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The Weekly Record

Lucas County


Municipal court

Operating vehicle while intoxicated

Alfonso Segura, 38, of 323 East Broadway, Toledo, $505 fine, costs, 60 days jail time, 57 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, 1 year probation, license suspended 180 day.

Wood County

Bowling Green

Municipal Court

Operating vehicle under influence

Kyle Johnstone, 28, Bowling Green, 3 days jail, 3 days DWI program, 6-month license suspension, 2 years probation, $595 fine and costs.

Robert Looney, 23, New Hope, Ala., 6 days jail, 6-month license suspension, 2 years probation, $445 fine and costs.

Heinrich Neufeld, Wheatley, Ontario, Canada, 3 days jail, 6-month license suspension, 2 years probation, $585 fine and costs.

James Beahon, Jr., 27, Maumee, 3 days jail, 3 days DWI program, 6-month license suspension, 2 years probation, $595 fine and costs.

Benjamin Downey, 20, Toledo, 6 days jail, 6-month license suspension, 3 years probation, $585 fine and costs.

Jose Gonzalez, 23, Toledo, 3 days jail, 6-month license suspension, 2 years probation, $560 fine and costs.

William Baltz, 26, North Baltimore, 10 days jail, 2-years license suspension, 4 years probation, $945 fine and costs.

Gary Snoderly, 47, Oregon, theft, 3 years community control, 100 hours community service, obtain employment, DNA testing, restitution, $50 supervision fee, costs. Judge Alan R. Mayberry.

Underage alcohol offense

Abby Bove, 20, Bowling Green, 10 months probation, $520 fine and costs.

Benjamin Downey, 20, Toledo, 4 days jail, 3 years probation, $320 fine and costs.

Andon Duran, 18, Swanton, 2 years and 4 months probation, $335 fine and costs.

Sarah Meeker, 28, Bowling Green, 26 months probation, $335 fine and costs.

Melissa Potter, 20, Bowling Green, 26 months probation, $335 fine and costs.

Driving under suspension

Jeffrey Gibson, 23, Bowling Green, 2 years probation, $200 fine and costs.

Common Pleas Court


Aaron Johnson, 20, Toledo, receiving stolen property, 9 months Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, post release control, costs. Judge Robert C. Pollex.

Allen Carter, Jr., 23, Elmore, complicity to forgery, 11 months ODRC, post release control, DNA testing, $152.10 restitution, costs. Judge Reeve Kelsey.

Kengi Williams, 27, Dayton, possession of cocaine, having weapons under disability, failure to appear, 2 years ODRC, post release control, DNA testing, costs. Judge Kelsey.

Wood County Hospital


Melissa and Nicolas Lennard, girl, June 29.

Amanda and Brock Pasley, boy, June 30.

Anna and Michael Godfrey, boy, June 30.

Nicole and Juan Flores, girl, June 30.

Ashley Swank, boy, July 1.

Kimberly Casdorph, girl, July 2.

Melanie and Curt Yarger, girl, July 3.

Kara and James Oberlander, girl, July 3.

Emily and Thomas Goon, boy, July 4.

Probate Court

Marriage licenses

Robert Gallear, 42, of Stoke On Trent, England, health and safety officer, and Evelyn Daniels, 46, of Monroe, Mich., call management coordinator.

Craig Sunday, 26, support representative, and Jami Taylor, 26, teacher, both of Walbridge.

Phillip Sworden, 58, of Sanford, Mich., forester, and Tessa Hale, 59, of Bowling Green, nurse.

John Zanfardino, 55, habilitation coordinator, and Marie Foxwell, 48, program manager, both of Bowling Green.

James Hoover, 31, truck driver, and Melissa Hogan, 27, dispatcher, both Wayne.

Jedidiah Radebaugh, 27, student, and Erin Fox, 25, music therapist, both of Saint Paul, Minn.

Matthew Bishop, 24, electronics engineer, and Andrea Poulimenos, 29, Webmaster, both of Bowling Green.

Mark Brewer, 22, student, and Stephanie Benore, 19, server, both of Bowling Green.

Justin Lynch, 24, manufacturing engineer, and Summir Dom, 24, preschool teacher, both of Perrysburg.

David Johnson, 50, truck driver, and Theresa Mack, 48, clerk/cashier, both of Walbridge.

Satoru Kumagai, 40, of Cygnet, manager, and Yue Guo, 28, of Toledo.

Michael Hoelter, 23, accountant, and Abigail Altman, 23, substitute teacher, both of Perrysburg.

Dale Frost, 44, head custodian, and Carol Walender, 48, transportation, both of Perrysburg.

Howard Harness, 48, pipe fitter, and Kathy Jo Burrell, 45, both of Rudolph.

