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Published: Monday, 11/26/2001

Area all-league football teams


FIRST TEAM OFFENSE: Center - Sean O'Connor, Start. Guards - Eric Krieg, St. Francis; Joe Blakely, St. John's. Tackles - Andrew Stanford, St. Francis; Tyler Stewart, Central. Tight end - Jeremy Coley, Woodward. Receivers - Ryne Robinson, Central; Fred Davis, Rogers. QB - Ben Harman, Central. Blocking back - Marty Patrilla, St. Francis; Billy Cockrell, Central. Running back - Derek Barksdale, Central; Rodney Gamby, St. Francis; Ozzie Williams, Bowsher. Utility - Ron Rease, Rogers. Specialty - Greg Wimberly, Start. Kicker - Nathan Parseghian, St. John's.

FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: Ends - Steve Fender, St. Francis; Brandon Macey, Central. Interior line - Ryan Lamy, St. Francis; Marty Byrne, St. John's; Tyler Brown, Central. LB - Stephen Copper-Butler, Central; Austin Brady, St. John's; John Lonchyna, St. Francis; Adam Links, St. Francis. Backs - Brandon Schrader, St. Francis; Jamye Whaley, St. Francis; Willis Barringer, Scott; Andy Mayberry, St. John's; Jared Hunter, Start. Punter - Brandon Fields, St. John's.

SECOND TEAM OFFENSE: Center - Eric Puszczewicz, Central. Guards - Larry Richardson, Waite; Rob Cameron, Start. Tackles - Chris Cousins, Bowsher; Rico Hester, Libbey; Aaron Watson, Scott; Brandon Fields, St. John's. Tight end - Nathan Calcammugio, St. Francis. Receivers - Chris Peer, St. Francis; Jeff Hartwig, Bowsher. QB - Ian Townsend, Scott. Running backs - Willis Barringer, Scott; Jeremiah Richardson, Start; Larry Gilhouse, Waite. Blocking back - Ian Gagnon, St. John's. Utility - Mike Menchaca, Bowsher. Specialty - Nick Stack, St. John's. Kicker - David Kramp, St. Francis.

SECOND TEAM DEFENSE: Ends - Alex Glonek, St. Francis; Frank Tomaselli, Start. Interior line - Sam Pewett, Waite; Josh Lonsbury, Start; Mike Degnan, St. Francis. LB - Wade Morris, Rogers; Tim Taylor, Libbey; Eric Puszczewicz, Central; Nathan Cherry, St. John's. Backs - Andre Parr, Central; Fred Davis, Rogers; Mike Menchaca, Bowsher; Clay Huber, St. John's. Punter - Jim Laney, St. Francis.

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Rodney Gamby, St. Francis.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Greg Dempsey, Central.


FIRST TEAM OFFENSE: QB - Alex Reese, Maumee. RB - Mike Galbraith, Anthony Wayne; Nick Jacobs, Perysburg; Joey Thees, Springfield. Receiver - Matt Emans, Bowling Green; Sean Parry, Maumee; Mike Norris, Southview. Tight end - C.J. Yockey, Northview. Tackle - Den Wessendorf, Anthony Wayne; Mickey Wilhelm, Maumee. Guard - Zak Fredley, Maumee; John Gumpf, Perrysburg. Center - Mike Brazzil, Springfield. Kicker - Eric Soltis, Rossford.

FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: End - Trent Hensley, Anthony Wayne; Mike Weaver, Springfield. Interior line - George Henry, Bowling Green; Mickey Wilhelm, Maumee; Zeke Zalinski, Perrysburg. LB - Brad Cramer, Anthony Wayne; Adam Holloway, Perrysburg; Jon Jakubowski, Rossford. Backs - Grant Gilsdorf, Anthony Wayne; Chris Bloom, Bowling Green; Kurt Kramp. Maumee; Marquis Hayes, Springfield. Utility - Greg Szparka, Northview. Punter - Kyle Ingraham, Rossford.

SECOND TEAM OFFENSE: QB - Darren Paige, Rossford; Drew Harmon, Perrysburg. RB - Chris Jones, Maumee; Adam Holloway, Perrysburg; Jon Jakubowski, Rossford. Receiver - Keith Boris, Rossford; A.J. Cucceleli, Anthony Wayne; Sean Helpin, Maumee. Tight end - Joe Saneholtz, Anthony Wayne; Mark Carstensen, Springfield. Tackle - Mark Wensink, Bowling Green; Zach Owen, Rossford. Guard - Jeff Krise, Anthony Wayne; A.J. Mick, Bowling Green. Center - Beeb Drennan, Maumee. Kicker - Ben Sarver, Bowling Green; Tyler Custer, Perrysburg.

