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Letters to the Editor

U.S. suffered on Clinton's watch

Under President Clinton's watch our nation suffered greatly and we are still feeling the effects of his lack of character. Our former president routinely made a mockery of his wife and daughter with his child-like sexual desires. Marriage and family were made cheaper as a result. Life was made even cheaper as Mr. Clinton's veto cast aside the votes of most Democrats and Republicans to stop partial-birth abortion.

President Clinton allowed our brave service men and women to be used for his whimsical desires. He allowed our ill-equipped soldiers to be used under the command of the United Nations. The Germans and the French could not take care of their own European mess. Our nation watched with horror as a tortured American soldier was dragged through the streets of Somalia.

Millions were wasted on cruise missiles shot routinely as the president gave his orders. Our soldiers' service to our nation was neglected under the Clinton administration. He refused to increase their meager pay thus dragging military families further into poverty. President Clinton was handed Osama bin Laden but refused to take him and Saddam Hussein's cruel dictatorship in Iraq went unchecked.

Gas prices hovered at more than $2 a gallon; my 401(k) dropped dramatically, the recession began, and corporate scandal flourished under Mr. Clinton's watch. Crooked executives looked on admiringly at how their commander in chief was able to act above the law.

America will survive the havoc that this former president brought our great nation. We flourished after Jimmy Carter's malaise. President Bush inherited a mess from Mr. Clinton but his godly character and leadership will guide the United States back to unprecedented strength and growth.



It seems an appropriate time to evaluate our “progress” under this Bush Administration. We are initiating a war against a nation that has not threatened us; our relationship with a poor, starving nation is rapidly declining over suspicions about its nuclear capabilities; many Americans have lost sight of, and interest in, a “war on terrorism” as our President prepares to wage war on his father's nemesis.

Despite a considerable lack of support by other world nations and growing protests at home and abroad, this President is telling the American people to prepare for Gulf War II.

Oh, to go back to the “good old” days when politicians had nothing better to do than to make federal cases out of White House peccadilloes.


Cloister Court

Shame on the powers that be who allowed LeBron James to return to the court. Now I must explain to my kids why some people are above the law, why rules don't apply to everyone. Even my children can see through the facade — the Hummer, the clothes, pager, cell phone, parents who don't work.

If he is indeed going to be entering the NBA draft, all of those things could have waited a few more months. And young James could have taken the high road and refused all the special treatment, showing strong moral character.

This would have been the perfect time to set an example. Unfortunately an example was set — the wrong one.



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