Robert Hoobler, 55, barber/stylist, and Lesta Thomas, 55, both of Perrysburg.

Bryan Schneider, 27, teacher, and Erin Gilbert, 26, teacher, both of Bowling Green.

Curt Zeisloft, 27, Rosenboom Machine/Tool, and LeAnn Pokornik, 25, teacher, both of Cygnet.

Joseph Leung, 24, of Calgary Alberta, golf course attendant, and Melody Bennett, 27, of DeForest, Wis., teacher.

John Jackson, 19, toxicology, and Joyce Brechtelsbauer, 19, both of North Baltimore.

John Boyle, 25, mechanical engineer, and Jessica Broadway, 25, registered nurse, both of Novi, Mich.


Theresa and John Reinemeyer.

Kerry Beeler from Lawrence Beeler.

Rhonda Lackey from Brian Lackey.

Stacy and Steven Brown.


Cynthia and Larry Millinger.

Shannon and Eric Baker.

Nicole and Nathan Murphy.


Adrianna Rodriguez and Jesus Rivera.


Richard R. Curry, Jr., 57, of Toledo, esophageal cancer (squamous cell).

Mabel L. Lober, 82, of Toledo, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Kenneth J. St. Germain, 61, of Oregon, lung cancer (adenocarcinoma).

Diane J. Crowe, 71, of Bowling Green, cerebrovascular accident (stroke).

Kenneth C. Doehring, 92, of Bowling Green, cerebrovascular accident.

Mary Magdeline O'Rourke, 89, of Perrysburg, dementia N.O.S.

Rita M. Dane, 90, of Perrysburg, atherosclerotic coronary artery disease.

Lidia Giovannucci, 84, of Oregon, cirrhosis.

Don Carl Nouse, 84, of Palm Beach Gardens, FL, pulmonary fibrosis.

Roy D. Woodby, 80, of Toledo, metastatic squamous cell cancer of right ear.

Paul D. Prodan, 69, of Walbridge, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Carmelita Carolina Haugh, 69, of Toledo, pancreatic cancer, metastatic.

Marian R. Harrison, 92, of Walbridge, coronary artery disease.

Richard H. Britten, 85, of Perrysburg, congestive heart failure.

William John Lyons, 56, of Perrysburg, squamous cell cancer of tongue, tonsil.

Linda Altmann, 73, of Tecumseh, Mich., failure to thrive.

Real estate transfers

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Inc. to CNL Net Lease Funding 2003 LLC, 1005 North Main, Bowling Green, $559,106.93.

Kuntry Haven Construction LLC to Patricia and John DeChristopher, 1 Bainbridge Way, Bowling Green, $154,600.

Catherine Schivelbein et al to Monica Foster, 610 West Gypsy, Bowling Green, $105,500.

Charles and Jayne Fincher to Mark and April Swope, 29038 Lime City, Perrysburg Twp., $136,688.

Pamelyn Cochran to David Jackson, unit in Fore Meadows Condominium, Bowling Green, $105,000.

WM Specialty Mortgage LLC to Duane Tysiak, 219 Main, Luckey, $73,900.

Bobby and Rebecca Coe, trustees, to Tireman BG LTD, 999 South Main, Bowling Green, $580,000.

Jamee Hintz to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 117 Earl North, Haskins, $187,500.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Christian Marlowe et al, 117 Earl North, Haskins, $180,000.

Ryan Getter to Michelle Burda, 121 South East, Bradner, $87,000.

Wood County Sheriff to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., trustees, 6975 Railroad, Perry Twp., $35,000.

Joseph and Elizabeth Martis to John and Rita Martis, 522 Highland, Rossford, $160,000.

Larry and Marcia Williams to Harrison Hamill et al, 812 Vale, Bowling Green, $140,000.

Anthony Wulff et al to Shannon and Crissy George, 15353 Green, Plain Twp., $239,000.

Wood County Sheriff to Deutsche Bank Trust Co., trustee, 2323 Greensburg Pike, Montgomery Twp., $106,250.

Wood County Sheriff to GMAC Mortgage Corp., 17737 Brim, Bowling Green, $125,000.

Regina Richardson to Sara Peabody, 1945 Glenross, Northwood, $91,000.

Dale and Marcy Hicks to Dana Cifuentes, 14706 Ramblehurst, Middleton Twp., $207,500.

RAR Investment LTD to Thomas and Debra Hertzfeld II et al, 132 Clay, Bowling Green, $143,000.

Darlene Switzer to Marylouise Yonker, 2640 Courtly, Perry Twp., $172,000.

