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Daily Log

Daily log: 4/13


Bay Park Community Hospital

Amanda Henry, Oak Harbor, Ohio, girl, April 11.

Flower Hospital

Renee and Shawn White, Holland, boy, April 7.

Jane and Bradley Mannon, Walbridge, boy, April 8.

Alena and Scott Gunn, Perrysburg, boy, April 8.

Ali and Lawrence Stedz, Toledo, boy, April 8.

Dominique Williams, Toledo, boy, April 8.

Jessica ad Jason Altman, Holland, girl, April 9.

Jacquelyn and David Firestine, Maumee, girl, April 10.

Stephany and Samuel Below, Northwood, girl, April 10.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Jessy and Brandon barnwell, Sylvania, boy, April 10.

Andrea and Gavin Burd, Toledo, boy, April 11.

Toledo Hospital

Kizzy Williams Armstrong and Rashaan Armstrong, Toledo, girl, April 8.

Nancy Lear, Toledo, boy, April 9.

Lourana and Benjamin Dietz, Toledo, girl, April 9.

Valerie Kopp, Toledo, girl, April 10.

Briana West, Toledo, twin girls, April 10.

Danielle Thomas, Toledo, girl, April 10.

Stephanie and Eric Sniegowski, Delta, Ohio, girl, April 10.

Teri and Gregory Braun, Morenci, Mich., girl, April 10.

Andrea and William Scott, Perrysburg, girl, April 11.

Ashlee and Bradley Strickland, Weston, girl, April 11.

Jessica and Andrew Johnson, Walbridge, boy, April 11.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

David Kline, 28, team member, and Courtney Graham, 20, foodservice, both of Toledo.

Jeremy Fitzpatrick, 24, laborer, and Jessica Babcock, 24, both of Toledo.

Jason Hill, 39, construction, and Tamara Jagodzinski, 38, accountant, both of Toledo.

Mark Naddaf, 41, doctor, and Erika Parker, 28, sales, both of Sylvania.

James Sutter, 50, manager, of Toledo, and Renee Millington, 45, secretary, of Sylvania.

Anthony Pierce, 35, construction, and Kally Shopshire, 31, nursing, both of Monroe.


Crime reports


Lori Keefe, assaulted and robbed of cash, food-stamp card, and video game on street in 700 block of Woodville.

Cynthia Huntley, threatened by man who was trying to rob her of tip container with cash at bar in 500 block of Navarre.

Red Roof Inn, clerk threatened with handgun and robbed of cash from register at hotel in 3500 block of Executive Parkway.

Dontaie Hull, threatened with handgun on street in 300 block of West Oakland by man who was trying to rob him of cell phone.

Ashley Nolan, threatened with handgun and robbed of purse with cash and keys at residence in 2800 block of Elm.

Whitney Laird, confronted in 2100 block of Alvin by men who were trying to rob her.

Nicholas Anaya, Jr., threatened with handgun and robbed of cash, cell phone, and identification card on sidewalk in 500 block of Utah.


Brian Wilson, laptop computer from residence in 600 block of Dearborn.

Dennis Felton, TV from residence in 1000 block of Glann.

Ashley Fleenor, cash from residence in 700 block of Siegel.

Bernard Jamison, jewelry, TVs, clothes, boots and shoes, hand-held game, bottles of cologne, bottles of liquor, and kitchen set from residence in 900 block of Evesham.

Heather Pereira, purse with jewelry, debit cards, tablet computer, and personal papers from residence in 400 block of Waggoner.

Byron Orner, microphone and food from residence in 600 block of Oak.

David Malicki, TV, desktop computer, toaster, and vacuum cleaners from 5800 block of Southwyck.

Robert Payton, cash and video game system with games and controllers from residence in 1600 block of Brooke Park.

Shaniece Fields, TV from residence in 1800 block of South Ottawa Cove.


Benjamin Rose, rims and tires from vehicle in 200 block of Shoreham.

Michel Doumit, laptop computer, headphones, sunglasses, and school books from vehicle in 1100 block of Steeple Chase.

Alice Kirkendall, computers, music player, purse, credit cards, debit cards, and personal documents from vehicle in 4700 block of Monroe.

Mark Shaffer, jewelry from residence in 1400 block of Norwood.

Matthew Graden, laptop computer from vehicle at Adams and North Erie.

Veronica Wessell, costume jewelry and laptop computer with case from vehicle at Oakwood and Perth.

Gregory Kasch, Jr., music player and clothes from vehicle in 3100 block of Markway.

Benjamin Rose, rims and tires from vehicle in 200 block of Shoreham.

