim Olejniczak, fire pit, patio furnace, gas grill, and outdoor clock with thermometer from residence in 1600 block of Yosemite.

Arlena Allen, purse with bank cards, food stamp card, and checkbook from vehicle in 700 block of Vance.

Justin Duncan, medicine from vehicle in 700 block of Nevada.

William Schramm, satellite radio and cash from vehicle in 1600 block of Park Ridge.

Rayvin Hughes, clothes, jewelry, and television from residence in 1300 block of Shenandoah.

Mark Sheppard, computer hardware and software, speakers with bag, and cables from vehicle in 300 block of West Alexis.

Shirley Thomas, purse with cash, gas card, credit card, and personal documents from residence in 1000 block of North Byrne.

Sunoco, outside air conditioning unit from gas station in 300 block of West Alexis.

Deborah Petersheim, jewelry from residence in 4100 block of Elmhurst.

Michael Ramirez, laptop computer from gym in 2500 block of Cherry.

Kathie Clark, bank card from residence in 100 block of West Capistrano.

General Motors Co., tool set pieces from factory in 1400 block of West Alexis.

Tommy Hughart, cash from residence in 600 block of Myers.

Vicki Elliott, laptop computer from vehicle in 4300 block of Secor.

William Byers, cash, hurdles, iPad, and mail from vehicle in 300 block of 27th.

Patricia Lee, jewelry and jewelry box from residence in 800 block of Hilltop.

Teela Gary, wallet, cash, food stamp card, bank card, personal documents and papers, pair of shoes, bookbag, and books from vehicle in 500 block of East Park.

Patricia Gonzalez, Jose Gonzalez, Kayla Howe, and Selena Gonzalez, wallet, cash, debit card, food stamp card, personal documents, and papers from vehicle in 3200 block of Mayo.

Stacey Sleesman, purse with cash, jewelry, debit card, medicines, iPod, chargers, keys, and personal documents and papers from residence in 400 block of Walden.

Melissa Carmony, checkbook, cell phone, and purse with personal papers from vehicle in 1400 block of South Byrne.

Cornelia Pryba, electrical box exterior panel with electrical components from residence in 800 block of Lagrange.

Constance Lancz, tools, jewelry, gas cards, silver coins, and wheat pennies from vehicle in 600 block of Regina Parkway.

Paul C. Lamarre III, cameras with accessories from vehicle at Monroe and 13th.

Renee Kluczynski, wallet, debit card, checkbook, keys, flash drives, cell phone, sunglasses, camera, purse, and personal documents from vehicle in 3000 block of Tremainsville.

Breann Jackson, debit card, checkbook, wallet, smart phone charger, bag, hair straightener, and makeup from vehicle at Dorr and Lawnview.

Kelly Gill, wallet with bank cards and personal documents and papers in parking lot in 500 block of Dorr.

Blake McGarth, car radio, amplifier, speaker and cell phone stolen from vehicle in the 2600 block of Tremainsville.

Ayla Ozsoy, credit cards, cash, drivers license stolen from vehicle in the 1200 block of South Reynolds.

Phyllis Gilmer, temporary tag stolen from vehicle in the 800 block of Fourth.

Marcena Upp, electricity meter stolen from the outside of a home in the 4800 block of Imperial.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Daryl Oliver from Celeste Oliver.

Tony McCown from Catalina McCown.

John Bell from Kari Bell.

Randy Neubert from Cynthia Neubert.

Cynthia Neubert from Randy Neubert.

David Scott, Jr., from Kathy Scott.

Casandra Buck from Stanley Miller, Jr.

Jamie Miller from Stanley Miller, Jr.

Mary Cichocki from David Cichocki.

Angela Schroyer from Robert Schroyer.

Sheryl Ickes from John Ickes.

Anthony King from Trina Hicks.

Machisa Stevenson from James Stevenson.

Peggy Arnold from Brian White.

Brittany Martin from Justin Martin.

James Traver, Jr., from Alicia Traver.

Regina Coffey from John McCree.

Jennifer Hall from Steven Hall.

Randy Johnson from Diane Compos.

Bonnie Szalkowski from Tim Szalkowski.

Tim Szalkowski from Bonnie Szalkowski.

Latalha Bryant from Corey Coley, Sr.

Mary Tulk from Roland Tulk.

Roland Tulk from Mary Tulk.

Ernest Mitchell from Lisa Fortune.

Aurora Sutherland from Nathan Sutherland.

Brittany Saenz from Martin Saenz, Jr.

Hans Hartkopf from Rebecca Harkopf.

Rebecca Harkopf from Hans Hartkopf.

Larry Thayer, Jr. from Nicole Thayer.

Michelle Taylor from Matthew Taylor.

Matthew Taylor from Michelle Taylor.

Harold Davis, Jr. from Shaun Purley-Davis.

Darci Brown from Pradeesh George.

Pradeesh George from Darci Brown.


Lucas County

Jennifer Provolish and Joseph Provolish.

Christina Dougherty and Gerald Dough­­erty.

Abigail Rohde and Marcus Rohde.

Jeffery Winke and Jennifer Winke.

Kate Pawlowski and Kevin Modrowski.

Katherine Donovan and Darryl Lycourt, Jr.

Daniel Molnar and Katelynn Molnar.

Brian Goulet and Holly Goulet.

Alicia Rowe and Jacob Rowe.

Bonnie Bauman and William Bauman.

William Harroun and Lori Harroun.

Heather Rios and Michael Rios.

Pamela Teet and John Teet.

Jeffrey King and Stefanie King.

Troy Owens and Amy Owens.

Margaret Watterworth and John Watterworth.

Carrie Remann and Jeremiah Remann.

Matthew Garcia and Jamie Garcia.

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