Reynolds Construction Co. to Contracting Unlimited LLC, lot 35 Hull Prairie Farms, Perrysburg, $44,500.

First Industrial Development Services to OZH LLC, 7401 Fremont Pike, Perrysburg Twp., $21,480,000.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Edward and Rose Killian, plat 1 lot 19 Emerald Lakes, Perrysburg Twp., $33,800.

Donald Roberts et al to Eric and Amanda Moore, 2172 Coe, Perrysburg, $209,500.

Stephen Patterson et al to Desislav Velkov, 937 Manitoba, Bowling Green, $200,000.

Nettie J. Frank Estate to Lloyd and Linda Fite, 134 Georgia, Bowling Green, $80,000.

Edward Tyrrell Inc. to Thomas Lemmerbrock, 228 Syracuse, Bowling Green, $230,000.

Joseph and Sharon McIntyre to Ronald Scherer, 75 Windrush, Bowling Green, $209,900.

Barbara Mather to Geahlan Blank, 18709 Hilt, Center Twp., $70,000.

Karl Steavenson et al to Shuli Xa and Wenshu Zhao, 938 Manitoba, Bowling Green, $239,000.

Barbara Agan to Shawn and Cassandra Dobson, 591 Main, Jerry City, $86,250.

Dorothy and Scott Mills to Kathleen Curtis, 25920 Lime City, Perrysburg Twp., $149,000.

EJS Enterprises Inc. to Steve Jindal, plat 5 lot 107 Riverford, Perrysburg, $57,500.

Robin Veitch to Robin Veitch et al, 231 South Prospect, Bowling Green, $90,000.

Mitchell and Carrie Hammond to Nathan and Nicole Kuh, 228 West Indiana, Perrysburg, $160,000.

Timothy and Kathryn Buffey to Daniel Kracher, Jr., et al, 4274 Hall, Perry Twp., $195,000.

Wood County Sheriff to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., trustee, 410 Leffler, Jerry City, $30,000.

Leona Hathaway, deceased, to Michael and Marci Metz, 110 North East, Bradner, $73,000.

John and Judith Bentley to Arned Bowles et al, 405 Normandie, Bowling Green, $236,000.

Richard and Mary Ann Hoare to Stanley George et al, 1337 Clark, Bowling Green, $240,000.

Carl and Terry Jones et al to Heidi Wammes, 812 Abingdon, Bowling Green, $269,000.

Casey Farms Partnership to Mary Pelton, residential property at 707 Quarry, North Baltimore, $5,000.

Dold Investment Co. to Neil Duchac, Jr., 1282 Tricia, Perrysburg, $212,500.

Brittany Farabee et al to Christopher and Barbara Goliver, unit in Stonegate Farms Condominiums, Bowling Green, $124,000.

West South Boundary LTD to Phillip and Kim Hollabaugh, 105 Holly, Perrysburg Twp., $229,900.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to John and Julia Matthews, 319 East Indiana, Perrysburg, $110,000.

Wilshar Properties II LLC to Marvin Davis II et al, inlot 102 Williamsburg on the River, Washington Twp., $60,500.

Fremont Investment and Loan to Joseph Cary, 1133 West Elm Tree, Rossford, $69,500.

Charles Byrne to Fred Shilling, Jr., et al, unit in the Villas at Summerfield, Bowling Green, $188,500.

Kip and Patricia Easley to Kenneth and Wanda Shaw, 102 Vine, Bloomdale, $101,000.

American Title Agency Inc., trustee, to James Fentress, plat 2 inlot 6111 Stone Ridge Golf Club, Bowling Green, $57,900.

James Fentress to Daniel and Debra Trace, 1612 Muirfield, Bowling Green, $295,000.

Honey Creek Homes Inc. to Scott and Tina Wright, 4511 Walbridge, Lake Twp., $151,500.

Dold Homes Inc. to Keith Holliker et al, 204 Browne, Haskins, $227,868.50.

Kent and Lucy Sahr to Zane and Rhonda Ramsey, plat 7 lot 105 Indian Trail Estates, Lake Twp., $36,500.

Ray and Ada Wise to Steven Lawrence, 418 North Main, North Baltimore, $107,000.

Wood County Sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Association, 223 Gardner, Northwood, $55,000.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Joseph Dechristopher, plat 1 lot 40 Emerald Lakes, Perrysburg Twp., $30,900.

Thomas Navarre et al to Michael Kervin, 26828 Fort Meigs, Perrysburg Twp., $165,000.

Brett and Diane Bonnell to Robert and Sarah DePouw, 1207 North Finch, Bowling Green, $210,000.

Briar Hill Country Club Inc. to Rocky Ford LLC, 14451 Deshler, Henry Twp., $500,000.

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