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Don't insult us with trite moralizing

Every individual in the United States is struggling to put Tuesday's attack into perspective. But the media has forgotten that while this is a national tragedy, it is also an individual journey.

This is why I am offended that columnists, reporters, and the media in general believe it is their duty to tell the American people when to mourn, what to think, and how to feel.

If anything, I hope the events of last Tuesday help us recognize that terrorism has already hit America. If we are not already terrorized as a nation, why do we lock our cars every night, carry pepper spray, and walk our children to school? Why do we have neighborhood watch programs, buy home security alarms, and keep pistols hidden in our homes?

Are daily rapes, shootings, and murders not acts of terrorism as severe as the attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center? Why is one form of terrorism met with “indignant outrage” while the other is accepted as part of life's daily routine? This disparity is the height of national hypocrisy, and we should be ashamed.

As a litmus test, poll your own conscious about the Oklahoma City bombing. I suspect that the event is little more than a distant memory, revived only briefly by the recent execution of Timothy McVeigh.

In the same way, plumb the depths of your feelings a year from now, two years from now, five years from now. How do you suppose you will feel then about the terrorist attacks of last Tuesday?

If you are still as deeply moved and committed to social action, then you will have earned my respect. Until that time, please do America a favor: Avoid insulting the intelligence of your fellow Americans through trite moralizing.



I am stunned and surprised that anyone in this country, in light of what has been happening, would have the audacity to criticize the works and the power of our President.

I do not know if Eileen Foley's column was written before the news of the Secret Service deviating Air Force One because of the possible threats to the White House and the President himself.

Was the comprehension that the President did not run away and was very visible to the public not noticed? He gave speeches and was in clear control of our country from the air bases where he had been secured, and not hiding.

Our President is a good man and a great leader. Anyone who has the audacity at this time to criticize has no clue about what is really going on in the real world.

Terrorism is real, and it has just entered our shores. Instead of criticizing our commander-in-chief, we should all be looking inward and asking if we would have the courage to run the country in the face of terrorism and war. We should be standing behind our President and our country and not finding fault with a security measure that was put into place to protect his life and to keep our government running.


Hoiles Avenue


It seems Toledo now has two things to be ashamed of during this crisis: gas profiteers and Eileen Foley.

What possible good is served by her criticism of our commander-in-chief? Does she actually believe that she has access to facts about this attack that he didn't have? It is shameful that she has allowed her hatred of our President to cloud her judgment.

The headline of her column says “United world must strike back at a clear foe.” Nowhere within the body of the piece do I see a positive suggested course of action. It is obvious she doesn't know what to do any more than we sheep do.

We will be led by the only commander-in-chief we have and the capable staff he has appointed. I believe he is the right man for the job at the right time.



I am not only outraged but also deeply concerned with Eileen Foley's characterization of President Bush during this crisis. Should our leader have gone directly back to Washington, D.C., and put his life in danger? What good would it have done to be in this terrible time without our commander-in-chief if he happened to have been assassinated?

I believe her column just shows this community once again how absolutely out of touch she - and by association her paper - is to the general public.

Her criticism at this time is uncalled for and frankly cowardly. How she cannot put aside what ever dislike or prejudice she feels toward President Bush at this time when those who in Washington can set aside all partisanship just shows the smallness of her character and shallowness of her heart.



Now is not the time to be questioning the President of the United States.

It is easy for someone like Eileen Foley to be stirring up controversy, but put yourself in this man's shoes on Tuesday. It made complete sense to me why the President did not return immediately to the White House. I do not think he was acting cowardly or indecisive, and ultimately it was not his call to make.

The Secret Service made the final decision in this case. They felt he was in danger being in Washington. He was in the best situation he could be, which was on the move, flanked by fighter jets.

Now is not the time or place to be taking sides in a political party debate. We must come together as a country. But if you want to point fingers, than you should be looking at former President Clinton, who did not build up the military. As is usual of most Democratic presidents, they want to build up the government and not defense.

Drop the bitterness, raise your American flag, support our President, and be happy you are in the greatest country in the world.


Fern Drive


The U.S. Congress takes votes by a “yea” or “nay” voice vote -always has. Right now our country should be taking this voice vote from every country around the world. “Are you on our side in eradicating terrorism from the face of the planet?” This roll call should be conducted and special consideration should be given to any country reluctant to say “yea.”

The slightest hint of disapproval is a declaration of willingness to be at war with the most powerful democracy in the history of the world. Those who dare say “nay” must be prepared to face the wrath of our full military power, knowing they are going to live and die with the circumstances because we will not allow these tragic events to happen again.

God Bless America and God help the dirty bastards who did this unspeakable evil. I hope they pay for it.




The Middle East harbors a culture of hate and fear between Arab and Israeli, Moslem and Jew. Parents teach that hate to their children without realizing it. On Tuesday morning, that hate infected the United States.

I cannot ask this country to forgo retaliation for Tuesday's attack. That would be an act of forgiveness beyond human capability. But we must remember the enemy is hate and can be driven from some people only when they die. America may require deaths to eliminate sources of hate.

Still, we must remember we are fighting hate. That fight must take place in each of us, as well as in extracting retribution against those who perpetrated and condoned Tuesday's atrocity.



Thank God Bush is president

Thank God our president is George W. Bush. It has been some time since I had total confidence that our president has the strength and determination to do the right thing in the face of adversity. He will not ask me what I think is the appropriate response to these horrific terrorist attacks, and I will not presume to advise him.


Maxwell Road

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