SECOND TEAM DEFENSE: End - Tim Carpenter, Maumee; C.J. Yockey, Northview. Interior line - Paul Skulas, Northview; Cam Henry, Southview; Justin Piasecki, Springfield. LB - Tyler Layman, Bowling Green; Alex Chalmers, Northview; Eric Anderson, Perrysburg. Backs - Sean Parry, Maumee; Steve Calevro, Perrysburg; Paul Curtis, Rossford; Corey Ptaszynski, Springfield. Utility - Chris Jones, Maumee. Punter - Kurt Kramp, Maumee; Greg Szparka, Northview.


FIRST TEAM OFFENSE: Edwin Hood, Whitmer; Brian Burch, Sandusky; Rick Moore, Clay; Adam Hawkins, Findlay; Matt Wittenmyer, Findlay; Jeremy Bennett, Fostoria; Josh Bower, Fremont Ross; Nick Oprie, Fremont Ross; Andy Kukay, Findlay; Jason Wagner, Fostoria; Michael Tucker, Fostoria; Brian McCord, Fremont Ross.

FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: Robert Sarter, Sandusky; Terry Aaron, Sandusky; Nick Wolf, Findlay; Matt Calhoun, Whitmer; Bo Martin, Fremont Ross; Andrew Brenner, Fostoria; Cody Teet, Clay; Ross Graham, Clay; Jared Kingsborough, Fremont Ross; Phil Hartman, Findlay; Mike Davis, Fremont Ross; Noel Graham, Clay.

SECOND TEAM OFFENSE: Treyvon McBeth, Fostoria; Steve Wooten, Sandusky; James Addington, Findlay; Mark Neville, Whitmer; Kyle Johann, Findlay; Joe Kaiser, Fremont Ross; Alex Grine, Fostoria; Adam Haman, Fostoria; Bryce Pitney, Findlay; Dash Yost, Fremont Ross; Adam Laurell, Clay.

SECOND TEAM DEFENSE: Brice Fuller, Fostoria; Mike Gomez, Findlay; Mike Shanahan, Fremont Ross; Boyd Davis, Findlay; Matt Thiessen, Fremont Ross; Brandon Williamson, Sandusky; Luke Cousino, Clay; Dustin Rusch, Fremont Ross; Bobby Hieronimus, Whitmer; Steve Coley, Whitmer.

OFFENSIVE LINEMAN OF THE YEAR: Michael Tucker, Fostoria.

DEFENSIVE LINEMEN OF THE YEAR: Jeremy Bennett, Fostoria; Jared Kingsborough, Fremont Ross; Matt Calhoun, Whitmer.


DEFENSIVE BACK OF THE YEAR: Bo Martin, Fremont Ross.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Mike Wetzel, Fremont Ross.


FIRST TEAM OFFENSE: QB - A.J. Schlea, Wodmore. RB - Scott Conley, Lake; Jaycee Brown, Eastwood; Kris Minch, Gibsonburg. End - Mike Neugent, Woodmore; Ryan Pannel, Lake. Center - Mike Woessner, Otsego. Guard - Jamie LaPlant, Gibsonburg; Andy Hites, Eastwood. Tackle - Kyle Scharer, Lake; Jeremy Gerwin, Eastwood. Specialist - Matt Nabors, Eastwood.

FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: Interior line - Matt Garber, Woodmore; Tony Binder, Gibsonburg; Joe Gerwin, Otsego. End - Marcus Niceley, Otsego; Mark Schneider, Woodmore. LB - Tony Haas, Eastwood; Buddy Perkins, Woodmore; Nathan Dubois, Otsego. Back - Joey Asmus, Otsego; Scott Conley, Lake; Arik Witker, Eastwood; Aaron Kaseman, Gibsonburg.

SECOND TEAM OFFENSE: QB - Derrick Santos, Lakota. RB - Ben Tippenhauer, Otsego; Dana Wend, Woodmore; Hank Jensen, Eastwood. End - David Russell, Lakota; David Cramer, Genoa. Center - Todd Enders, Gibsonburg. Guard - Kris Stafford, Lakota; Curtis Taylor, Lake. Tackle - Jesus Rodriquez, Gibsonburg; Chris Stone, Woodmore. Specialist - JR Ribe, Woodmore.

