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Don't grant liquor permit to cinema

I totally agree with Maumee City Council that National Amusements should not be granted a liquor permit for its cinema complex. For a facility that is patronized mostly by teenagers, allowing the consumption of alcohol on the premises would invite underage drinking to occur all too often inside the building or out in the parking lot.

The “upscale experience” that cinema officials are hoping for would certainly be overshadowed by this already ongoing problem in the Toledo area.

Also, movie theaters in this area have priced themselves out of attendance by the older crowd because it is cheaper to rent a movie.

I am very content to wait for the video and sit at home before a widescreen TV with good surround sound and enjoy it in the comfort of my living room. Having avoided the high cinema costs, I can step to the fridge at any time to get a brew while enjoying the show.

National Amusements should try lowering its ticket prices to get the adult consumer back instead of luring them with booze. This is not the way to be a responsible business leader in the community when entertaining our young people.



Did I miss something here? Roberta de Boer's column reflected the opinion that due to the family-oriented nature of National Amusements' Maumee location, offering alcoholic beverages to adult moviegoers would somehow be inappropriate.

Doesn't the much-touted home of the Mud Hens, Fifth Third Field, “Toledo's New Family Fun Park” also serve alcohol?

It's OK to consume alcohol at the “Family Fun Park,” but not OK to consume alcohol at the movie theater? Seems a little strange to me that it is acceptable for adults to purchase and consume alcohol where it will profit Toledo, yet it is immoral to do so in Maumee.



The Blade overlooked a couple of things in its editorial bemoaning the amount of attention being paid to presidential fund-raising.

I would suggest that most of the contributions to either party are made not by the (bad! evil!) rich but by average people voluntarily. I would also suggest that the amount of money a candidate collects is less indicative of some conspiratorial connections to the rich than to the candidate's ability to appeal to potential supporters.

Also, isn't it the media that are guilty of hyping these fund-raising amounts, as if the candidates are not competing for office, but rather for money? Depending on the whim/bias of whoever reports the news, money becomes either proof of a candidate's popularity or evidence that he or she is in bed with the wealthy.

I think it's a little hypocritical to complain about this issue when The Blade itself is part of the media in general that portray political campaigns as glorified bake sales. No doubt it's easier to merely list sums of money than to intelligently, objectively, and accurately report the news.


Terrace View North

Various news reports are quoting “scholars” complaining that showing the bodies of Saddam Hussein's two murderous, rapist sons violated Islamic law.

I think someone needs to remind these “scholars” that mass-murdering hundreds of thousands of Muslims, and supporting those who blew up four airplanes and three buildings, was, too.

These people don't care about Islamic law, so why should we? In fact, I fully support the idea of announcing to our enemies that we will bury any terrorist who attacks our country with pig entrails. According to Islamic law, contact with a pig would deny them entry into heaven, which is what they believe they're earning by murdering innocent Americans.

You can't win a sword fight with a toy light saber. These whiney pacifists need to realize that they only succeed in weakening America with such rhetoric. Or, perhaps, they knew that in advance.


Archbold, Ohio

Billions of tax dollars will be used to rebuild Iraq. For the past two years, billions have already been used toward rebuilding Afghanistan. And every year, billions are given to Israel.

While billions are being taken from taxpayers, education is being severely affected. Proof can be found right here in Ohio. The University of Toledo has increased tuition by 9.9 percent this year. Reduction of library hours and book funds are the result of tax cuts. The Ohio Reads and D.A.R.E. programs were nearly eliminated because of lack of funds. Some 250 Toledo public school teachers have been laid off during a time when the economy for teachers is supposed to be booming.

And so while President Bush is preoccupied implementing the use of boy toys and encouraging the mass destruction of other countries, the U.S. education system is failing. Maybe one day President Bush will find some time to pay attention to our education system. Possibly, he will then so generously donate our tax dollars toward the benefit of our education. Providing there will be any left.


West Sylvania Avenue

The recent thawing of relations between India and Pakistan is a welcome trend, although fraught with grave dangers of derailment if not pursued properly. If Pakistan feels Kashmir is the sole and most contentious issue between the two countries, this issue should be placed on the back burner.

It is imperative to start with small but concrete confidence-building measures, followed by the development of full-fledged trade relations between the two countries. Trade will lift the standard of living on both sides of the border, with Pakistani goods finding an instant billion-people market next door and India finding a shorter route to a natural gas pipeline from Iran.

Once trade starts flourishing between the two nations, more will be at stake in preserving peace than in waging war, regardless of the type of government in Pakistan. Of course, it would enhance the prospects for peace, if democracy were restored in Pakistan.

It is the surest way of developing people-to-people relations and war would not be in anyone's interest, except the hard-core terrorists who are bent upon rupturing this peace process. A recent example was the attack on Hindu pilgrims on their way to the sacred Vaishno Devi, resulting in eight deaths.

It is also in the long-term interests of Pakistan to take firm measures to contain and dismantle this scourge of terrorism from the subcontinent. The hard-core terrorists feel threatened by the prospects for peace.

Progress ought to be gradual but definitive. The Kashmir issue should be brought up but shelved. It will be seen how this tangled web unfolds in the future.

It is up to the people of both countries to bring about a lasting peace in South Asia.


Westchester Road

It is well known that CIA, FBI, and state and local law enforcement do not share information with each other very well.

Now, amid further evidence of possible terrorist attacks by end of summer utilizing similar passenger aircraft hijackings, the Bush White House needs a new strategy.

Please help us, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope.


Kenwood Boulevard

Are the people who can't watch a movie for two hours without a beer the same people who can't eat in a restaurant for one hour without a cigarette?


Barrows Street

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