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Letters to the Editor

What forces are beating drums of war?

David McCullough quotes John Adams, our second president, who stated that the greatest achievement of his presidency was that he kept us out of war with France. There was provocation. France had attacked our ships and impressed our seamen. His answer to this provocation was to keep negotiating, even though our diplomats were not even received by their foreign minister. And he built up the Navy.

When we compare that to today's debate about going to war with Iraq, we can forget about building up the armed forces. That's already been done. John Adams openly proclaimed that his Christian faith guided his actions both as president and privately. He felt that the Christian tenet that all people are children of God was the foundation of our democracy. We are equal in the sight of the Lord.

In order to justify war, our leaders have to convince us that some other group is less than equal in the sight of the Lord; maybe even less than human. In the case of Sadaam Hussein, we seem to be willing to believe that he doesn't have his own self-interest at heart. What leader would attack another nation when the odds of being annihilated completely are so great? We can call him names all we want to, but he isn't crazy.

I am unwilling to guess what motives, what forces, are back of the hawks among the President's advisers. But I am certain that they will not be the ones doing the killing and the dying.




It is a shame that our country, the richest in the world, cannot take care of prescription drugs for the elderly. These are people who have given their lives working for the country, and at their retirement they have to spend their hard-won dollars on prescription drugs, and in some cases without food. Most of them travel to Canada to buy these drugs. This is a shame indeed! Whom are the politicians supposed to protect?

Nov. 6 is around the corner again, and all the huge campaign promises will be made for the votes of these vulnerable elderly. Something has to be done.


St. Agnes Church

Berkeley Drive


The Blade's Aug. 24 front-page story about the transgressions of a Toledo Diocesan priest proved to be a dismal failure in journalistic taste and integrity.

The article's description of improper sexual activities was offensive and hardly what one would expect to read in a family newspaper. In short, it was “need to know” overkill.

Reading The Blade will continue to be a daily ritual with me, but such insensitive and irresponsible writing has caused me to consider censoring the paper before it reaches my grandchildren.


Carriage Drive

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