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Gun control: Who defines `practical'?

Once again the gun control folks (those who wish to disarm people they wish to control) have taken another notch from our constitutionally granted Second Amendment right. California wishes to impose new restrictions on the 50-caliber rifle.

The “50” is a big weapon. It is extremely accurate up to 2,000 yards. Californians are claiming there is “no practical purpose to have a gun this powerful.”

However, these people on the left coast must feel there is some “practical purpose” in allowing 180-plus mph cars and $25 million mansions.

Why don't they outlaw Indy racing (what is the “practical purpose” of driving 240 mph?) or professional sports (what is practical about a $150 million three-year contract?)?

Who defines “practical”?

The “50” is too big and too expensive to be used in conventional crimes (40 pounds, almost 5 feet long, costs $2,500-$9,000, and takes tough-to-find ammunition). It is used primarily for sport and some pretty impressive bragging rights.

Lastly, lawmakers claim “these guns might fall in the wrong hands.” To that I reply, “then make Bic lighters illegal for the same reason!”

Don't get suckered into handing your rights away. It might start with the Second Amendment, but where would it end?


Caroline Avenue

I have heard all the corporate excuses about why gasoline prices fluctuate. However, when the price of regular goes from $1.31 to $1.59 overnight as it did at virtually every station in town, I suspect the real reason is: Rip-off!


Algonquin Parkway

When are we going to hold George W. Bush accountable? We allow him to get away with photo-ops instead of news conferences.

Other presidents, including Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, faced the press more often and took questions from reporters.

Since Mr. Bush took office he has had very few news conferences. I keep looking for them and see nothing but him walking to his helicopter and waving his hand.

Why hasn't the press been more proactive in questioning this president on the crumbling economy and his constant plans for war?

Our middle-class system is faltering. Even the educated can't find meaningful jobs. Yet Mr. Bush's approval rating remains around 70 percent. With a more aggressive press corps, the little guy would have his side heard.

The last press conference the President gave was only on the war in Iraq and he wouldn't call on anyone who might ask him a difficult question. No wonder my husband and I have quit watching TV news in favor of other news outlets. Aldous Huxley's Brave New World has arrived.


Maxwell Road

Now Columbus wants to raise the sales tax again, and the gas tax. The poor laid-off worker will love this.

Columbus gave us the lottery for 25 years to take care of all the financial problems. I was a legislator in the minority party at that time, and I voted against it. Now Columbus wants to put in slot machines to raise more money. Next it will want a casino in every town. God forbid!

Some 450 salaries on state payroll are above $100,000 a year. When the economy went down, state spending should have gone down to match it. We wouldn't have gotten into this debt.

Our Senate and House members all took huge pay raises last year. Each member of the legislature makes more than $1,000 a week plus travel expenses for a two-day-a-week job.

If lawmakers would spend as much time reducing state spending as they spend raising taxes on everything, our financial problems would be solved.

Don't forget the New Hampshire constitution allows each member of the legislature in the state to get $100 per year. Compare that to our more than $1,000 per week salary.

I intended to turn the state capital upside down when I got there. I would have been in the majority party with the power and 10 years seniority to do it. The Republican Party spent $113,000 to make sure I couldn't get there.


Fremont, Ohio

While perusing the editorial page, my favorite section of the Blade, I read Marilou Johanek's column. I have to agree that most of the people in our country today blindly follow, like sheep, wherever the President leads!

This is supposed to be the “Land of the free and home of the brave,” but if you use that freedom to voice an honest opinion, you never know what may happen. The Dixie Chicks found that out when one of them dared to make a remark unfavorable to President Bush. Not only were they criticized but their careers and even their lives were threatened!

I happen to be one who doesn't approve of how George Bush is running our country. He has pushed through disastrous tax cuts for his friends and gotten us into two military conflicts disguised as wars on terrorism. Unemployment is growing every day and he is off playing soldier around the world. He is also vindictive toward those who disagree with him.

As a registered voter and American citizen, I enjoy using my rights to state my opinion. I also exercise my right to vote. Less than half of those eligible are registered to vote, and less than half of those use that right. If you don't like how our country is being run, the thing to do is register - and then get out and vote.


Ottawa Lake, Mich.

Toledo's Public Schools are overcrowded, unsafe, and, according to the State of Ohio, in “academic emergency.” The schools have been this way for a number of years and school administrators as well as our elected public officials have apparently resigned themselves to this condition.

They blame the problems of our schools on inadequate funding by the taxpayers.

When, however, new levies are passed for our schools, they are normally followed by new union contracts that provide new and improved “perks” for administrators, teachers, and support staff, while our classrooms get even more crowded.

Whenever the school system starts to feel the financial pinch caused by its fiscal irresponsibility, it asks for more money from the taxpayers and, like extortionists, it threatens to cut services to the students unless demands for more money are met.

Enough is enough! Our children are entitled by law to an education. It may be time for them to unionize in order to get the education to which they're entitled.


Melvin Drive

Your June 5 Trivia Quiz asked, “Why is the bald eagle so named?”

The answer given was “the white feathers on its head give the appearance of baldness.”

Some eagle watchers might answer that question differently. “Bald” is shortened from “piebald,” which describes the contrasting colors of the birds' feathers, namely black and white.

Just some more useless trivia.


Bodette Avenue

Really the last to know?

I understand poor Hillary would like us to believe that she was the last to know about her husband's infidelity. I guess she called her book Living History because Graham Chapman had already written a book titled A Liar's Autobiography.


Grantwood Drive

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