SECOND TEAM DEFENSE: Interior line - Donald Reggie, Otsego; Mike Kubacki, Eastwood; Brian Jacobs, Lakota. End - Travis Brown, Eastwood; Josh Williams, Lake. LB - Brian Roessner, Gibsonburg; Dan Dwyer, Lake; Curtis Taylor, Lake. Back - Derrick Santos, Lakota; Brent Snyder, Eastwood; Tyler Rohloff, Genoa; Craig Recker, Lake.

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Scott Conley, Lake.


FIRST TEAM OFFENSE: QB - Dan Stong, Evergreen. RB - Mark Nagel, Delta; Rodney Ponton, Liberty Ceneter; Aaron Zavala, Archbold. End - Doc Skeldon, Evergreen; Doug Shaw, Wauseon; Gabe Betts, Patrick Henry. Tackle - Drew Lohman, Patrick Henry; Lucas Bodenbender, Liberty Center. Guard - Jason Clark, Bryan; Kyle Leatherman, Liberty Center. Center - Josh Rufenacht, Archbold.

FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: Line - Matt Leininger, Liberty Center; Tim Ford, Delta; Tim Short, Archbold. End - Brian Dotson, Liberty Center; Lucas Bodenbender, Liberty Center. LB - Nate Bayer, Liberty Center; Mike Benton, Swanton; Adam Kovar, Delta; Mark Nagel, Delta. Back - Donnie Young, Archbold; Adam Lohman, Delta; Roger Shingledecker, Swanton.

SECOND TEAM OFFENSE: QB - Rob Flick, Patrick Henry. RB - Matt Von Seggren, Delta; Mike Boyer, Patrick Henry; Tad Litwiller, Archbold. End - Addy Shindorf, Delta; Roger Shingledecker, Swanton; Nate Ward, Bryan. Tackle - Ryan Mull, Delta; Tyler Rupp, Archbold. Guard - Rob Leitner, Delta; Tim Short, Archbold. Center - Rick Burner, Patrick Henry.

SECOND TEAM DEFENSE: Line - Rick Burner, Patrick Henry; Brad Cymbola, Liberty Center; Jerred Moss, Delta. End - Sam Andres, Archbold; Nate Ward, Bryan. LB - Phil Baden, Archbold; Matt Brown, Evergreen; Brandon Franz, Patrick Henry; Nate Zeiter, Liberty Center. Back - Tim Meyers, Liberty Center; Andy Weissenberger, Evergreen; Jeff Inselman, Patrick Henry.

FIRST TEAM SPECIAL TEAMS: Bill Witt, Swanton; Sam Spear, Archbold; Casey Andrews, Delta.

SECOND TEAM SPECIAL TEAMS: Kyle Piericini, Liberty Center; Jeremy Curtis, Delta; John Buldas, Montpelier.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Rex Lingruen, Liberty Center.


FIRST TEAM OFFENSE: QB - Pat Manders, Cardinal Stritch. RB - Dean Rosiar, Danbury; Jason McGaharan, Northwood. Receivers - Matt Skolnicki, Lorain Catholic; Brian Pille, Lorain Catholic; Brian Gasser, Cardinal Stritch. Line - Bryan Rhoads, Ottawa Hills; James Brewster, Ottawa Hills; Josh Schenko, Danbury; Jon Whitney, Cardinal Stritch; James Blankenship, Northwood.

FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: Line - Dan Bell, Danbury; Jacob Halicek, Cardinal Stritch; Jake Shank, Cardinal Stritch; Phil Mattingly, Ottawa Hills; Justin McWatters, Northwood. LB - Dan Jamieson, Ottawa Hills; Bryan Rhoads, Ottawa Hills; John Poddany, Northwood; Jason Jacob, Northwood. Backs - Mark Uhinck, Danbury; Matt Skolnicki, Lorain Catholic, Chad Domanski, Northwood.

SECOND TEAM OFFENSE: QB - Chad Kutting, Lorain Catholic. RB - Jake Shank, Cardinal Stritch; Dave Darr, Lorain Catholic. Receivers - Matt Jaksetic, Cardinal Stritch; Dan Jamieson, Ottawa Hills; Jake Fanning, Danbury. Line - Brad Corbin, Danbury; Mike Nichols, Northwood; Jason Turner, Northwood; Jake Vugrinac, Toledo Christian; Jacob Halicek, Cardinal Stritch.