John Harris, cash, laptop computer, sunglasses, and eyeglasses from vehicle in 5500 block of Ryewyck.

Peggy Yeager, rims and tires from vehicle in 4800 block of Overland Parkway.

Shontae Perkins and Sharvada Mathis, CD player, amplifier, tablet computer, and cell phones from vehicle in 2900 block of West Central.

Katherine Brown, catalytic converter from vehicle in 900 block of Bronson.

Nathan Bayly, amplifier with accessories from school in 3300 block of Upton.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Ted Hazard from Jennifer Hazard.

Patrick Ferris from Jacquelyn Danchisen.

Jacquelyn Danchisen from Patrick Ferris.

Dustin Hawk from Katherine Hoffer-Hawk.

Laura Rudnicki from Daniel Rudnicki.

Daniel Rudnicki from Laura Rudnicki.

Gretchen Dussel from James Dussel.

Brenda Hartsell from Jonny Hartsell, Jr.

Lyndon Booker from Tanya Booker.

Melissa Russell from Donald Russell.

Freda Pollauf from James Pollauf.

Gennett McCarvar from Gregory Adams.

Angela Myers from Jason Myers.

Tracy Buchanan from Aaron Buchanan.

Tyler Osment from Tina Osment.

Toni Clark from Shaun Clark.

Kathy Dick from Donald Dick.

Keyra Dunlap from William Maddox.

Linda Wilson from Jeffrey Wilson.

Cherie Jeffries-Urbina from David Urbina.

Wendy Rudd from Jamie Bookenberger.

Nicholas Stiles from Monetta Stiles.

Alicia Dye from Sean Dye.

Jacob Snyder from Wendy Snyder.

Cynthia Haefner from William Haefner, Jr.

Jaime Heldmann from Michael Heldmann.

Michael Heldmann from Jaime Heldmann.

Michael Mays from Lynell Mays.

Dara Meyer from Nicholas Foulk.

Heather Cousino from Michael Tillman.

Melissa Billis-Rudski from Robert Rudski.

Robert Dennis from Andrea Cardena.

Dolly Pely-Shea from Frederick Shea.

Susan Senci from Scott Senci.

Scott Senci from Susan Senci.

Thomas Brush from Katy Brush.

Jeffrey Greene from Jill Greene.

Jill Greene from Jeffrey Greene.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

David Weating and Dawn Weating.

Kim Teneyck and Todd Teneyck.

Leanne Jackson and Darryl Jackson.

Joey Whitmore and Eric Whitmore.

Rachna Mahambrey and Todd Gaertner.

Stanley Zalenski and Barbara Zalenski.

Shari Schwind and David Schwind.



Lucas County

Alonzao, Wayne, 21, Post Street, pending investigation.

Banks, Mary, 91, 14th Street, cerebrovascular accident.

Buck, Franklin, 72, Bishopsgate Drive, chronic obstructive pulmonary distension.

Calam, Patricia, 89, Sylvania, colon cancer.

Ciaciuch, Rosemary, 88, Northlawn Court, breast cancer.

Cofer, Connie, 61, Alvison Road, adenocarinoma of the lung.

Connolly, Ralph, Jr., 87, Sunnylawn Drive, skin cancer.

Elliott, Georgia, 83, Temperance, renal failure.

Holloway, Jerry, 61, Cherry Creek Lane, heart disease.

King, Willie, 86, Fernwood Avenue, pneumothorax.

Lee, Patricia, 81, Hilltop Lane, pneumonia.

Lutzke, Gerald, 84, Sylvania, carcinoma of the bladder.

Martin, Catherine, 84, St. Clair Street, coronary artery disease.

Marsh, Antoinette, 68, Erie Street, heart disease.

May, George, Jr., 81, Monroe, septic shock.

Moore, Bessie, 84, Hamilton Street, renal failure.

Muth, John, 50, Temperance, aortic dissection.

Nass, Herbert, Jr., 86, Freedom Street, vascular dementia.

Navarro, Antonio, Jr., 74, Chapin Street, urosepsis.

Pittman, Virginia, 84, Oregon, bowel perforation.

Price, Dorothy, 95, Sylvania, pneumonitis.

Regalado, Guadalupe, 80, Adrian, liver cirrhosis.

Rodriguez, Maria, 70, Hill Avenue, anoxic brain injury.

Shaffer, Matthew, 43, Maumee, pneumonia.

Thomas, Dorothy, 99, Reynolds Road, failure to thrive.

Venable, Duane, 59, Western Avenue, multiorgan failure.

Williams, Della, 56, Parkdale Avenue, colon cancer.

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