SECOND TEAM DEFENSE: Line - Rick Crispen, Northwood; Tim Kiedorski, Lorain Catholic; Matt Kovach, Danbury; Joel Whitcomb, Toledo Christian. LB - David Darr, Lorain Catholic; Andy Curfman, Cardinal Stritch; Jack Vugrinac, Toledo Christian; Eric McKillips, Danbury. Backs - Matt Jaksetic, Cardinal Stritch; Logan Hufford, Ottawa Hills; Rob Baither, Ottawa Hills.

SPECIAL TEAMS: Punter - Jake Shank, Cardinal Stritch. Kicker - Andy Curfman, Cardinal Stritch. Utility - Josh Gribson, Northwood; Special - Mike Demaro, Cardinal Stritch.

OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Matt Skolnicki, Lorain Catholic.

DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Jacob Halicek, Cardinal Stritch.

SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Andy Curfman, Cardinal Stritch.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Ken James, Northwood.


FIRST TEAM OFFENSE: QB - Robert Dence, Huron. RB - Jon Sessler, Margaretta; Chad Thompson, Oak Harbor; Zach Levy, Oak Harbor. End - Ryan Arnold, Margaretta. Receiver - David Rhenish, Huron; Jon Schirg, SMCC. Center - Kevin VanNess, Margaretta. Guard - Colt Mielke, Margaretta; Paul Bergman, Oak Harbor. Tackle - Richard Wade, Huron; Seth Kaufman, Margeratta.

FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: Line - David Skeel, Clyde; Mike Anderson, Oak Harbor; Seth Painter, Perkins; Sammy Davidson, Edison. LB - Jon Sessler, Margaretta; Curt Clere, Oak Harbor; Tyler Richardson, Perkins; Kyle Meagrow, Edison. Back - Keith Shearer, Clyde; Jake Link, Huron; Christian Antel, Perkins; Josh Lang, Edison. Specialty - Josh Manner, Huron.

SECOND TEAM OFFENSE: QB - Robbie Lewis, Margaretta. RB - Kraig Miller, Clyde; Billy Greear, Port Clinton; Mike Bogden, Huron. End - Geoff Dartt, Port Clinton. Receiver - Tyler Myers, Clyde; Terry Graham, Huron. Center - Jason Tank, Oak Harbor. Guard - Jim Greenham, Perkins; Bruce Notestine, Edison. Tackle - R.J. Cook, Oak Harbor; Jacob Chartrant, Edison.

SECOND TEAM DEFENSE: Line - Brian Kingsborough, Margaretta; Sean Bartemes, Huron; Matt Stookey, SMCC; Steve Yoakum, Huron. LB - Kyle Miller, Clyde; Kyle Burks, Clyde; Kevin McGraw, Huron; Derek Tieche, Perkins. Back - Trent Thorbahn, Oak Harbor; Rich Durflinger, Huron; Shaun Moser, Margaretta; Dominick Giardina, Perkins. Specialty - Ben Barnette, Margaretta.



FIRST TEAM OFFENSE: Mohawk - Zach Hufford, Alex Carper, Kyle Roush. Carey - Joe Clinger, Lucas Phillips. Calvert - Joel Borer, Marc Baugher. Hopewell-Loudon - Lee Brickner. St. Joe - Brett Wilhelm, Nick Geller. North Baltimore - Jeremy Cotterman.

FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: Mohawk - Tyler Beckley, Chad Sowers, T.J. Marcotte. Carey - Josh Traxler, Drew Walter, Jon Hackworth. Calvert - Adam Reinhart. Hopewell-Loudon - Keith Brickner, Mike Shultz. Seneca East - Matt Berger, Bryan Benner. St. Wendelin - Charlie Frankart.

SECOND TEAM OFFENSE: Mohawk - Jason Kingseed, Wes Sharp. Carey - Ryan McKinnon, Andy Baldridge. Calvert - Ben Stover. Hopewell-Loudon - Jason Bodart. St. Joe - Mike Lento, Andy Wetosky. Seneca East - Paul Weaver, Brian Miller.

SECOND TEAM DEFENSE: Mohawk - Roy McKinney, David Peck, Kane Faber. Carey - Alex Keister, David Schlack. Calvert - Pete Lucius, Bart Borer, Jon Perry. Hopewell-Loudon - Jason Colatruglio, Shawn Borer. St. Joe - Dan Szymankowski. St. Wendelin - Jack Bugner. North Baltimore - Mike Spangenberg.

OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Jeremy Cotterman, North Baltimore.


SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYERS OF YEAR: Mike Shultz, Hopewell-Loudon; Nate Miller, Seneca East.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Erik Baker, Mohawk.

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